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Which keyboard mechanism is superior, scissor switch or mechanical switch?Mechanical switches have seen a renaissance in recent years, becoming a popular choice for consumers seeking comfortable typing and auditory feedback.

However, the scissor switch, which is typically found on membrane keyboards, has some appeal. Although mechanical enthusiasts will often extol the virtues of converting to an all-mechanical system, membrane keyboards are still fully feasible.

If you’ve been wondering how these two distinct systems compare, you’ve come to the perfect place. Before you buy your new keyboard, let’s take a closer look at how these mechanics work and sound.

Scissor Switch vs. Mechanical Switch: Side-by-Side Comparison

Scissor Switch Mechanical Switch
Keyboard Type Membrane Mechanical
Audible Feedback Minimal Pronounced with some switches
Key Travel Minimal Can vary depending on the switch type, some switch types have less overall travel
Replaceable Keycaps No Yes
Replaceable Switches No Yes
Maintenance Dusting and debris removal might require special tools Dusting and debris removal are easily done with a keycap puller and switch puller
Cost Lower cost on average than a high-end mechanical keyboard Can be a higher cost, but there are low-cost options available
Comfort Some users prefer the minimal noise profile and key travel Some users prefer the pronounced audible feedback and tactile response

These are two very distinct keyboard mechanics, but each has its own fan base. However, mechanical switch variations are more common than scissor switch variations.

Scissor Switch vs. Mechanical Switch: What s the Difference?

So, now that we’ve had a basic idea of how different techniques stack up, how do they actually perform? Some specific criteria will be used to examine how they directly compare to one another.

Noise Profiles

Because the mechanism has shorter overall travel time, scissor switches are often quieter. Membrane interfaces for keyboards transfer a digital signal through a rubber sublayer beneath the keys. As a result, the noise profile of scissor switches is noticeably lower. You may hear it in the embedded video below.

Mechanical switches vary in their general noise profile, but some switch types, such as clicky or tactile, have a particularly distinct sound. Clicky switches, in particular, can be rather noisy, especially if you type quickly.

This is not a benefit for some people, particularly those with sensory difficulties who may want to avoid excessive loudness. However, some users enjoy the constant din of sound produced by particular mechanical keyboard switches.

In the video shown below, you can hear how a mechanical keyboard sounds.

Ease of Use

Scissor Switch Excellence

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Both keyboard technologies are simple to operate. A scissorswitchkeyboard will most likely require a less pronounced adjusting period. This is due, in part, to the shorter distance required to activate the switch beneath the keycap.

This will result in much faster touch typing for some typists. If you have a particularly light touch when typing, using a scissor switch mechanism over the course of long typing sessions can be a real joy.

As a result, if you’re a writer or programmer, you could find a scissor switch keyboard appealing.

Mechanical keyboards might go through an adjusting period. You’ll have to become used to more pronounced key travel, which may take a few days to master. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are extremely popular for good reason.

Once you’ve gotten past the learning curve, you can find yourself a faster and more accurate typist.


scissor switch vs. mechnical switch
Mechanical keyboards are much easier to repair and maintain.

Photographer: Syafiq Adnan/

What’s it like to look after these keyboards? Any long-term typist understands the challenges that dust and debris offer to your overall typing experience. You may encounter less reliable switch actuation, which can lead to typing errors.

Scissor switch keyboards fall short in this category because cleaning them without causing harm is difficult. Because there isn’t a third-party market for scissor switch replacement, you’ll have to rely on specialist tools or compressed air to clean the keyboard.

This can be effective, but it is not infallible for removing any potential filth.

Mechanical switches are far less difficult to maintain. Most keyboards of this type will include a switch puller or key puller. You can also order replacement parts depending on the type of keycap and switch.

As a result, you have simpler access to the bed beneath the keys, making cleaning and maintaining a mechanical lot easier.

System Compatibility

Most keyboards are designed to be compatible with virtually any operating system on the market. You may need to take extra precautions when adjusting settings for something like MacOS, but any tech-savvy person can easily figure it out.

Mechanical keyboard switches, on the other hand, have a far broader range and span. Some alternatives have built-in compatibility for different operating systems, which can be activated with the flip of a switch.

When it comes to general system compatibility, scissor switch keyboards are very similar. Some keyboards are expressly built for Mac or iOS use. You should, however, be able to use any keyboard with any operating system.

It will just require some time and effort to draw out shortcuts and maps, but this is not a time-consuming procedure.


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A mechanical keyboard is difficult to top in terms of overall longevity. The same factors that make a mechanical keyboard so easy to maintain also contribute to its extended longevity.

Damaged keycaps and switches are easily replaceable. However, the overall life rating for mechanical keyboards can range into the decades for higher-end models.

Scissor switches can survive for a long time as well, but not quite as long as a mechanical keyboard. On a scissor switch, parts are difficult to repair. While it is a less expensive option, you will end up purchasing replacement keyboards more frequently than with a mechanical option.

Scissor Switch vs. Mechanical Switch: Must-Know Facts

  1. Scissor switch keyboards use a membrane, similar to a Scissor Switch vs. Mechanical Switch: Which One is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

    So, which of these keyboard switch mechanisms is best suited to your needs? There is no simple solution to this quandary, as it will ultimately come down to consumer preference.

    A scissor switch is a wonderful option if you don’t mind noise and prefer less travel on key presses.

    Users who enjoy hearing the clack of keys while they work might be wise to select a mechanical keyboard.

    Whatever choice you choose, make sure to test it before purchasing.

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