How to Connect to Wi-Fi on PS3 in 10 Steps, with Photos

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If you have a PlayStation 3 laying around, it makes sense to connect it to Wi-Fi. Despite being more than 15 years old, the PlayStation 3 remains a favorite among many gamers.

While internet content for the ancient platform is limited, you may be surprised to hear that some online features, such as digital game downloads, still work.

However, before you can begin playing online, you must first learn how to configure the internet. On most recent game systems, this is a rather simple and uncomplicated operation.

The PS3 is significantly different, however, because online play was not nearly as popular. The biggest source of misunderstanding is the location of the PS3’s network settings in the menu. So, let’s connect your PS3 to the internet!

How to Connect Your PS3 to Wi-Fi

Connecting the PS3 to Wi-Fi follows the same steps as most other current wireless devices. There are a few extra steps, though, especially if you opt to manually adjust your Wi-Fi settings.

All that remains is for you to select your network, input your password, and wait for the terminal to verify the connection.

Step 1: Turn on Your PS3

Begin by turning on your PS3 system. Since Sonymade hardware modifications over the console’s life, there are a few different variants available.

Each of them, though, has a power button on the front. Alternatively, you can use the controller’s PlayStationbutton.

Step 2: Go to Network Settings

how to connect to wi-fi on ps3
Accessing Network Settings.

Turn on the PS3 and navigate to the left until you reach the Settings menu. Your home screen may also change depending on how long you haven’t updated it.

Regardless, the menu options remain unchanged. After selecting Settings, scroll down and select Network Settings.

Step 3: Choose a Setting Method

how to connect to wi-fi on ps3
There are two setting methods: Easy and Custom.

Next, choose Easy from the menu to begin the connection process. TheCustomoption allows you additional discretion over connection establishment, but it is not required.

The following menu may display after a little delay as the console checks its existing network settings.

Step 4: Select a Connection Method

how to connect to wi-fi on ps3
Similarly, there are two connection methods: wired and wireless.

The PS3 will inquire if you have a wired or wireless connection. Because you are configuring Wi-Fi, chooseWireless. You can always come back and set up another connection if you decide to utilize an Ethernet cable later.

Step 5: Scan for Wi-Fi Networks

how to connect to wi-fi on ps3
Selecting the Scan option.

When you choose to connect to a wireless network, the PS3 will ask if you want it to search for nearby wireless networks. Scanning for available networks will be the most usual way. You can, however, manually enter an SSID.

Step 6: Select Your Network

how to connect to wi-fi on ps3
Searching for the network name.

After your console has scanned for available networks, you should see a list of them. Look in the left column under SSID for your network name. On the right, you can also check its signal strength and security type.

Step 7: Confirm the Security Type

how to connect to wi-fi on ps3
Choosing a security protocol.

After selecting a network, you must verify that the SSID is valid and then select the security protocol. Your options will vary based on the design of your network, but WPA/WPA2 is the most prevalent.

Step 8: Enter the Network Password

how to connect to wi-fi on ps3
Typing in the password.

The following screen will prompt you for your network’s password. It takes a little longer to key in a long password, but you only need to do it once. After inputting the password, the PS3 will setup the Wi-Fi network settings.

Step 9: Finalize Network Settings

how to connect to wi-fi on ps3
Confirming the list of settings.

You should now be able to connect to the internet. If you picked a custom setup at the start, the console will begin asking about more sophisticated settings at this point.

You can, for example, manually configure the IP address and DNS protocols. Otherwise, you should be presented with a list of settings that must be confirmed.

Step 10: Test the Internet Connection

how to connect to wi-fi on ps3
Testing the connection.

The final step is to run a network test after you’ve checked the network settings. Simply select TestConnection to connect your console to the internet.

It will also do a number of tests, such as connecting to the PlayStation Network. If all goes well, you will be able to use the internet on your PS3.

PS3 Wired Connection

Wired connectivity is another option available on PS3 consoles. You can actually connect an Ethernet wire from your router to your PS3 console.

When compared to Wi-Fi, the advantage is a faster and more consistent connection. This is ideal for high-intensity multiplayer games when you don’t want to face lag or a failed internet connection.

Overall, PS3 Wi-Fi performs admirably, however it is based on relatively old b and g protocols that were common at the time the machine was released. Today, most networks rely on n or ac, which provide greater speeds and broadcast data farther.

In some situations, you may attempt to connect your PS3 to your home network only to discover that your signal is insufficiently strong. If your home is already wired for it, Ethernet is the best option.

Simply attach the Ethernet cable to your console and navigate to Network Settings to connect your PS3 to a wired internet connection.

Continue through the steps above until you reach step 4, where you must pick Wired Connection if it is not identified automatically. Then, before running a connection test, pick Easy and whether or not to use a proxy server.

Using Your PS3 with Wi-Fi

Sony has discontinued support for numerous online functions since the PS4 and PS5 superseded the PS3. This may make you wonder why you’re connecting to Wi-Fi in the first place.

Surprisingly, a handful of game servers remain operational. You can also buy games from the shop if you have PlayStation shop credit on your account.

You can also continue to utilize some streaming services, such as Netflix. However, you are better off spending a few dollars on a new Roku than attempting to stream from an aging PlayStation.

Despite Sony and many other game makers shutting down PS3 servers, some enthusiasts are keeping online multiplayer alive by hosting their own.

Wrapping Up

Although connecting your PS3 system to the internet is a headache, it just goes to show how far technology has come in nearly two decades. Even after all this time, PS3 owners are still able to connect to the internet using the outdated technology.

Even though Sony and other developers have disabled many online functions, there is still a lot you can do simply connecting a PS3 to Wi-Fi.

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