5 Reasons To Avoid A New JBL Charge At All Costs

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Thinking about buying aJBLCharge portableBluetoothspeaker? You aren t wrong for finding them appealing. They re incredibly popular and look quite appealing. However, don t head to the checkout just yet. Not until you hear all there is to know about the product. Though theChargeproduct line has plenty to love about it, there are some seriously concerning factors that might deter you from purchasing. Let s take a closer look at these five reasons to avoid a new JBL Charge today.

5 Must-Know Facts About The JBL Charge

  • The Charge 5 is the latest in a long line of portable Bluetooth speakers from JBL. The Charge product line began in 2013 and is known for its powerful, high-quality sound.
  • Charge 5 speakers offer up to 20 hours of continuous playtime. Conveniently, the speaker also comes with a charging port and power bank for your smartphones or other devices.
  • The JBL Charge 5 has an IP67 rating, which means it is both water and dust-proof. Combining this with a rugged, durable design, the Charge 5 speakers are made to withstand various conditions.
  • Internally, the Charge 5 boasts a built-in oval-shaped driver and two bass radiators that deliver punchy and dynamic sound. You can also connect multiple JBL Charge 5 speakers for a surround-sound experience.
  • The JBL Charge 5 allows you to play music via Bluetooth or USB. This unique feature means you can connect a phone or flash drive to the USB port in addition to connecting wirelessly.

JBL Charge Specs

Latest Model Charge 5
Manufacturer JBL
Battery Life 20 hours
Charge Time 4 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth Profiles A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6
Size 8.7 in. x 3.76 in. x 3.67 in.
Weight 2.11 lbs.
Price $179.95
Colors Blue, Red, Grey, Teal, Camo, Black

The History Of The JBL Charge

The JBL Charge series has grown tremendously since its inception in 2013. The latest model, the JBL Charge 5, represents close to a decade of portable Bluetooth speaker innovation. It all began with the original JBL Charge: a powerful, compact Bluetooth speaker unlike much else on the market at the time. The speaker quickly gained popularity for its impressive sound quality and built-in USB port and power bank. Not many rival products could match these specs, allowing it to become a bestseller in no time.

The JBL Charge 2 emerged the following year with several key improvements. This included enhanced battery life, more powerful sound output, and a built-in speakerphone feature for hands-free calling. The JBL Charge 2 also introduced Social Mode, enabling multiple users to connect their devices simultaneously and take turns playing music. All of these features are essential components of the JBL Charge 5 today.

The JBL Charge 3 arrived in 2016, further refining the series capabilities with a new waterproof design. making it suitable for outdoor adventures. The JBL Charge 3 also introduced JBL Connect, another key feature that allows users to wirelessly connect multiple JBL speakers for a synchronized audio experience. It also boosted battery life to 20 hours of playtime a spec that has carried over from the Charge 3 to the Charge 4 and now the Charge 5. But are these features enough to make the high price point worth it? Perhaps not. Let s review the reasons to avoid a new JBL Charge today.

  1. JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof


    • 20 hours of playtime
    • Noise- and echo-canceling speakerphone
    • Connect up to 3 smartphones or tablets to the speaker via Bluetooth

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    06/28/2023 01:25 am GMT

  • JBL Charge 3 Waterproof


    • 20 hours of playtime
    • IPX7 Waterproof
    • Balanced sound

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    06/29/2023 11:10 am GMT

  • JBL Charge 4 Waterproof


    • Bluetooth streaming
    • U to 20 hours of playtime
    • IPX7 waterproof
    • Durable
    • Dual passive radiators

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    06/29/2023 11:10 am GMT

  • JBL Charge 5 Waterproof


    • Features a long excursion driver, separate tweeter, and dual JBL bass radiators
    • Up to 20 hours of playtime
    • IP67 waterproof and dust-proof rating
    • PartyBoost feature
    • Built-in power bank

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    06/29/2023 11:10 am GMT
  • Why Avoid A New JBL Charge?

    If your heart is set on a new JBL Charge, then these considerations might not be dealbreakers for you. However, they still deserve to be addressed. In the end, your decision will depend on your personal preferences, budget, and specific requirements for aportable speaker. For this reason, considering these factors will help you make the most informed choice possible. You might be able to look past these qualms, but you should nevertheless be aware of them before buying.

    Bulky Size

    Despite how it s marketed, the JBL Charge is not exactly tiny. JBL leans into the portability of the Charge, but the truth is that the speaker is a lot larger and heavier compared to rival speakers on the market. The Charge 5 weighs in at over two pounds, and it s nearly nine inches long to boot. It s hardly the most portable, wieldy Bluetooth speaker available. Whether carried in hand or in a bag, you might notice the Charge weighing you down.

    High Cost

    Price is another reason to avoid a new JBL Charge. This line of products is not exactly the most affordable on the market. The Charge 5 costs nearly $180, which is significantly more than some rival portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. Sure, you could argue JBL charges so much to deliver top audio quality and dependable battery life. But, not everyone can justify paying that kind of money for a simple speaker no matter the audio or battery specs.

    Too Much Bass

    All too often, we see supposedly high-quality speaker brands confusing good audio with a bass-heavy sound. JBL is not immune to these charges. While some people appreciate the powerful bass of the JBL Charge 5, it can be quite overpowering. If you prefer a more balanced audio experience (or if you listen to music genres where the bass is not as prominent), then you may not like the bass-heavy sound of the Charge.

    Limited Audio Customization

    True audio aficionados know the value of good audio customizations. As it turns out, the default just doesn t always do the trick. If you re someone who likes to adjust the levels of your sound, then the JBL Charge might not be for you. The Charge 5 lacks even the most basic audio customization features or even simple presets. If you like to fine-tune the sound output according to your unique preferences, then you probably won t be happy with the JBL Charge.

    New Model Coming Soon

    Considering how frequently JBL updates its Charge product line, there s reason to believe a new JBL Charge model should be coming soon. Consider this: New versions of the Charge emerge every two or three years, and the Charge 5 came out in 2021. While there s no official word from JBL just yet, all signs point to a new Charge 6 in 2023 or 2024. If you re still considering a JBL Charge after all these downsides mentioned above, then at least think about waiting to purchase until the new model drops soon.

    Red JBL Charge with red background.
    The JBL Charge product line is due for a new model sometime in the next year.

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    In Review: Reasons To Avoid A New JBL Charge

    As you can see, it s so important to weigh the pros and cons of the JBL Charge before making your purchase. While the product line boasts impressive sound quality, rugged design, and long battery life, it s far from a perfect product. These downsides could convince you to explore alternative options. Size, weight, cost, bass levels all are key factors deserving of your attention. Let s review the five reasons to avoid a new JBL Charge below.

    Reasons To Avoid A New JBL Charge
    The Charge 5 is bigger and bulkier than rival portable Bluetooth speakers
    At $179.95, the JBL Charge 5 is a lot more expensive than the competition
    The bass-heavy sound of the JBL Charge won t appeal to all
    There are limited audio customizations available with the JBL Charge
    Based on past release schedules, there could be a new JBL Charge model worth waiting for

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