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Imagine a place where the pace of innovation meets the rhythm of nature, where boundless cornfields give way to campuses of cutting-edge technology, where the rich aroma of the soil combines with the buzz of servers.

This region of Nebraska is considered to be the heartland of America, where tradition and modernity coexist alongside agriculture. The outcome? Lots of tech jobs are available!

A booming tech ecosystem, unfolding like a digital cornucopia, sits beneath Nebraska’s iconic farming legacy and close-knit communities.

The tradition-rich Cornhusker State is subtly changing into an unexpected hub for technological innovation, providing a favorable environment for tech professionals and their aspirations.

Put on your explorer’s cap, clean off your keyboard, and join us as we explore Nebraska’s burgeoning IT industry. Your ideal IT job is there, hidden among the glistening cities and golden plains, just waiting to be discovered.

Revamping Tech in the Heart of the Midwest: Nebraska s Tech Scene

The technology sector in Nebraska is thriving and offers many opportunities. Although the state is best renowned for its expertise in agriculture, it is quickly becoming a tech hotspot.

Nebraska is causing a stir in the tech industry as the home of the Hudl and Buildertrend corporate offices as well as up-and-coming innovators like Breeze and Opendorse.

Nebraska is primed for technological innovation when combined with a thriving startup environment and a supporting ecosystem (consider regional incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces like the Nebraska Innovation Campus and the Greater Omaha Chamber).

These platforms are accelerating the state’s technological development. Nebraska also produces a steady stream of skilled graduates ready to contribute to the tech industry thanks to prominent universities like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Creighton University.

By hosting several tech-related events, get-togethers, and hackathons, Nebraska fosters a thriving tech culture. In fact, the sum of all these factors has transformed Nebraska’s tech industry into a thriving community of computer experts and enthusiasts.

You’ll learn that Nebraska’s tech sector provides you with a distinctive platform to advance your career and shape the technology of the future as we explore the variety of tech professions in the state.

Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Nebraska

Let’s explore some of the most lucrative positions available in Nebraska’s thriving tech industry as we move through its diverse environment.

From virtual data miners to digital clouds, Nebraska’s IT sector offers a diverse range of rewarding jobs. Let’s start now!

1: Cloud Architect ($160,000 $270,000 per year)

best-paying tech jobs in nebraska
Cloud architects create systems for managing, monitoring, and maintaining the cloud system.

An organization’s cloud computing strategy is led by cloud architects, who manage and supervise cloud software, infrastructure, and applications. This position calls for in-depth familiarity with a variety of operating systems, programming languages, and cloud security.

As many organizations and startups in Nebraska move toward cloud-based solutions, cloud architects play a crucial role in the state’s tech revolution. One of the highest-paying IT occupations in Nebraska, with an annual income ranging from $160,000 to $270,000.

2: Data Scientist ($109,000 $177,000 per year)

Data scientists transform difficult data into useful insights, assisting organizations in making defensible decisions based on facts. The position calls for a strong foundation in computer science, mathematics, and statistics as well as proficiency in data mining and visualization methods.

Data scientists are highly sought after in Nebraska due to the state’s emphasis on data-driven decision-making and the reliance of its tech startups and enterprises on their expertise. Data scientists earn between $109,000 and $177,000 a year, placing them at the top of our list.

3: Software Engineer ($97,000 $151,000 per year)

best-paying tech jobs in nebraska
A software engineer designs, develops, and maintains computer software at a company.


The backbone of the technology sector is made up of software engineers who design and create the software that drives companies in a variety of industries. They require a solid background in computer science, as well as competence in a number of programming languages and software development techniques.

Software engineers are the backbone of the tech landscape in Nebraska, assisting both established businesses and start-ups in developing reliable, effective software solutions. Software engineers can expect to make between $97,000 and $151,000 per year in Nebraska, which reflects their important role.

4: DevOps Engineer ($93,000 $144,000 per year)

The backbone of the IT sector are DevOps engineers. To speed up the manufacturing of software, they fill the gap between IT operations and software development.

They must be knowledgeable in a variety of fields, from system administration to coding and scripting, in order to fully comprehend the software development lifecycle.

DevOps engineers provide seamless communication and continuous delivery in Nebraska’s dynamic digital industry, making them priceless assets for tech organizations. They can anticipate receiving a competitive salary between $93,000 and $144,000 per year in return.

5: IT Manager ($86,000 $140,000 per year)

best-paying tech jobs in nebraska
An IT manager is also known as an IT supervisor or an information systems manager.


IT administrators oversee the technological foundation of an organization, ensuring that it supports its goals. They also need to have strong leadership qualities, technical expertise, and an awareness of business tactics.

IT managers, who command salaries between $86,000 and $140,000 annually, guarantee that tech businesses and startups in Nebraska’s thriving tech environment run smoothly.

6: Software Quality Assurance Engineer ($86,000 $132,000 per year)

computer program quality control Engineers are essential to the IT sector because they carefully test and monitor software while it is still in the development stage. They need a solid foundation in software engineering and an attention to detail.

Since software development is a key component of Nebraska’s tech sector, these specialists play a crucial role in guaranteeing the high quality of software products. They can actually make between $86,000 and $132,000 a year.

7: Database Administrator ($79,000 $126,000 per year)

best-paying tech jobs in nebraska
A DBA needs to have a strong command of SQL and server tools.


The crucial task of managing an organization’s data and ensuring that it is usable, secure, and in good working order falls to database administrators. They typically have degrees in computer science or a closely related discipline, and they have extensive knowledge of database languages.

These specialists are in high demand in Nebraska, where effective data management is a major problem, and can expect to make between $79,000 and $126,000 per year.

8: Computer Systems Analyst ($79,000 $125,000 per year)

Computer systems analysts optimize an organization’s technology systems and operations by fusing the business and IT worlds. They require a solid understanding of both IT systems and business concepts.

In Nebraska’s digital industry, where organizations are constantly looking for efficiency and a competitive edge, their abilities are highly sought-after. Additionally, they anticipate earning between $79,000 and $125,000 year in Nebraska.

9: Information Security Analyst ($78,000 $128,000 per year)

Information security analysts use and maintain firewalls and data encryption programs to protect sensitive information.

Nick N. A. via Shutterstock

Information security analysts are responsible for safeguarding a company’s computer networks and systems. Knowledge of cyber dangers and proficiency in cybersecurity are prerequisites for this position.

These experts are essential to Nebraska’s IT industry given the state’s growing reliance on digital technology. They can therefore anticipate making between $78,000 and $128,000 a year.

10: Network Engineer ($74,000 $124,000 per year)

Data communication networks, including LANs and WANs, are designed, implemented, and managed by network engineers. They need a solid background in computer science as well as in-depth understanding of network architecture and protocols.

Network engineers play a critical role in Nebraska’s interconnected digital industry by ensuring the smooth flow of data. In Nebraska, they may anticipate earning between $74,000 and $124,000 annually.

Pathways to Top Tech Careers in Nebraska

The path into Nebraska’s tech industry is one with numerous options. Each one has a special set of advantages and may be customized to satisfy a variety of preferences. Let’s look at some of the most popular and successful strategies for starting a tech career in the Cornhusker State.

Traditional College Degree

Obtaining a degree from a respectable college is the most common path into the tech business. Numerous prestigious colleges that specialize in technology have campuses in Nebraska.

For instance, universities like Creighton University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offer courses in information systems, data science, computer science, and related subjects.

Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps are a great choice for people wanting a more in-depth and practical learning experience. These courses normally last a few months and concentrate on in-demand skills. One of the organizations in Nebraska providing these intense, immersive courses is the AIM Institute.

Professional Certification Courses

Professional certification training is another route to tech careers in Nebraska. Reputable suppliers like CompTIA and Cisco offer certification programs in vital fields including networking, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure. These certifications can strengthen academic credentials and provide job seekers an advantage.

Online Learning Platforms

Another approach of learning computer skills that is growing in popularity is self-learning through online resources. Numerous courses, covering anything from programming languages to artificial intelligence, are offered by industry experts on platforms like Coursera, Udacity, and Khan Academy.

Networking and Community Events

Local workshops, meetups, and networking occasions also provide knowledge about the sector and relationships with like-minded experts. Discover regional events on websites like Eventbrite and look at the Silicon Prairie Newstech calendar to get involved in the neighborhood’s tech scene and stay up to date on the newest developments.

There are many accessible routes to earning top-tech jobs in Nebraska. The state’s IT sector offers a fertile environment for growing your dreams, whether it be through traditional degrees, coding bootcamps, professional courses, or self-directed study.

Wrapping Up

With its growing tech community and plenty of high-paying job possibilities, Nebraska is quickly developing a reputation as a desirable location for tech professionals. The region has an impressive array of startups, well-known tech companies, and organizations that support the development of tech talent.

Nebraska offers a lively and encouraging atmosphere for your aspirations, whether you’re just starting out in technology or looking to accelerate your growth. It also provides a wealth of resources, including professional training programs, intensive coding bootcamps, and top-notch colleges.

Nebraska beckons whether you’re enthralled by the possibility of working in a fast developing digital industry or the chance to land a lucrative tech career. Why not stop for technology in Nebraska next? In the Cornhusker State, your ideal IT career could be just a few steps away.

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