How To Leave A Review On Etsy In 4 Steps, With Photos

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Oftentimes, a reminder to leave a review is the first thing you get in yourinboxafter your onlinepurchasearrives on your doorstep. While many of us simply delete these reminders, they re nevertheless an important part of the buying process. This is especially true onEtsy, an e-commerce platform that prides itself on handmade items, vintage goods, and craft materials from independentsellers. Why do Etsy reviews matter so much? And how do you leave a review on Etsy in the first place? Let s break it all down in a helpful guide below.

Why Leave A Review On Etsy?

As a site that revolves around handmade goods, vintage items, and crafting supplies, Etsy depends on user reviews to remain a hub for personalized shopping experiences. Without real feedback from actual Etsy users, the e-commerce platform just wouldn t feel as personal. That s not the only reason to leave a review on Etsy, either. There are three excellent reasons why your feedback matters to Etsy s overall mission.

Handmade goods with a "For Sale" tag attached.
Etsy is the place to find millions of vintage, handmade, or independent products and services.

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Honest Feedback

When you leave a review on Etsy, you re sharing your buying experience with the seller and potential customers alike. Through your honest review, you effectively inform the seller about your satisfaction with the product or service. Beyond this, you also help your fellow buyers make a more informed decision. This is true of both positive and negative reviews. Leaving a dissatisfied review is just as helpful. It lets the seller know about any issues to improve upon and warns buyers to be cautious about purchasing. After all, honesty is the best policy.

Building Community

The Etsy community is an important one, and reviews play a key part in building it. Etsy is a platform built on trust between buyers and sellers. It s the biggest thing that sets it apart from shopping on Amazon, Walmart, Target, or the like. When you leave a review on Etsy, you help build stronger trust between buyers and sellers on the site. Your review provides valuable input to other buyers and sellers alike. Simply taking the time to share your honest opinion shows others that you care about the Etsy community and want to help others make informed choices too.

Encouraging Growth

Lastly, Etsy reviews play a crucial role in helping sellers improve their products and services. When you provide user feedback, you offer valuable insights to the seller that help them perfect their offerings and address any areas of improvement. Constructive criticism helps sellers refine their craftsmanship, enhance their customer service, and even expand their product range to fill any gaps in service. In other words: Your honesty contributes to the growth and development of the seller s business, allowing them to better serve their customers and enhance their Etsy shop overall.

How To Leave A Review On Etsy

Now that you know how important reviews are to Etsy buyers and sellers, let s talk about how to leave a review in the first place. We re using Etsy s desktop site for this walkthrough, but you can opt to use the app or mobile site if you prefer. Just know that the process might look slightly different there than it does here.

Step One: Sign Into Etsy

Etsy sign-in window.
Sign into your Etsy account to begin the review process.

First, sign into the Etsy account used to make the purchase. If you have access to multiple Etsy accounts, you need to sign in to the one linked to the sale in order to leave a review.

Step Two: Click Your Profile

Etsy menu options under user profile.
Navigate to the Purchases and Reviews page and find the product you wish to review.

After signing in, click on your profile icon in the top right corner. You ll see the profile icon to the left of the shopping cart icon. Once you click, you ll see a dropdown menu with a list of options. Click Purchases and Reviews.

Step Three: Select Purchases

List of recent purchases on Etsy site.
Click the relevant star rating on your Purchases page to leave a review.

Looking at a list of your recent Etsy purchases, scroll down until you see the product you wish to review. Below the product name, you ll see an option to Review This Item with five stars beside the text. Click your desired star rating.

If the purchase isn t very recent, you might not have the option to leave a review anymore. In this case, you ll have to wait until your next purchase to leave a review on Etsy.

Step Four: Leave A Review

Window for reviews on Etsy site.
Add text or photos to your review before submitting.

Lastly, follow along with the prompts on the pop-up menu presented. You ll move through a few different stages of your review, starting with your star rating and moving on to your written review and any attachments you wish to add for reference.

Once you ve hit the final page of the pop-up window, click Submit. Your review will now join the ranks with all the others for the product or shop.

To review:

  1. Sign in to the Etsy account you used to make your purchase.
  2. Click Purchases and Reviews under your user profile.
  3. Find the product you want to review, then click the appropriate star rating.
  4. Confirm your star rating, write your review, and attach any photos. Then, click Submit.

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