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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare starts on your Xbox One, but it gets stuck at the map loading screen. The game fails after about a minute and displays a Dev Error 6034 notice. The game cannot be played.

The problem, which only affects Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone, is extremely aggravating and appears to occur at random. Sometimes the problematic map loads, and other times you get the error. How can Dev Error 6034 on Xbox One be fixed?

We will discuss possible fixes for this problem in this article. Keep calm and follow along with us; Call of Duty will be available soon again!

What is Dev Error 6034?

Updated multiplayer data packs clashing with outdated files appear to be a contributing factor to Dev Error 6034. The game tries to retrieve files that are either out of date or in the wrong place.

Some folks have the Dev mistake on every map. Only a few game variants, such as Gunfight, are unusable for others. You can’t take maps out of matchmaking in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so you never know if you’ll get one that causes the issue. Other systems, including PC and PlayStation, are also affected by the problem.

After clearing it out, let’s examine the various techniques for getting COD up and running once more.

How to Fix Dev Error 6034 on Xbox One in 6 Easy Methods (with Photos)
Dev Errors are incredibly frustrating!

Method #1: Uninstall Multiplayer Data Packs

Deleting the unnecessary multiplayer data packs on Xbox One is the simplest technique to get rid of Dev Error 6034. The mistake is probably being caused by one of these packs. These additional data packs are frequently not even necessary for multiplayer. The data packs can always be downloaded again at a later time.

Launch Call of Duty Modern Warfare (or Warzone) from My Games & Apps on your Xbox One.

Next, open options by pressing the menu button on your controller. Choose Manage game and add-ons from there. Deselect any and all optional data packs, Spec-ops packs, and other options.

Note: You can delete the other files, but you must keep Multiplayer Pack 2 22GB.

The following data packs should be removed to resolve the Dev Error:

  • Multiplayer Pack 3 3.4GB
  • Multiplayer Pack 2 9.1GB

Delete the compatibility data packs if that doesn’t work. Remember that there are occasionally two Multiplayer Pack 2 downloads. Uninstall the smaller version in that scenario. The one you need is 22GB, whereas the one you should remove is 9.1GB.

Depending on the game version you have, the pack titles may also vary. Install any multiplayer pack that isn’t 22GB because the file sizes should be the same either way. The campaign has already been finished, so you might as well remove it as well.

To remove all the data packs from your Xbox One after deselecting them all, click Save Changes. Once the game is launched, Dev Error 6034 should no longer be an issue.

The game will download a data pack again if you uninstalled one that was necessary for multiplayer. In addition to resolving Dev Error 6034, deleting unused data packs releases storage space on your Xbox One.

How to Fix Dev Error 6034 on Xbox One in 6 Easy Methods (with Photos)
Be sure you are saving Multiplayer Pack 2 22GB.

Method #2: Hard Reboot Your Xbox One

You should hard reboot your Xbox if you removed the unneeded data packs but are still receiving the issue.

Pulling the power cord or using the Full Shutdown option in the Power Options are the two ways to hard restart your Xbox One.

Open Settings, General, Power Options, and choose Shutdown immediately to access Power Options.

The system should verify the previously uninstalled files when you restart your Xbox One, and you should no longer have Dev Error 6034.

Method #3: Uninstall and Reinstall Modern Warfare

Dev Error 6034 can occasionally be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling the complete game. Given that the installation size for Call of Duty Modern Warfare can be 130GB, it’s not the most practical choice. The complete game may take a while to download if your internet connection isn’t exceptionally fast. However, it frequently resolves the problems brought on by incompatible game files.

Go to My Games & Apps, choose Call of Duty Modern Warfare, hit the menu button on your controller, and then choose Uninstall All. Return to your Full Game Library after that to re-start the download.

Method #4: Use an Alternate MAC Address

Making your Xbox One utilize a different Mac Address could be a solution if the issue is connected to your internet. Additionally, this can help with problems with internet connections like poor download speeds.

Go to Settings, Network Settings, Advanced Settings, and Alternate Mac Address to change the Xbox One’s Mac Address.

The Xbox will restart itself when you make a change. Your modem or router can also be restarted. Launch the game after everything has been reset to check if the issue has been resolved.

Method #5: Change NAT Type to Open

Your NAT Type will be displayed in a notice when Call of Duty Modern Warfare launches in the bottom right corner. It should ideally be Open.

Because you need to open ports and certain users are on shared networks that don’t allow port forwarding, changing the NAT Type to Open can be a little complicated. For a full tutorial on how to change NAT Type on Xbox, visitthis page.

Here is a brief explanation on how to modify Xbox’s NAT type.

  1. Access your router s admin page (the most common is
  2. Locate the port forwarding options.
  3. Add this port: TCP/UDP 3074.
  4. Link it to your Xbox s IP address.
  5. Save the changes and reboot the router.

Method #6: Power Cycle Your Xbox

The Xbox One’s power cycle is the final option; it clears the system cache and may enhance performance. After unplugging your Xbox, wait a moment before plugging it back in. This will compel your Xbox to shut down completely.

To be safe, you should also repeatedly hit the power button on your console while the wire is unplugged. Additionally, we advise unplugging any USB devices plugged into the Xbox.

Wrapping Up

The best solution to resolve Dev Error 6034 on Xbox One is to remove any Call of Duty data packs that are not required. The 22GB Multiplayer Pack 2 data pack should be the only one you require. The other ones are not essential. If you see another Multiplayer Pack 2 that is 9.1GB, uninstalling it should fix the issue. We would start by uninstalling the data packs and then move on to the other solutions.

When you complete all the solutions, 9 times out of 10, the Dev Error 6034 will be eliminated once and for all. If the problem persists, your only option is to submit a support tickethereor wait for an update to address the issue.

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