Verizon Unlimited Plans: Full Comparison & How to Decide Which is Best

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Verizon Unlimited is one of the most flexible mobileplansavailable on the market today. Verizon has made it so users can tailor their plans to what fits them best.

Is it worth carrying Verizon service? That depends on what you value in mobile phone service. Verizon Unlimited allows you to make your own plan and bundle in your extras.

If that isn t appealing, then you can keep things just with the mobile phone service. If you ve been on the hunt for a high-speed plan with loads of readily usable data, then Verizon Unlimited might be the best fit for your household.

Any new service you re considering merits exploration. With that in mind, Verizon Unlimited has plenty to explore.

Verizon Unlimited Plans: Side-by-Side Comparison

Verizon Unlimited Welcome Verizon Unlimited Plus Verizon gounlimited Verizon beyondunlimited Verizon aboveunlimited
Monthly Cost $25 a line $30 a line $40 a line $50 a line $60 a line
Data Cap Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited LTE 22GB premium data, unlimited LTE 75GB premium data, unlimited LTE
Talk and Text Unlimited No limit Unlimited No limit No limits
Streaming Quality 480p SD or 480p quality Standard definition or 480p HD quality or 720p High definition or 720p quality
Mobile Hotspot None provided 30GB premium hotspot data Unlimited LTE hotspot 15GB premium hotspot data, free unlimited LTE data 20GB premium hotspot data, unlimited slower bandwidth
Additional Perks $10 a month $10 a month None provided No perks Zero perks
Additional Lines Supported As many as needed at $25 per additional line As many as wanted at $30 a line Additional lines can be added for $40 a month Additional lines can be added for $50 a month More lines are readily included for $60 a month

There is quite a bit of difference between all of the available plans. However, they all offer unlimited data, voice calls, and texting.

Verizon Unlimited Plans: What s the Difference?

Verizon Unlimited
Verizon s Unlimited plans are affordable and great for families.


There are quite a few tiers to the Verizon Unlimitedplans. You might find the basic ones more than fit your needs, however.


When stripped of any perks, the Unlimited Welcome is the most affordable of the Verizonplans. You can add lines for $25 a month, which is just a standard flat rate. You won t encounter any special bargains for adding additional lines with any of these plans.

The next tier up, Unlimited Plus, has a rate of $30 per additional line. This means you d be looking at a price of $120 every month for four lines.

Verizon s gounlimited, beyondunlimited, and aboveunlimited plans round out the selections. These function as Verizon s business plans for cellular coverage. You ll be looking at $40, $50, and $60 per additional line respectively.

All said these are affordable rates, especially from a major service provider. Verizon does offer up plans that aren t unlimited, but Verizon Unlimited as a whole is a very affordable way to get into a family plan without using prepaid service.


Verizon Unlimited comes with selectable perks that can be added to any of the two basic plans. Both Unlimited Welcome and Verizon Unlimited Plus can get access to additional streaming services and other subscriptions.

Some of these, like the basic Netflix and Disney+ packages, will run an additional $10 a month. For some plans this comes out to be far more affordable to bundle these services together. Especially if you re already using a lot of streaming media.

The business plans under the Verizon Unlimited umbrella don t get access to the perk bundles you ll see for regular family plans. Instead, these plans come with no real option to add additional services.

This means for gounlimited, beyondunlimited, and aboveunlimited, what you see is what you get when it comes time to create your plan of choice.

Additional Lines

All Verizon Unlimited plans come with the option of adding lines for a flat rate every month. Sure, you can opt for keeping just a single line of coverage. If you re covering your household or business, however, you can get in for reasonable rates.

As previously mentioned, the basic plans will leave you with $25 a month to add more lines to the Verizon Unlimited Welcome plan. Verizon Unlimited Plus runs a simple $30 for each additional line.

Having things at a set rate with service parity for all lines is a great option. It gets a little trickier if you re wanting to have a lower tier of service for a fewdeviceswith a higher tier of service for others.

It isn t quite as flexible as the family plan offerings from Mint, which allow you to mix and match. Instead, you ll have to either create two or more separate bundled plans to take advantage of the reduced pricing.

Picking the Best Plan

Verizon Unlimited
Verizon has flexible unlimited business plans that might suit your organization.

Jacob Lund/

Picking which plan works best for your household can be tricky. You might not want your children to have nonstop access to high-speed data.

For families, the Verizon Unlimited Welcome and Plusplansrepresent great value. The Plus plan in particular is just an additional $5 a month per line and comes with far more amenities for the service. You get access to premium data that the Welcome plan doesn t get.

Businesses might be best served with the beyondunlimited plan. If you re looking to save a bundle while making sure each employee has usable service, this is the way to go.

It doesn t come with a great amount of premium data, but there s more than enough there to get things rolling when out on the road for business trips.

Verizon Unlimited Plans: Must-Know Facts

  1. Verizon Unlimited Welcome and Plus can add streaming services that are cheaper than direct subscriptions.
  2. Verizon Unlimited Welcome and Plus don t have extra fees when adding new lines to your plan.
  3. You can manage perks and subscriptions through the myVerizon app on your smartphone.
  4. Verizon s unlimited business plans are a great option for companies looking to provide phones for employees.
  5. Verizon s unlimited business plans do come with hotspot data, with LTE and 5G access for the higher tiers.
  6. Verizon s unlimited business plans aren t well suited for the average household.

Verizon Unlimited Plans: Which One is Best? Which Should You Choose?

If you re looking to switch up mobile providers, Verizon Unlimited Plus is a great option for any family. You ll get access to high-speed 5G networks, streaming services, and the latest and greatest smartphones on the market.

The only real drawback to Verizon s wireless plans is the absence of any sort of vouchers or discounts for mobiledevices. You ll have to finance or purchase smartphones and tablets separately for use on the Verizon network.

This isn t a dealbreaker, however. If you re a savvy shopper you ll likely find mobile devices at reduced rates with many only retailers.

Verizon s unlimited business plans are a great value as well, especially the base package. All your employees will get unlimited talk, text, and access to premium high-speed data for an affordable monthly rate.

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