Mint Mobile Family Plan Pricing & Details: Is it Worth It For You?

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Mint Mobile recently debuted its Family Plan. Now, pricing for the Family Plan doesn t operate in a typical manner. You re not going to snag some great deal on a quartet of iPhone 14s for your household.

That said, if you re a deal hunter, it comes in as a much more affordable plan than other contemporary offerings. Mint Mobile has made waves by providing cheap and reliable phone-in-easy-steps-with-photos/’ >mobile service. Using T-Mobile as a backbone network means you get relatively quick speeds with minimal fuss.

So, why not take the plunge on Mint Mobile s Family Plan? It may not offer some of the bells and whistles of standard plans from the likes of AT&T and Verizon, but with what you re saving that might not matter. Before you take the plunge, let s take a closer look at what s on offer.

Mint Mobile Family Plan Pricing & Details: Side-by-Side Comparison

Mint Mobile 5GB Mint Mobile 15GB Mint Mobile 20GB Mint Mobile Unlimited
Data Cap 5GB a month 15GB a month 20GB a month 40GB a month
Talk Minutes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Text Cap Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Lines Per Plan 1 1 1 1
Hotspot Compatible? Hotspot is included Yes, a hotspot is included in the plan. Comes with a hotspot. Can use the included hotspot.
Streaming Capable? Can stream video up to 4K resolution. Can stream video up to 4K resolution. Can stream video up to 4K resolution. Can stream video up to 4K resolution.
Monthly Cost $15 $20 $25 $30

All fourplansare very similar, there are some minor factors that change when looking at each plan, however.

Mint Mobile Family Plan Pricing & Details: What s the Difference?

The Mint Mobile Family plan is highly flexible, and as such you can tailor it to fit your household s needs. One important thing to note is all plans have access to the same base level 5G and 4G speeds. Opting for a lesser plan isn t going to hinder your internet access.

All Mint Mobileplansalso come with unlimited texting and voice calls. This is pretty standard across the industry now. You aren t going to be penalized for spending all day on the phone with your friends and relatives.


Mint Mobile Family Plan
Mint Mobile is an affordable mobile service provider.


Pricing for the family plan isn t structured in a traditional manner. You re effectively bundling cheaper plans under one umbrella. As such, you can bundle up four of the cheapest service plans for around $60 a month.

The lightest plan is the Mint Mobile 5GB, which clocks in at $15 a month. This is certainly a capable plan and would be well-suited for users who don t stream much media on the go.

Mint s 15GB plan offers a lot more for the $20 a month rate. It readily allows for more streaming on the go. If you like your media on the go, this might be a great choice for a family plan.

The 20GB plan offers up more available data, which is fine. The increase in price seems sensible at $25 a month.

Mint Mobile Unlimited offers more of everything, as you d expect. It ll run you $30 a month, making for a costly family plan if all lines are using it. Still, it s a solid option if you like streaming videos or music everywhere you go.

Data Caps

The data caps on all Mint Mobile plans aren t hard data caps. If you go over the allotted data on a monthly basis, you ll just have a reduced download and upload speed until the next month of coverage.

As such, the 5GB will go by quite quickly. If you re doing a lot of heavy downloading or streaming, it ll get curtailed quite quickly. Once the cap is exceeded, the allotted 5G and 4G coverages default to 128kb/s for all plans aside from Unlimited.

Unlimited does have a data cap of 40GB a month, but you ll be looking at 512kb/s for the maximum download rate after exceeding it. Unlimited seems to be faster overall, even when accounting for the slower download speeds.

As previously stated, the Unlimited plan is the priciest of the ones on offer from Mint Mobile. That said, it still comes in a lot lower than other national plans, even when considering the 40GB data cap.

Streaming Capabilities

If you re using a 5G capablemobiledevice, then any Mint Mobile plan should accommodate streaming 4K video with ease. Whether this is worth it to you is another matter entirely.

You can also expect to stream quite a few songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or whatever your music streaming service of choice is.

Gaming is a little trickier since the data mobile games use can vary. Lower bandwidth games like Wordle or Words with Friends should fare just fine. High-data games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, or Call of Duty Mobile, then you might not get many sessions in before the download cap is hit.

Still, it s great to see Mint Mobile is offering up the capability to stream 4K video. While Wi-Fi access may be the way to go for most streaming needs, you won t catch yourself bored at the DMV with Mint Mobile.

Hotspots and Bonuses

Mint Mobile Family Plan
You will have to provide your own phone to take advantage of Mint s service.

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All Mint Mobile plans come with a free hotspot. You also get a SIM kit for installing on your device. You won t find many extras in a Mint Mobile plan, but the free hotspot is a definite plus.

Using the hotspot is just the same as using your phone to access the internet. It utilizes the same shared data cap as your mobilephonebut allows for connecting tablets, laptops, and other devices.

If you re using the Unlimited Plan, this could do the job for intermittent work needs in a pinch. Streaming buffs might want to look at other mobile hotspots like the ones from Verizon.

Mint Mobile Family Plan Pricing & Details: Must-Know Facts

  1. Mint Mobile Family Plans aren t structured like a traditional family plan.
  2. You will have to purchase your own device to use Mint Mobile.
  3. Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile as its network provider, so compatible phones are plentiful.
  4. All Mint Mobile plans have a data cap.
  5. Mint Mobile Plans are one of the most affordable ways to get 5G access currently.
  6. You can use the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy with Mint Mobile.

Mint Mobile Family Plan Pricing & Details: Which One is the Best? Which Should You Choose?

In all honesty, all the plans on offer from Mint Mobile are a great bargain. Even when factoring in the more expensive Unlimited Plan, you re still saving quite a bit every month.

As to which you should pick for your household, that ll really come down to your own needs. If you re heavy on streaming, then the Unlimited Plans are a great choice. That said, if you just need basic phone service with occasional internet access it might be worth looking at the lower tiers.

At any rate, Mint Mobile offering up family bundling is a great boon for the industry. Hopefully, more companies will take the hint and start offering up reduced rates in a similar fashion.

If you re on the hunt for an affordable plan for your household, it is well worth taking a look at Mint Mobile. You might have to pay for your own devices outright, but you ll be saving quite a bit per month to make up for it.

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