The 6 Most Popular EVs in the United States

Tesla’s Ambitious Plan for Electric Vehicles

When Tesla first announced their intention to manufacture electric cars, many people, including other car companies, believed the idea to be far-fetched. It appeared to be an unrealizable objective, particularly in an automotive industry dominated by gasoline-powered vehicles.

Tesla’s Vision Becomes Reality

Nevertheless, it appears Tesla had a glimpse of the future and the marketing potential of EVs, as by 2018, their cars had taken the market by storm, with the company holding a 78% share in the EV sector.

The EV Market Expansion

What began as a mere concept has now become a reality. The demand for zero-emission cars has since grown exponentially, prompting car manufacturers such as Ford and GM Motors to jump into the market with their own futuristic EV models.

The US Benefits from the EV Revolution

The ultimate beneficiary of this EV revolution is the United States, as by 2020, the country’s EV market size had reached an impressive figure.


Tesla’s ambitious plan to manufacture electric cars, which seemed far-fetched when it was first announced, has now become a reality. The demand for zero-emission vehicles has grown exponentially, prompting other car companies to join the market with their own EV models. This has resulted in the US EV market size reaching a remarkable figure by 2020, making the country the ultimate winner in this EV battle.

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