The Biggest Speaker In The World Is An Absolute Giant

A Monumental Audio Experience

From the renowned German audio company, Alex-Audio, comes a speaker of epic proportions – the World’s Biggest Speaker. Measuring a staggering two meters tall and weighing 350 kilograms, this behemoth of a woofer has a peak power of 5,000 watts. Initially designed for advertising and trade show presentations, it has now become a feature of various promotional events and creative installations.

Powerful Acoustics

This impressive piece of audio technology is not just about its size, but also about the powerful acoustics it brings. Boasting a frequency range of 28-2500 Hz and a maximum SPL of 135 dB, it creates an immersive audio environment that envelops listeners in a range of up to 1500 words.


The World’s Biggest Speaker is a testament to the power of audio technology. Its impressive size, weight, and power output, combined with its powerful acoustics, make it the perfect choice for any event or installation that requires a truly immersive audio experience.

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