Editorial Policy

In order to provide our readers with unique and high-quality news and articles, News Gramtakipci works hard to uphold the greatest journalistic standards. You agree that when writing for us, you must comply with these guidelines and that if you don’t, we have the right to reject your contribution. You will be required to formally accept this policy by signing a contract with us.


We require each article to be 100 percent original. They should pass plagiarism checks from Copyscape and other services. Our editors should only receive “never-published-before” content for review. You must put all of your efforts into creating content for our readers. Material that is plagiarised or spun from previously published articles won’t be allowed.

Claims And Data

All financial assertions and statistics should be thoroughly researched before being included in the essay. Clients won’t tolerate any false claims or distorted statistics. Every piece of information we post on our website is guaranteed to be accurate and already in the public domain. Links to the relevant website where the information was originally published are required for the data, figures, and statements.

Always make an effort to support your assertions with verifiable data. You can provide evidence for your claims using pictures, graphs, and screenshots. If a claim in your post is unsupported by any reliable websites or subject-matter specialists, you should not use it.


Our viewers should always find value in what we write. Your post should have a distinct objective that must be met in order for it to be helpful. Our objective is to produce content that can educate readers about current affairs and help them comprehend the complexities of various financial circumstances. None of the articles should contain any advertisement or promotion of a business, industry, currency, or another subject.

Promotions And Marketing

No article may contain any claims or facts about a person, company, or funding that serves promotional or commercial goals. Your articles’ titles, subheadings, and content should all be concise and impartial. Links should not be placed in any articles that advocate for a company, currency, or specific person. The inclusion of promotional or advertising links in our material is strongly discouraged.


You should be aware that our readers are not the broad public, but rather those who genuinely care about money. Your articles should always contain helpful information for readers who are already familiar with the world of money. Our objective is to provide them with the most latest financial news and data. As a result, understand your audience before writing an article for them.

Acceptance Of The Article

Only the editorial board has the authority to approve an article. Our editors may accept or reject a submission without giving a reason. When a piece is accepted, we’ll intimidate our pick. Every decision the board makes will be final and enforceable against all writers.

News Writing

Make careful to use all trustworthy sources to verify the news you are writing for us. Even if the turnaround times for news on our platform are shorter, we think it’s essential to focus on each news item’s accuracy before publication. Make sure that the figures and news items cited in the post have solid empirical backing.

You must follow our editing guidelines in order to provide high-quality material for our readers.