Apple M2 Max vs. M1 Max: Specs and Full Comparison

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Apple is revolutionizing the world by delivering reliable processors with exceptional capabilities. Notably, these two processors, the Apple M2 Max vs. M1 Max, are improvements of previous chips that provide incredible results to suit various needs.

Consequently, users are now empowered to handle complex tasks owing to the impressive speeds. This article aims to help you distinguish their unique features, assisting you in selecting the most fitting choice for your needs.

More importantly, Apple is carving a niche in the computing arena by delivering incredible chips to handle individual tasks and enhance user experience. It s become a norm that we should expect a new set of features for every new release. This post will help you understand the specs of these two processors and how they will impact the future ofMac computing.

Apple M2 Max vs. M1 Max Side-by-Side Comparison

Criteria M2 Max M1 Max
CPU 12 core 10 core
GPU Up to 38 core Up to 32 core
Unified memory Up to 96GB Up to 64GB
Storage 8TB 8TB
Neural engine 16 core 16 core
Release date 2023 2022
Transistors 67 billion 57 billion
Architecture ARM ARM
Technology 5nm 5nm
Mac compatibility Future Mac models Some existing Mac models
Power efficiency More energy efficient Efficient

Apple M2 Max vs. M1 Max: What s the Difference?

People always want dependable processors, so we will compare the Apple M2 Max vs. M1 Max to help you make the right choice. Importantly, these chips share certain features. For example, they both have advanced neural engines and high core counts, which are crucial for heavy-duty tasks. However, with these notable similarities, consumers find it challenging to pick the best one that suits their needs.

Therefore, it s helpful to understand the differences between these two chips to help you choose the suitable one for the right task. We ve comprehensively made this easy for you to see how the M1 Max and M2 Max differ in certain aspects:

  • Clock Speed
  • CPU and GPU Cores
  • Memory Configuration
  • Neural Engine
  • Power Consumption
  • Price

Clock Speed

Speed significantly determines how fast the CPU retrieves and interprets instructions. For instance, higher speed implies that your devices will process more tasks, increasing efficiency.

The Apple M2 Max boasts a decent speed of 3.6 GHz, taking its performance to another level. What boosts this speed is the presence of higher core counts and advanced architecture.

Even so, these settings help this processor execute multiple tasks and give accurate outputs within a fraction of a second. Such exceptional speed makes M2 handle intensive tasks and other complex simulations efficiently. If you use Apple M2 Max, you can achieve quicker file transfers and faster app launches, increasing productivity.

Conversely, M1 Max offers a clock speed of 3.1 GHz. Although this speed is slightly lower than M2 Max, it still delivers exceptional video editing and gaming results.

CPU and GPU Cores

Both processors have different CPU and GPU settings. TheM1 Maxfeatures a 10-core CPU consisting of two efficiency cores and eight high-performing cores. In contrast, the Apple M2 has 12 CPU cores which means it can calculate one thread in parallel, making it perform better than the M1 Max.

The advantage of having a higher CPU core count is that every core can tackle unique data threads simultaneously. M2 Max offers higher clock speeds, making it suitable for highly demanding tasks.

Moreover, the AppleM2 Maxalso enjoys a 38-core GPU, whereas the M1 Max features a 32-core GPU. Consequently, Apple M2 Max performs better than M1. A high GPU core count is necessary for intensive tasks like gaming.

Similarly, the Apple M2 Max takes the visual experience to the next level with enhanced graphics, surpassing its predecessor, the M1. With advancements in rendering and gaming prowess, you will be drawn into a world of vibrant, lifelike detail.

Memory Configuration

Memory is a crucial element that determines the performance of your computer. For example, if your computer has more RAM, it will have more operational data for your systems. A larger memory is suitable for intensive applications like3D modelingor gaming.

The Apple M2 Max supports decent unified memory of up to192GB. Furthermore, it has 800GB of memory bandwidth. These memory capacities eliminate the need for data swapping while promoting smoother performance. You may require this memory for high-resolutionvideo editingand other highly intensive workloads.

Conversely, the M1 Max features64GBof memory, making it a reliable choice for many users. Its capacity for multitasking and smoothly running resource-intensive applications is impressive.

Neural Engine

These two processors have different neutral engine capabilities. These engines are vital in speeding up AI andmachine learning tasks, enabling advanced functions like image processing and facial recognition.

The M1 boasts a 16-core neural engine, enhancing AI-related tasks tremendously. As a result, users enjoy swift and precise outcomes in machine-learning tasks.

On the other hand, the Apple M2 Max, with its robust16-core neural engine, excels at speedy processing. It can perform 15.8 trillion operations per second, outdoing the M1 Max, and significantly improves tasks like voice recognition and video analysis.

Power Consumption

Energy efficiency is essential to any device as it directly affects battery life. The Apple M2 Max and M1 Max have varying power capabilities. The M2 Max has a low power consumption rated at 20 watts, thanks to the second-generation energy efficiency mechanism.

Conversely, the M1 Max consumes more power at 40 watts. However, this high power consumption does not affect your user experience negatively. If you want a processor that lasts a long time, we recommend choosing the M2 Max chip. It will provide you with the best performance for an extended period.


How do the Apple M2 Max vs. M1 Max compare costs? Typically, Apple releases products with varying price tags to suit different consumers. Several factors compel companies to arrive at their pricing.

For instance, a high-performing chip means its price point will be higher since consumers expect top-tier performance from the same product. The M2 Max comes with a premium price due to its more advanced features and capabilities than its M1 Max counterpart.

The Apple M2 Max is worth your top dollar due to its improved design, graphics, and performance. It is a high-performing chip, especially when handling highly intensive tasks like gaming, video editing, orgraphic design.

Since most of the features in M1 Max do not measure up to those in M2 Max, you will expect it to carry a slightly lower price point. However, your selection between the two choices depends on your needs and budget.

Apple M2 Max vs. M1 Max: 6 Must-Know Facts

  • M2 Max has higher core counts than M1 Max, making it process tasks faster and more efficiently.
  • The M2 Max carries a higher price tag than the M1 Max due to its improved capabilities and features.
  • The Apple M2 Max supports a more extensive memory configuration than the M1 Max, making it attractive, especially when handling highly intensive tasks.
  • The M2 Max is more energy efficient than its M1 Max counterpart, increasing battery lifespan.
  • The M2 Max has 67 billion transistors, whereas the M1 Max boasts 57 billion.
  • M2 Max has 38 GPU cores, while M1 Max has 32 GPU cores.

Apple M2 Max vs. M1 Max: Which Should You Choose?

Finding the right choice can be challenging, particularly when you can t clearly distinguish between two processors. However, by comparing the Apple M2 Max vs. M1 Max, we can provide you with more reasons to help you find a suitable processor that meets your needs effectively.

If you frequently handle highly demanding tasks like gaming or 3-D rendering that require greater processing power, M2 Max would be the best choice. In contrast, if you are dealing with applications that do not demand cutting-edge performance, M1 Max would be the best pick.

Budget is a critical concern when choosing between the two Apple processors. If you are looking for a better processor with state-of-the-art features to handle your demanding tasks, M2 Max will be a suitable option. On the other hand, suppose you are operating under budgetary constraints; we recommend you opt for M1 Max.

In addition, the M2 Max is also perfect for power-hungry tasks, delivering strong performance while conserving energy and generating less heat. However, the M1 Max would be the best choice for lighter workloads.

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