Super Mario Maker 2 Speedrun by DGR: Create and Beat Your Own Levels!


Super Mario has been a household name since its release in 1985 and it is now among the most popular video game franchises. Now, it is an internet sensation, withYouTubersand Twitch streamers playing it in front of thousands of their fans. One of these YouTubers is DGR. Super Mario Maker 2 Speedrun by DGR has hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, where the creator finishes the game in just a little above an hour.

What makes thisspeedruns-explained/’ >speedrunso interesting is that DGR does the 100 Levels Challenges. In this challenge, the player has to complete 100 levels of Super Mario Maker 2 in Easy mode.

The gamer previously did aspeedrun of Super Mario Bros 3, which spanned 4 hours and 14 minutes. He has also done speedruns of Super Mario Maker 2 with different difficulty levels, such asno coinsandno powerups. However, this Super Mario Maker 2 speedrun by DGR has garnered the most hype. Let s go over this speedrun in more detail.

What Is Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Maker 2 is a side-scrolling game released byNintendoin 2019. What differentiates this game from its previous versions is that players can create custom courses with assets from theSuper Mario franchise s games.

Besides new course assets and features, Super Mario Maker 2 also has a single-player story mode. It also has a vertical course feature that creators can use to raise their game s vertical height limit. Plus, it has online and local multiplayer modes where two players can collaborate to create stages.

The World Maker mode allows players to create overworld maps for their version of the Super Mario game. It s called the Super World, and players can save up to six of them. Each world can have five levels, featuring castles, warp pipes, and Toad houses.

100 Mario Challenge

The 100 Mario Challenge is a Super Mario Maker 2 game mode in which players pass an assortment of 100 levels from around the world. Your coin total carries on to the next level when you play this challenge. You can also earn up to three 1-Ups in each stage. However, they only take effect once you beat the level. If you lose, you have to replay the level until you beat it to proceed. If you re unable to beat a course, you can choose to skip the stage. It will swap the level with another one from some other user.

The 100 Mario Challenge has two difficulty levels Normal and Easy. When playing Easy, you ll have 100 lives for eight levels. In the Normal mode, you get 100 lives for 16 courses. The Super Mario Maker 2 speedrun by DGR is in Easy mode. Let s look at it in detail.

Overview of the Super Mario Maker 2 Speedrun by DGR

The speedrun starts with the first level, called A Desert, in which Mario has to overcome obstacles in a desert-themed course. DGR finishes that level in just 38 seconds. The next level, Stop Laughing, has very whimsical gameplay with mushrooms and plants. DGR finishes this course by the 1:35 mark in the speedrun.

As he goes through the levels, we see he tries his best to avoid any obstacles or enemies that might slow him down. We also see levels made by creators in different countries. For example, the fourth level is by a German creator and has a simple design with Angry Bird-like obstacles.

By the 30-minute mark, DGR is in a level called Course Copitision, followed by another level created by a Japanese user. In the 45th minute, he is on the 53rd level and has fifty lives. But he skips that stage and gets another called b.!!?? from an American creator called stfx. The level has a requirement that the player needs to reach their goal without taking damage.

At the one-hour mark, DGR reaches a level called Lemmy s Bouncy Planet, where he has to reach his goal after defeating all Lemmys. At this point, he had used up 59 of his lives. However, he skipped his level too and got another one called Automatic Course 3, which requires him to grab all his coins to reach his goals.

DGR finished 96 levels by the 1:19:43 mark in his speedrun. The last level is also from a Japanese creator. DGR enters this level, having used up 92 of his lives. He finishes the final level in just 20 seconds, ending the speedrun.

What Makes Super Mario Maker 2 Speedrun by DGR So Challenging?

If you watch the whole Super Mario Maker 2 speedrun by DGR, you realize that while he might make it seem easy, doing all these levels isn t exactly a breeze. Here s why.

Unexpected Obstacles

Since the levels are made by other players and Super Mario Maker 2 users, they choose which obstacles and features they want to keep. So you cannot guess or even prepare for what you ll face.

Sure enough, you can skip a level if it seems too hard to beat. However, that won t mean you ll automatically proceed to the next stage. You ll still have to complete a level, even if it s a different one. Who knows? The next one might be even more brutal.

Difficult Levels

While some levels may be a piece of cake, others can be challenging. For example, the 1-1 but with a Twist is a Super Mario Maker 2 level with a spin on theSuper Mario Brosfirst level.

Some call it the most challenging Super Mario Maker 2 level because of how merciless it is. Even when Mario finishes the level, he looks helpless as he jumps through the fire.

Super Mario Bros speedrun
The 1-1 but with a Twist level was based on the original Super Mario Bros. level 1-1.

Escort Missions

One of the topmost things that have infuriated Super Mario players throughout the years has been escorted missions. In this mission, the player does not only have to keep themselves alive. They also have to ensure a non-player character, orNPC, is safe.

The gameplay becomes very difficult and irritating when the NPC falls into random traps and lags, holding the player back. One such level in Super Mario Maker 2 isA Boy and His Box. In this level, Mario has to protect himself while keeping a box safe. The player must move the box through the level by tossing it into clear pipes and hurrying to catch it as it falls from the other end. Sometimes, there s no other way but to take some damage. So, the player has to be careful enough to take calculated risks.

Time-Consuming Levels

Another thing that makes the Super Mario Maker 2 Speedrun by DGR so smart is that DGR chose not to do time-consuming levels. If you re new to the game, you might not know how to identify these suckers.

For example, thePit of PePanga: Panger Thingsis challenging because everything is upside down. The level features 16-bit pixel art commemorating the original Super Mario game. It also has the music from the Super Mario main theme.

While it s pretty and nostalgic, the level is nothing short of a nightmare. The creator himself took half an hour to beat the level before he posted it for others to play. So, if you try to attempt the speedrun, you must be careful to skip these levels. Otherwise, you might end up wasting too much time on them.

Limited Lives

Even though the Easy mode gives you enough lives to complete levels, it can still be challenging, especially if you re new to the game. On top of that, you don t know what to expect since all levels are unique.

What if you come across a level likeHow the Grinch Stole Christmas, in which you not only have to dodge obstacles but you must also avoid the ground? No wonder the level had a 0.02% clear rate.

If you get stuck on such levels, you ll lose many of your lives. As a result, you might not be able to make it to 100 levels. Also, doing 100 levels also requires a ton of patience. You should be willing to invest time, energy, and effort into playing the game.

Wrap Up

The Super Mario Maker 2 speedrun by DGR is nothing short of amazing. When DGR originally published the video, he had made the world record for the fastest speedrun. Since then, many other players have broken his record. However, he still ranks in 11th place for Super Mario Maker 2 speedrun.

He has also finished the game with restrictions like the Damageless mode, which he completed in 11 hours. You can learn a lot from hisspeedruns, such as which levels to skip and how to navigate through levels quickly.

Take your time and master the game. With practice, you might be able to break the record set by Super Mario Maker 2 speedrun by DGR.

Watch the Super Mario Maker 2 Speedrun by DGR Here!

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