The 6 Best Reasons To Buy a Mini-LED TV Today, early spring

What are the top motives for purchasing a Mini-LED TV? This is a really challenging time to buy a new television if you’re in the market. Many different display technologies are vying for your attention and your money.

A Mini-LED TV might be the best option for you if you’ve been on the fence regarding innovations like OLED and edge-lit LED panels. Why not consider your choices then? Here are six excellent reasons to get a Mini-LED TV for your upcoming display.

What is a Mini-LED TV?

Mini-LED TVs differ from other display technologies in how much backlight is present on a particular screen. The majority of readers are now aware of an OLED display’s thinness and excellent color. For many years, they have served as the gold standard, and for good reason.

By providing vibrant colors without some of the more noticeable downsides associated with an OLED display, mini-LED televisions aim to change that. They are a relatively new kind of display technology that uses tens of thousands of tiny LEDs to light an LCD screen.

This technology has been developed by Samsung, TCL, and LG, albeit under various names. If you’ve ever heard of a display that used QLED or QNED technology, those are just brand names for Mini-LED.

It shows a lot of potential when compared to conventional back-lighting technology and may eventually take the place of OLED.

Reasons to Buy a Mini-LED TV

Now that you have a basic idea of what a Mini-LED TV is, let’s discuss some of the reasons you would want to buy one. These are fairly normal justifications for buying a TV, but the Mini-LED alternative leaves a distinctly different impression in terms of visual appeal.


best reasons to buy a mini-LED
Mini-LED displays allow for far higher peak brightness even when viewed in a brightly-lit room.


There is no escaping the brightness of contemporary TVs. However, a Mini-LED television shines the brightest of all. The Mini-LED quickly outshines what you might have assumed were impressive peak brightness levels for an OLED or similar device.

It is difficult for most televisions to achieve excellent peak brightness levels in a fully light room during the middle of the day.

This brightness translates to other elements that affect the clarity of the image. One of the biggest reasons to purchase a Mini-LED TV is the brightness and control of ambient lighting.

Better Local Dimming

Mini-LED TVs can handle dimming much more precisely because they feature thousands of local dimming zones. Thanks to HDR information, it is possible to amplify or dim specific portions of an image, which is fantastic for picture clarity.

Thousands of dimming zones equate to quite a bit of precision when it comes to image quality, especially when you consider that an edge-lit television only has two dimming zones. It shines with the appropriate kind of HDR content, making it one of the strongest reasons to purchase a Mini-LED TV.

Less Blooming

The thousands of LED network also helps with a problem known as blooming. With most displays, blooming can happen, resulting in washed-out colors or pictures. This is less of a general problem because a Mini-LED TV contains thousands of dimming zones.

As you can expect, this results in a more complete picture. One more great benefit of purchasing a Mini-LED TV is the absence of blooming in general.

Better Contrast Ratio

The backlight is powered by thousands of LEDs for the majority of these reasons. The Mini-LED TV’s network of LEDs also helps contrast a lot. With HDR, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+ material, you enjoy far higher clarity and spectacular contrast.

One of the finest reasons to get a Mini-LED TV is because of its richness and depth. You achieve a fantastic contrast ratio similar to that of an OLED display.

Better Color Reproduction

best reasons to buy a mini-LED
OLED displays can struggle with displaying true whites.


Did you realize that the majority of OLED TVs don’t show true whites? As strange as it may appear, OLED uses software-based filtering and blue lighting to portray white colors. Because of the network of dimming zones, mini-LEDs don’t have these problems and can reproduce colors more faithfully.

Yes, some software filtering is unavoidable given that the majority of new smart TVs use AI to enhance overall picture quality. One more excellent incentive to purchase a Mini-LED TV is the genuine quality of the colors.

Great for Gaming

Now, not everyone will find this to be a selling factor. Mini-LEDs, however, are excellent for gaming on contemporary consoles or using your gaming PC as a home theater. Modern Mini-LED screens typically include exclusive low-latency settings for Xbox One and PlayStation 5.

This results in a situation where everyone benefits. A Mini-LED TV provides uncompromised visual clarity while also providing access to generally lower latency. Games like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Street Fighter 6 have amazing aesthetics and vibrant colors.

Best Mini-LED TVs to Buy Today

With this newfound understanding and love for Mini-LED TVs, you might be asking which models are the best available. Here are three options that will unquestionably bring life to your home theater.

Samsung QN90A

Best for Performance



  • Upgrades your pictures to 4K
  • X-tended Dynamic Range Pro 6x contrast
  • X-Motion Clarity (120Hz)
  • Acoustic Multi-Audio sound technology
  • X1 Ultimate picture processor
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07/30/2023 08:37 pm GMT

When it comes to the Samsung QN90A, there is a lot to enjoy. You get access to a gorgeous Mini-LED display that Samsung refers to as a Neo QLED, along with a lot of other fantastic features.

You’ll have access to a refresh rate of 120Hz, allowing for incredibly quick playback even on content created for a film standard 24Hz. These ancient DVDs gleam like though they were designed for a 4K display thanks to the extra effort Samsung’s neural networks put into making sure you get accurate upscaling for historical material.

When it comes to Mini-LED TVs, Samsung is a trustworthy option, and you even have Amazon’s Alexa built-in for controlling and navigating the TV’s interface.

LG QNED85 Series

Great Clarity

LG QNED85 Series 65-Inch Class QNED Mini-LED Smart TV 65QNED85UQA


  • Engineered especially for LG, the advanced 7 Gen5 AI Processor 4K algorithmically adapts and adjusts picture and sound quality for a lifelike viewing experience with depth and rich color
  • Worth a thousand words and more Quantum Dot NanoCell Color Technology delivers richer, more accurate colors, even at wider viewing angles so you can see it and believe it
  • MiniLED backlights, 40x smaller than traditional LEDs, create brighter colors with deeper black. Precision Dimming improves contrast and minimizes the halo effect of bright objects on dark backgrounds
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08/01/2023 01:07 am GMT

Another great TV, another odd Mini-LED branding scheme. In all but name, LG’s QNED85 is a Mini-LED TV, giving you access to the features that have made this company successful for years.

LG’s ThinQ upscaling technology is effective and handles legacy media that you might want to see in 4K with ease. Additionally included is Alexa, which is helpful if you’re too busy to navigate the otherwise sleek webOS UI.

You could anticipate an LG TV to have a magnificent display, and that is exactly what you get.

TCL 6-Series

Best for Gaming

TCL 55 Class 6-Series 4K Mini-LED TV


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Mini LED backlight technology
  • Contrast is optimized across up to 240 localized zones
  • Google TV
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07/31/2023 07:47 am GMT

The TCL 6-Series may be the least expensive TV on this list, but it is packed with features. You have access to Dolby Vision, which is a substantial improvement over standard HDR, for your HDR material. TCL has also included Google TV, a smart assistant that enables hands-free navigation.

Since the operating system is identical to that of Android devices, you won’t have any trouble discovering your preferred streaming services. The TCL 6-Series is a trustworthy TV that won’t break the budget while giving you access to the excellent Mini-LED display quality.

Closing Thoughts

The variety of displays that are available for business use is always changing, and mini-LED TVs are a welcome addition. Since the technology behind these screens isn’t quite as developed as other options on the market, it’s still too early to say how long they’ll last.

The outcomes, however, are objective. When selecting a Mini-LED TV, you’ll enjoy amazing color, excellent clarity, and unrivaled brightness.

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