How To Mirror iPhone To TV Without Apple TV In 4 Steps, With Photos

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Have you always wanted to mirror youriPhoneto your TV, but don t haveApple TV? No need to worry! There s a way to connect your iPhone to your TV without relying on an Apple TV device. By following along with our straightforward series of steps, you ll be able to enjoy all your favorite iPhone content on a much larger screen in no time. Here s how tomirroran iPhone to a TV without an Apple TV.

Why Mirror iPhone To TV?

Why would someone need to mirror their iPhone to their TV in the first place? After all, what good would that do? As it turns out, there are three great reasons to cast your phone on your television. Best of all, depending on your television, you might not even need an Apple TV device to mirror. Let s elaborate on each of these three reasons below.

iPhone Mirroring Without Apple TV

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Bigger Screen

Even the biggest iPhone screens pale in comparison to the smallest TV screens. By mirroring yoursmartphoneto the TV, you re able to view all your favorite content on a far bigger screen. No matter if you re looking through your Camera Roll, playing a mobile game, or scrolling social media, mirroring the TV provides a more immersive and enjoyable on-screen experience. No more straining your eyes to see the little details on your smartphone screen.

Easy Sharing

When you mirror your iPhone to the TV, it s so much easier to share photos, videos, and presentations with others in the room. Instead of passing your iPhone around to the group or asking everyone to huddle around and squint at a tiny screen, you can simply broadcast your content on the TV screen. This ability is particularly useful during family gatherings, parties with friends, and business meetings.

Video Streaming

Mirroring your iPhone to the TV also comes in handy for streaming purposes. Most new televisions have smart interfaces built in, but not all of them offer app stores or streaming shortcuts. When this is the case, mirroring your iPhone to the TV allows you to stream videos from your favorite services right to the television. Who needs an Apple TV device when you can stream videos right from your iPhone to the TV instead?

How To Mirror iPhone To TV Without Apple TV

Now that you know the point of mirroring an iPhone to a TV without an Apple TV device, let s walk through the necessary steps to do so. To be clear, this life hack will typically only work with a smart television connected to the same home Wi-Fi network as your iPhone. If you re following along with our guide and find yourself unable to continue, it might be due to your television s lack of smart functionality.

Step One: Turn On The TV

Hisense Roku TV home page.
Most smart televisions support Screen Mirroring without the need for an Apple TV.

First, power on your TV. Check and make sure the TV s connected to the Internet via your television s settings. Double-check that your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi network, as well. Keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, too.

Step Two: Open Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring option on Control Center.
Screen Mirroring is located in the iPhone Control Center.

Then, swipe down on the right side of your unlocked iPhone screen to open up Control Center. Tap the Screen Mirroring button on the left side of the screen. Unless you ve re-arranged your Control Center widgets, this button is directly to the right of the Orientation Lock button.

Step Three: Select TV

Screen Mirroring option on iPhone Control Center.
Screen Mirroring to your smart TV is as easy as tapping the TV from the list of devices.

Next, look for your television from the list of Screen Mirroring options on your iPhone screen. As a rule, the listing likely starts with your TV manufacturer s name. (This could be Vizio, Sony, Hisense, etc.) Upon locating your TV, tap the option to begin mirroring your iPhone.

Step Four: Follow On-Screen Prompts

History-Computer site mirrored to TV screen from iPhone.
Turn your iPhone sideways to landscape mode to fill the TV screen while Screen Mirroring.

Lastly, you should see some prompts presented on your TV. The TV might ask you to enter a code to finalize the mirroring process. Follow along with the on-screen instructions, then wait for the mirroring to begin. Shortly, you should see your iPhone screen mirrored to the television.

To review:

  1. Turn on the TV and unlock your iPhone. Check and make sure both the TV and the iPhone are connected to the same Internet network and within range of each other.
  2. Open up Control Center on your iPhone and tap the Screen Mirroring button.
  3. Locate your TV from the list of Screen Mirroring options, then tap.
  4. Follow the television s on-screen prompts to mirror the iPhone to the TV.

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