Undertale Speedrun by TGH: Explore the Underground and Meet New Friends!

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Created by Toby Fox, an American indie developer,Undertaleis a 2D role-playing game in which the player has to control a child stuck in the Underground, which is a secluded region beneath the Earth s surface. The player has to get past multiple monsters and the trajectory of the game changes based on the player s decisions. That s precisely what makes the TGH Undertale speedrun so interesting.

Since the player s choices affect the characters, storyline, and dialogue in the game, it s interesting to watch TGH making just the right choices to complete the game in a little over an hour. However, making these choices won t come right off the top of your head. It requires strategy and a thorough understanding of the game. So let s take a look at how TGH managed it.

What Is Undertale?

Undertale is a popular role-playing game initially released forWindowsand Mac in September 2015. As its popularity increased, the developers also ported it to Linux the following year. In 2017, the game became available forPlayStationVita and PlayStation 4. When the fan base continued to grow, the game was released forNintendo Switchin 2018 andXbox Onein 2021.

The game is widely-acclaimed for its distinct combat system, story, characters, originality, and musical score. It has sold over a million copies and has garnered a number of awards and nominations. It won theJapan Game AwardsAward of Excellence in 2018 and the Most Fulfilling Crowdfunded Game at theSXSW Gaming Awards in 2016.

Storyline and Gameplay

The game follows a top-down perspective in which the player controls a child through the Underworld. Unlike other games where killing your opponent is the only option to complete objectives, Undertale lets players resolve conflicts peacefully by talking or using different objects.

Fox, the game s developer, saidthat when he made the game, you had to kill the game s first boss, Toriel, to progress. However, then, he thought, this sucks, and I changed it before I released the demo.

As the player passes through the Underworld, they come across several monsters. They can run away, kill the monster, or befriend them. The choices a player makes affect the game s plot. Possibly the most exciting thing about the game is its ending. The ending will depend on how the player deals with monsters. If the player finishes the game by killing no monsters or only a few monsters, they will get the Neutral ending.

Similarly, if the player does not kill any monsters before the Neutral ending, they can experience the Pacifist ending by reloading their saved game. However, if the player kills all the monsters, they get the Genocide or No Mercy ending.

Overview of TGH Undertale Speedrun

TGH has done speedruns with two endings. The True Pacifist ending speedrun is one hour, 27 minutes, and 29 seconds long. Meanwhile, the Genocide ending is one hour, five minutes, and 37 seconds long. We ll look at both of these speedruns briefly.

TGH Undertale Speedrun: Genocide Ending

As we follow TGH into this speedrun, we see him killing the first monster in the initial 60 seconds of the game. The main thing we notice very early on in the speedrun is that he doesn t spend time reading the dialogue because he knows he s not going to befriend them. Not reading long texts saves him time and helps them progress through the game faster.

In most encounters, we see that TGH chooses the Fight response rather than Act or Mercy. He lets the bar slide to the center mark or at least close to it before pressing the default Z button to attack.

Some weapons he uses throughout the speedrun include a stick, a toy knife, a glove, and a worn dagger. In the last ten minutes of the speedrun, we notice that the monsters get bigger and angrier, attacking him from all sides. He dodges them by moving the heart representing his character around the box quickly. The attacks also become much quicker and more fierce. He has amazing keyboard and mouse skills to be able to keep up with the onslaught.

TGH Undertale Speedrun: True Pacifist Ending

The TGH Undertale speedrun with the True Pacifist ending takes longer than the Genocide ending since he has to reason with the monsters and use tact rather than weapons to reach the Neutral finish. Throughout the speedrun, he does not kill monsters or gain LV/EXP. He only uses non-lethal exits, such as Mercy options. For instance, he either flees or spares in most cases. In a few cases, he also uses battle-ending items and Acts.

Just a tip for new players fighting the monsters won t abort the Pacifist route since you don t get EXP for it. Similarly, you can attack the Mad Mew Mew or even kill the Dummy in the Ruins without losing this mode. If you accidentally kill a monster, you can reload your Save file.

After TGH fights Papyrus, he goes to his house for the hangout. Also, when Undyne is pursuing his character and passes out due to it, he pours a cup of water from a water cooler nearby on her. Another tipDo not leave the room if Undyne is still passed out. She won t be there when you return. Instead, Papyrus will tell you she got a heat stroke.

To keep this guide short and sweet, we ll just say that TGH fulfills all requirements of the Pacifist ending mode. He also finds four keys from the True Lab and puts them in their designated spots. Doing so opens the generator room, where he turns the generator on.

When he does that, Alphys appears to talk to him. After this conversation, he goes to the elevator, entering the New Home. The entry to New Home confirms the True Pacifist ending since the exit from New Home is now blocked by vines, and you cannot leave it anymore.

NEW HOME Undertale inscription on the page.
New Home is the capital city of the Underground and it is the final part of the game.

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What Makes Undertale Speedrun So Challenging?

TGH Undertale speedrun is impressive for many reasons. It s not only quick, but also very strategic. Here s why.

Low Health

Low health is a problem in True Pacifist ending mode. Since you don t kill monsters in this mode, you do not level up. That means you must be careful when dealing with monsters, or you can end up dead pretty quickly. Also, there s little to no room for error. One wrong move, and you ll have less than 20 XP or you will die.

An excellent way to tackle this is to stock up on other healing means, such as food. This will help you heal during fights so you won t die so easily. You can also use the environment to your advantage by running away from the monsters and hiding behind walls.

Small Fighting Area

If you ve previously played games likeMinecraftand Bloodborne, where you had a whole ground to fight, you ll find Undertale challenging to navigate. You only get a tiny box to fight the monsters and the box is not even in full screen. Also, the game is in all black and white, which makes it difficult to see small flying things the monsters direct at you.

Likable Characters

Papyrus, a skeleton, is one of the most likable characters in Undertale. He loves to chat with people and provides plenty of helpful information about puzzles and fights. In fact, he s so friendly that he became a big part of the Undertale meme and fan culture.

The same is true for many other characters too. Many people end their Genocide runs because they cannot bring themselves to kill all the monsters. It s not just a test of your patience and tact. Undertale tests your morality like no other game.


Playing Undertale requires a LOT of patience. If you re someone who gets frustrated quickly or has trouble concentrating for long periods, this game may not be for you. It seems simple at first, but the game has plenty of puzzles and fights for which you will need to plan and strategize. It requires a lot of trial and error to progress in the game, which also takes a great deal of patience.

Wrap Up

The TGH Undertale speedrun is fun to watch. He appears nonchalant regardless of what is happening in the game. He makes jokes while playing and honestly doesn t seem fazed by anything that comes his way. Watching this speedrun, it s easy to understand why the game became so popular.

If you want to try your hand at Undertale, we d recommend going in without planning the ending beforehand. First, learn how to use different items or use the Mercy command. You can try different endings once you become familiar with the characters and the storyline.

Check Out the TGH Undertale Speedrun Here!

Genocide Ending

True Pacifist Ending

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