How To Bold In Discord in 3 Easy Steps

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When you re typing a message to your friend or on aDiscordserver, sometimes you want to add a little extra emphasis. You may want to highlight a heading in a particularly long post, draw attention to important information or simply make your text more readable by breaking up long blocks of text. Emphasizing certain words can even help make your messages more humorous. Although Discord has many features, text formatting is relatively discreet compared to others. But luckily, Discord provides an easy way to do this, that s supported by most devices and browsers. Read on to find out the easy steps for how to bold in Discord.

How to Bold in Discord

Luckily, the steps to bold your text in Discord are fairly easy, and listed below.

Step 1: Open Discord and Log In

First, you need to open Discord either in your browser or in the mobile app. For illustrative purposes, we re using the Discord app.

Discord log in page
Discord Log In Page.

Step 2: Compose Your Message

Secondly, find the server and channel you want to write a message in, or the person you wish to send a direct message to, and write your chosen message. If you re not part of the server you wish to write a message in, then you ll need tojoin the serverormake one. For example, we ve gone with a simple bold message here.

Choosing Discord server to write message
Choose a channel to write your message.

Step 3: Bold Your Message Using Asterisks

To finish, simply enclose your message in double asterisks and hit send. This will put your message in bold, as you can see in the image.

writing bold message in Discord
Formatting a bold message.

sending bold message in Discord
Sending a bold message.

Step 4: How to Combine Text Formats

Additionally, if you want to bold and underline, or bold and italicize your message, you can do so. All you have to do is add double underscores to your asterisks for bold and underline or add a third asterisk to bold and italicise. You can see this being done in the image.

writing bold and italic message in Discord
Bolding and italicizing a message.

writing bold and underlined message in Discord
Bolding and underlining a message.

sending bold italicized and underlined messages in Discord
Sending bold, italicized and underlined messages.

What is Markdown?

In simple terms, Markdown is a type ofmarkup language. This is a language that provides instructions for how plain text should be processed, formatted and displayed. Markup languages can be used in all kinds of applications, from representing data, formatting communication and web development. Markdown in particular is a lightweight language, meaning it s relatively simple to learn and use, and allows you to format text quickly without needing complicated codes. Markdown is usually used for documents, blog posts and chat platforms. Other kinds of markup languages include HTML,XML and JSON.

How to Bold in Discord: Wrapping Up

To conclude, bolding a message in Discord may seem fairly unintuitive at first, but once you know how, is easy to accomplish. By enclosing your text in double asterisks, you can quickly highlight important text and make your message more readable. Discord uses the Markdown language for its basic formatting functions, which can also be used to italicize and underline as well as bold text, or some combination of the three.

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