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Geek Squad: Should You Use It? Geek Squad is Best Buy’s in-house service for offering customers and companies alike IT support. There are several services available as a result if you don’t have on-site IT assistance.

Given that it does offer IT help when needed, Geek Squad is a good option for small enterprises. It may be less expensive to do this than to hire a consultant or independent contractor, which helps save costs.

Having said that, it is definitely worthwhile to learn more about the services Geek Squad provides as well as any potential downsides.

Geek Squad Overview

geek squad
Best Buy s Geek Squad can handle both residential and business related technical support. Studio

The service division of Best Buy is called Geek Squad. You might have had help from them with the initial setup if you bought a new computer, tablet, or smartphone from Best Buy.

It provides a range of services to assist those who may not be as technologically knowledgeable as qualified IT professionals. Having a qualified professional take a closer look at things like broken laptops or broken printers can be quite helpful for residential customers.

The services that are provided on-site can be useful to business users. These are less expensive than hiring specialized IT professionals and cover a wide range of conceivable circumstances. While dedicated workers are undoubtedly preferred in a crisis, it is difficult to beat for on-call help.

Geek Squad: Service Overview

So what kind of technical assistance can Geek Squad offer? Actually, quite a few services fit into the category of conventional break-fix IT assistance. Residential users get access to a variety of troubleshooting services, Wi-Fi installation and configuration, and operating system tune-ups.

Due to the fact that small business demands are far greater than those of a residential user, business customers have access to a much wider range of services.

Support for all the devices covered by the Geek Squad annual subscriptions is available, along with network installation, hardware installation, diagnostics, backups, and pretty much any additional services a company would require.

Geek Squad Services and Pricing

Residential Users

Service Pricing
Operating System Upgrade or Tune-Up $39.99
Network Support $149.99
Software Support $39.99
Operating System Troubleshooting $149.99
Device Diagnostics and Repairs $149.99
Email Troubleshooting $99.99
Software Troubleshooting $99.99
Installing Devices on a Network $39.99
Printer Installation $39.99
Virus and Malware Removal $149.99

Business Users

The annual Best Buy TotalTech service plan can be used to cover service call choices, which are generally used by small enterprises. For only $199.99 a year, you can cover up to six devices, which is a wonderful deal for most small enterprises.

For business users, Geek Squad will come out and perform the majority of the aforementioned services; however, you should plan on paying a service fee of about $300 to have a technician sent to your location. There are a variety of business services available, including the following:

Project Management
A/V Installations
IT Installations
Customized Solutions
Break-fix IT support

To actually receive an estimate for the aforementioned services, Geek Squad business users must get in touch with Best Buy. You have a unified IT support system in place without the requirement for specialized in-house staff because all other services covered within the residential area are also applicable.

Why Geek Squad is Great for Users

Geek Squad is great for users for a variety of good reasons.

On-Call Support

geek squad
Whether you need a printer setup or a server troubleshooted, Best Buy s tech service has you covered. Kalinovsky

A Geek Squad agent is available right now if you need them to visit your home to fix a problematic printer setup. This isn’t as inexpensive as grumbling to yourself and Googling everything, though.

However, it does offer a qualified expert who is knowledgeable about the most typical problems tech devices may run into. They can assist you with setting up your smart home or getting your just purchased products up and running in addition to offering computer repair services.

In-Store Support

There is merit in having a physical site where a piece of technology can be dropped off. The assistance you require can typically be obtained with simply an appointment and a drive thanks to Geek Squad’s dedicated stations in Best Buy stores.

Now, this isn’t the ideal fix for the majority of IT problems. It is an excellent option, though, if your laptop won’t boot. Similar to scheduling a time to speak with an Apple Genius at a nearby Apple shop, in-store support is available 24/7. Thankfully, Best Buy is much more widely available across the country.

Support for Windows, Android, and Apple devices is really one more perk.

Remote Support

To receive assistance, you don’t need to be at home or be in a store. Additionally, Geek Squad provides remote support, where you can contact them by phone or online to have any issues with your technology fixed.

As you may expect, this isn’t suited for every situation. However, this can be a quick way to reconnect to the internet if you’re having difficulties troubleshooting your Wi-Fi.

Long-Term Service Plans for Businesses

Business plans are available from Geek Squad for bigger enterprises. Smaller companies might probably get by on the same annual plan that residents have. Geek Squad, however, can be the answer if you run a bigger company and don’t want to bother with maintaining an IT staff on staff.

Long-term business service agreements are offered, and they may be managed with simply a phone call. Geek Squad doesn’t divulge business quotes, but it ought to be a cost-effective way to address any technology issues your company may be having.

Device Replacement and Repairs

For a specific gadget, warranties only provide certain coverage. Geek Squad does provide more comprehensive programs for replacing or repairing a device. This is ideal for computers like laptops and desktops since you can quickly get a working machine back.

Similar to AppleCare+, where you must pay an additional price on top of the coverage, it works similarly. However, it’s still preferable than having to buy a brand-new laptop if yours breaks.

Why Geek Squad Might Not Meet Your Needs

As with any service you might use, using Geek Squad has its disadvantages.

Limited Operating Hours

Support from Geek Squad isn’t available around-the-clock. This practically means that you will have to wait until Geek Squad opens if hardware malfunctions occur at your place of work overnight. Generally speaking, this won’t be a deal-breaker.

To keep the manufacturing line running, some companies, however, maintain IT staff on call around-the-clock. Not all business models can afford to have set business hours.

As a result, it might be worthwhile to maintain an IT department if you’re worried about losing money as a result of a power outage or a server failing.

High Costs for Services

Some of the services Geek Squad provides are reasonably priced. Some, like virus checks, can, however, be quite pricey. A new PC setup service for $39.99 is not much. It seems excessive to pay $149.99 for a scan that most people could learn how to use.

Not all of the services that Geek Squad provides are going to be the most affordable option. You can avoid calling a tech and save some money if you don’t mind learning a little bit about good computer hygiene.

Not a Complete Replacement for Dedicated IT Personnel

geek squad
Dedicated IT staff can immediately respond to crisis situations, which gives a decided edge against a managed service provider. Professional

Geek Squad and other managed service providers undoubtedly have a role in an enterprise. It’s wonderful to have trained IT specialists manage things for home customers. But if you’re in charge of a company, it can be worthwhile to retain a minimal staff of IT personnel on hand.

Although they are capable of handling the majority of problems, your organization doesn’t work with them directly. Nowadays, many businesses manage service providers to keep their technology infrastructure up to date. It is well worth the investment to have qualified experts who are directly integrated into your firm.

Instead of being a reactive force called in when something fails, internal IT departments can be taught to directly address the needs of your company.

Closing Thoughts

Does employing Geek Squad make sense? It is definitely worthwhile using its services if you want tech support with the least amount of hassle.

People who are more tech-savvy are more likely to manage independently. The existence of a service like Geek Squad is fantastic for everyone else.

For larger company customers, it might not be the ideal fit, but for small firms, it is a sound investment.

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