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Did you know that despite its unpredictable weather, likelihood of snowfall, and tornadoes, Illinois is a great place to have a solar system? Here are the top solar energy providers in Illinois, along with information on how to acquire your system for a lot less.

StraightUp Solar

Straight view photo of blue solar panels on red roof of a home. Modern photovoltaic installation on house in village of Poland.
Straight Up Solar is a fairly young company, but offers excellent services.


Straight Up Solar is a St. Louis-based solar business that offers solar services to customers in both Illinois and Missouri. They may be a small and relatively new business, but they provide some of the best battery storage and panel alternatives, including Tesla Powerwall and Generac. If you want your solar system to survive more than 20 years, these high-tech solutions are fantastic.

The company also provides a power production protection warranty and a 10-year warranty for equipment protection. This indicates that they will show up, fix the machinery, and offer a guarantee for their own labor. Reviews claim that despite being a touch below industry average, the business processes warranty claims quickly.

Additionally, the company has obtained B Corp certification. It takes a lot of effort and time to obtain this certification, which validates their ethical standards and social and environmental ideals.

Sun Badger Solar

Modern houses with solar panels on the roof for alternative energy.
Sun Badger Solar is a local business in the state of Illinois.


Excellent local company Sun Badger Solar provides services around Illinois. Despite the fact that the team was only founded in 2018, the technicians on it have years of expertise (we’re talking 15+ years apiece). The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (commonly known as NABCEP), which verifies their skill set, has also certified them all.

Sun Badger also provides fantastic warranty protection, including a 25-year labor and equipment warranty. According to certain client testimonials, the business also handles warranty claims rapidly. However, PPAs and leases are not accepted.

Blue Raven

Solar panels on a roof
Blue Raven makes solar power more accessible with its BluePower Plus+ financing option.


Blue Raven Solar provides fantastic benefits to ensure savings and dependability for its customers. First, each solar system comes with a 25-year warranty and a two-year productivity warranty. The business will improve your system for free if it doesn’t produce as much energy as expected.

You have the option of using the BluePower+ loan or paying for your system in full up front. However, bear in mind that Blue Raven does not offer PPA or lease options.Those who choose the BluePower+ loan will receive solar energy at no cost for 18 months. Your monthly price and interest rate won’t alter after payments begin.

You can also get $250 if you recommend a new client to them. That is a substantial bonus.

Palmetto Solar

Bright red building with solar panels on the metal rooftop on a mostly sunny summer day in a public park.
With Palmetto Solar you have the option of financing or an upfront payment.


People who are tech-savvy will adore Palmetto Solar. This is because the business offers solar owners an additional coverage option that also includes system monitoring. With their new smartphone app, you can keep an eye on your system and see how much energy you’re expected to save.

The business offers solar upfront purchases or financing. It does not offer solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs). You must either buy your system outright or take out a loan, so. On the other hand, the panels have a 25-year output warranty.

With discounts on pest treatment, solar system troubleshooting, and cleaning and maintenance of your solar panels, Palmetto offers a monthly subscription protection package.

GRNE Solar

A worker on rooftop kneeling next to solar panels with tablet in hands and giving thumb up for sustainable life.
GRNE Solar pride itself on its qualified technicians.

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Strong product warranties, excellent workmanship, and local Illinois firm status all characterize GRNE Solar.

The business provides equipment guarantees with 25–30 year durations. This is wonderful because Illinois frequently has rain, thunderstorms, and tornadoes, which can harm your roof and solar panels.

The technicians are certified by NABCEP and are qualified. Many homes will benefit greatly from the fact that many have experience with pitched roofs, ballasted arrays, ground-mounted panels, and other things.


Largest renewable companies
SunPower Corporation designs and manufactures crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels.

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One of the top solar installer firms, SunPower offers high-quality panels and great warranties.

You will receive 25 years of coverage for the workmanship, panel efficiency, and equipment. This is far longer than the Illinois industry average, which is typically around 10 years.

Additionally, SunPower manufactures some of the most effective solar panels in the market. They frequently cost more than competing brands, but because they select goods with excellent energy efficiency, you can wind up needing fewer panels altogether and save money as a result.

ADT Solar

Close up of an engineer checking the cleanliness of a photovoltaic solar panel
You can rely on ADT Solar s warranty coverage to protect you from damage and dips in performance.


In Illinois, ADT Solar is a great option for homeowners. It provides a 25-year warranty that covers the labor and hardware as well as the functionality of the panels.

ADT Solar offers some of the best solar panel brands, like Tesla and Silfab. Solar-powered roofs, however, are not included. All of the brands available should be sufficiently energy-efficient to lower energy expenses, given that Illinois has slightly less sunlight than the national average.

ADT has a large service area and is able to provide for all Illinois residents because it contracts with licensed installers for its installations.

How to Save Money When Hiring a Solar Company in Illinois

Is there any other way to save money when hiring a solar provider except going with the cheapest option? Yes! Here are three strategies for saving.

Tax Incentives & Rebates

Below, we’ve included a comprehensive list of incentives and rebates. So if you intend to install a solar system in Illinois, don’t forget to take advantage of them.

Compare Companies

Always get many quotations and contrast them based on prices, services offered, and guarantees, among other factors. This will make it easier for you to weigh the costs and advantages of each system before choosing a certain provider.

Ask For A Discount

Asking for a discount is never a bad idea, especially when purchasing an expensive item. Even though the business might say no, asking could result in significant savings for you.

What to Consider Before Hiring a Company

What information is required prior to hiring a solar installer? Let’s discuss it.

Credibility and Certifications

Whichever business you choose, be sure they are fully licensed, bonded, and insured (if the state so demands). Additionally, businesses may obtain additional certificates to strengthen their credentials.

For instance, a business is more likely to be knowledgeable and dependable with solar systems if its employees are NABCEP-certified or it belongs to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).


Illinois experiences extreme weather, making warranty protection essential, particularly because storms and snowfall can harm a system at any time. Any solar firm you select should offer a thorough and time-limited warranty, particularly for equipment.

Performance warranties are excellent in addition to workmanship warranties, which help to guarantee that the installer’s specialists are qualified.


You should read a variety of evaluations, both online and offline, to ascertain how satisfied most of each company’s customers are. You can start by checking out Google and the BBB, which are both reliable sources (look at the ratings on Google), but don’t be hesitant to also ask your friends and relatives.


While price shouldn’t be the main factor in choosing an installer, it may have a significant impact on the business you choose, and that’s acceptable. We are aware of the value of money. Additionally, especially in a northern area, not everyone has $25k+ to invest on a system that may or may not operate. The most costly option isn’t necessarily the greatest, but neither is the cheapest one usually the best. Always consider other aspects and total them all.

Are Solar Panels Worth it in Illinois?

So, in Illinois, are solar panels worthwhile? They certainly could be! especially because there are so many money-saving options available. Let’s discuss them.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit

If you buy and install a brand-new, qualified solar system between 2022 and 2033, the Residential Clean Energy Credit will provide you a 30% discount. The amount you actually receive from the credit won’t be larger than the amount of tax you owe because it is nonrefundable. On subsequent tax returns, you can use any unused credits you have to reduce your tax obligation.

Remember that you should be able to claim the yearly credit every year through 2033 as long as you install a qualifying system.

Illinois Shines

Illinois doesn’t offer a tax credit for solar panels, but the state does offer other incentives to promote the use of solar energy.

Illinois has a scheme known as Illinois Shines or Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC). Additionally, homeowners are given one credit for every 1,000 kilowatt hours that their solar panels generate. Depending on who you use, you can sell these credits back to your power company to lower the cost of your electric bill. But remember that credit fees can and do alter.

Illinois Solar for All

Homeowners, charity organizations, and public buildings with lower incomes can install solar panels with no upfront costs with this state incentive. You must submit an application and join up with an ILSFA Approved Vendor in order to be qualified for these solar systems and pay a cheaper price. Therefore, before picking a company, make careful to inquire about this vendor certification!

Net Metering

Your new solar system’s excess energy that is generated but not used by you should be able to be applied to your electric bill. Utility credits are the name given to this kW. Your local power provider is required by law to credit you as a solar system owner for any and all surplus electricity you produce for the grid.

Solar Property Tax Exemption

This property tax exemption keeps your tax payment from rising when installing solar panels in your home. However, you must fill this paperwork out when purchasing your system or it won t be covered. The company you choose should be able to help.

The Best Solar Companies in Illinois To Save You Money Wrap Up

Illinois is making great strides to be eco-friendly and offer an alternative to high electricity prices. And with these best solar companies in Illinois, you re bound to save money on your monthly bill!

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