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Millions of users are registering for Threads and contributing content to the new social networking site. Continue reading to learn how to upload images and videos to threads if you want to join in on the fun. You may start publishing in only six simple steps, and the procedure is quite straightforward.

The Threads platform, which is owned by Meta, a company best known for Facebook and Instagram, is modeled like Twitter. This indicates that, unlike Instagram, it does not focus primarily on media. Instead, Threads allows users to send succinct messages to update followers.

How to Post Photos and Videos in Threads

Similar to starting a new thread, posting a picture or a video in a thread is also possible. Click on the paperclip when starting a thread to include an attachment.

Only the photographs and movies in your phone’s library are accepted as attachments. After attaching, you can upload your pictures and videos with a caption.

Step 1: Take a Photo or Video

how to post photos and videos in threads
Taking a photo.

Take a photo or video to share before opening the Threads app as the first step. Unlike other social networking sites like Instagram, Threads doesn’t provide a mechanism to take a picture or film a video inside the program.

You will need to shoot a photo or video before opening the app for the time being; maybe, Threads will provide this option in the future.

Step 2: Enter the Threads App

how to post photos and videos in threads
Opening the Threads app.

Open the Threads app as soon as you are prepared to post a picture or a video. Please read our comprehensive guide to creating a Threads account if you don’t already have one.

If not, launch the app and, if you haven’t previously, log in to your account.

Step 3: Start a Thread

how to post photos and videos in threads
Starting a new thread.

The Threads app is where you should start a thread next. Do not be alarmed if this is your first Threads post.

Simply tap the square icon of a pen that is located at the bottom of the screen to activate it. Normally, you would put a message to share here, but for the time being, hold off.

Step 4: Select a Photo/ Video

how to post photos and videos in threads
Adding the photo to the thread.

You must now add the image or video to your discussion. To access the media library on your phone, tap the paperclip icon. The first time you pull a photo from your device, you’ll need to grant Threads permission to access your photo collection.

Select all of the items you want, then click Add. Threads permits up to 10 photographs or videos in a single thread.

Step 5: Enter a Caption (Optional)

how to post photos and videos in threads
Choosing who can post replies.

Include a caption after you’ve uploaded images and videos to your thread. Although it is not necessary, it is a good idea to educate the viewer of what they are seeing.

By selecting the current status link at the thread’s bottom, you can now change who is allowed to submit replies.

Step 6: Post the Photo or Video

how to post photos and videos in threads
Seeing that the photo has been posted.

Finally, you can go and press the Post button to publish the thread. Once you’ve done that, the post will be visible to everyone you follow.

In order to check who is commenting and engaging with the post, you can also view it on your profile page.

Threads Photo and Video Limitations

You are permitted to upload up to ten images and videos in a single topic, as was previously specified. However, you should also take into account other restrictions, such as video length.

The maximum length of a video that can be uploaded to Threads is five minutes. Posts can only be 500 characters long, and images must be no larger than 1,070 by 1,424 pixels.

Who Can See Threads Photo and Video Posts

The same viewing restrictions apply to threads with images or videos as they do to other posts. This implies that a photo uploaded by a public account is visible to everyone.

In contrast, a private account’s pictures and videos are exclusively visible to approved followers. There is no method to modify a post’s visibility settings. Instead, you would have to modify your account’s privacy settings.

Wrapping Up

With the development of mobile technology, photo and video material has become a crucial component of social media.

A photo or video can grab a viewer’s attention and improve engagement with your content in a Threads post. Naturally, it’s also a fantastic method to entertain your fans.

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