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Dad jokes are wholesome, cheesy, hilarious witticisms that are appealing to both kids and adults. The term was developed from modern memes. They are the jokes that seem to have stood the test of time and cause you to chuckle while rolling your eyes. Most of us have probably heard pun-filled jokes like knock knock or others. Some of the funniest dad jokes involve these. Additionally, dad jokes are perceived as being unoriginal or embarrassing. While the majority of the dad jokes on Reddit are clean and pun-filled, some are more explicit and inappropriate for the workplace. These jokes are usually designated as NSFW (not suitable for work) and are only appropriate for adults. Today we’re avoiding those and solely searching for the best dad jokes for all ages.

What Is Reddit?

On the social media site Reddit, users can post anything from their favorite recipes to the latest headlines. The website has been a source of amusement and occurrences for billions of people from its modest beginnings in 2005.

In threads or groups referred to as subreddits, people post and leave comments on articles. These subreddits are arranged according to interests like video games, novels, and skin care, and they are reminiscent of old-school web forum posts.

There are more than 130 of these subreddits on Reddit. You will undoubtedly find a few subreddits that suit your interests among the many available. We’re going to look for the best dad jokes available because that’s what we want to see.

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Reddit is a type of social network that is home to thousands of communities and conversations.


Finding Dad Jokes on Reddit

To locate dad jokes, it’s simple to use a forum like Reddit. On, you can look up dad jokes using the search bar.The outcomes will direct you to acclaimed reader favorites. Just be mindful of the passing minutes or you can find yourself reading through funny posts for hours.

You can also access the jokes directly at typer/dadjokes. You can search by Hot, New, Top, or Rising once you’re in a subreddit. You can access the top, most-voted-for, or awarded dad jokes using these filters.

1. Dad Jokes Make You Richer

Other forums, like this one at fromr/DoorDash, occasionally feature dad jokes. We enjoy how dad jokes can appear in virtually any subreddit. This one from r/DoorDash illustrates how entertaining and beneficial dad jokes can be.

By: u/Lolo0520 Posted:

Leave a note at my door and kindly knock. The doorbell is inoperable.

Driver: So tell me, how does the doorbell pay its bills?

2. Feeling Awful, Comment Dad Jokes

As you might have expected, dad jokes can be found on almost any subreddit. For example, the user u/Amechanisstuckhelpinr/teenagers wrote this hilarious one in the thread’s comments section.

When does a pun turn into a dad joke?

whenever it becomes clear.

Finding Dad Jokes on r/AskReddit

You may visit pages like r/AskReddit to uncover even more hilarious dad jokes on Reddit. Although there are many other themes on this subreddit, the dad jokes thread is undoubtedly one of our favorites.

Here are a few of the best dad jokes we’ve come across while searching AskReddit.

3. Contact Sport

Contributed by user Moogs9

Why not wear glasses when playing football?

given that it’s a contact sport.

4. Waist of Space

Poster: MoonBasic

Do you know the belt of Orion? What a waste of room, huh?

Did not enjoy the joke?

That’s okay; the rating is only 3 stars.

5. Doggy Bag

Author: Old Gold Mountain

Waiter: Would you like to box for that?

Dad: I prefer to wrestle.

6. Socks with Holes

written by Xophlia

Have you seen any holes in your socks?


How did you then get your feet inside of them?

couple watching tv
Do your socks have holes in them? No? Then how did you get your feet in them? Vesalainen

7. In Reverse

Written by:Hkatsupreme

The automobile is put in reverse by Dad.

Dad: Oh, this brings back memories

Reddit s Best Dad Jokes

The following dad jokes come from the topic at there/dadjokes. In addition to making us laugh, they have received numerous honors and upvotes. Reddit users can express their admiration for a post by giving it awards or upvotes. The more upvotes and awards a post receives, the more popular it is.

8. Where Does Superman Shop?

This particular dad joke, uploaded by user/RastaBlaster95, makes us chuckle while rolling our eyes.

Superman shops where, where?

in the grocery store.

Spider-Man, too?

He does online shopping.

9. Which Plant Is the Scariest?

This dad joking post by u/Glum_Damage_7880 is being saved for Halloween.

Which plant is the most terrifying?


10. Broken Pencil

Useru/Steven-Axe‘s post, which is a straightforward dad joke, best describes dad humor. Simple, good-for-you, and a little punny.

If I could, I’d make a joke about my broken pencil.

It is useless.

11. Cloning

We adore jokes with dual meanings, such as this amusing one that was shared by user u/b-monster666.

My youngster claimed to not understand what cloning was.

I claimed that makes us two.

12. The Signs

We enjoyed this dad joke provided by useru/Jester57.

The closing of the advertising firm came as a huge surprise.

Nobody noticed the signs.

13. Illegal Parking

Although the Reddit person who originally submitted this has now removed their profile, their prank is still funny.

What do you call a frog that is impolitely parked?


14. What s Made from Leather

Like this joke uploaded by Reddit user u/shdchko, we enjoy hilarious puns.

What is made of leather and has a sneezing sound?

A shoe.

15. Sick Lemon

Let’s hope life doesn’t hand us any nasty lemons. This was posted by u/msintrovert000.

What is a sick lemon given?


16. Knock Knock

This gem shared by user “The_Garomine” might just become our new favorite knock-knock joke.

Call out loud?

Anyone there?


Who is butter?

You’re going to allow me in, Butter?

17. Criminal Rainbow

For science enthusiasts, this amusing dad joke submitted byu/CaliburX4imagines a hilarious scene.

When a rainbow violates the law, where does it go?


Though it was a brief sentence, don’t worry.

18. The Gym

We’re glad this joke was posted by u/hubchuckle because we’ve never encountered it.

My girlfriend was supposed to meet me at the gym, but she never did.

That’s how I realized our relationship wouldn’t work out.

Reddit best pre-workout
I asked my girlfriend to meet me at the gym, but she never showed up. That s how I knew we weren t going to work out.


19. Electric Bill

This dad joke was posted by user u/bryanBr:

I once had no money to pay my power bill since I was so poor.

The worst times of my life were those.

Costume Party

Another one that would be appropriate for Halloween was shared by u/UrbanCyclerPT.

Last night, I attended a Halloween party while wearing a screwdriver costume.

made a few people look.

The Best Dad Jokes

We occasionally require some downtime to detach from the outside world. That s why we re glad there are dad jokes. Of course, most of them are corny and make us roll our eyes, but that s the point. Dad jokes can be a quick way to make people feel more at ease. Also, they can help us remember that it s not the end of the world to feel embarrassed.

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