How To Make A Discord Server In 4 Steps, With Photos

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Are you looking to bring people together in a virtual space where they can chat, share ideas, and collaborate? Discordserversmight be just what you need. Think of them like virtual hangout spots where you can create your own community orjoinexisting ones. These servers provide a platform for people with common interests whether it s gaming, hobbies, education, or simply connecting with friends. But how do you make a Discord server, you ask? Let s explore what Discord servers are and explain how you can create one yourself.

What Is A Discord Server?

Discord is an increasingly popular web and mobilecommunication platform. Users can create communities and connect with each other through text, voice, videos, and images. Discord revolves around virtual spaces it calls servers. Gamers, students, professionals, hobbyists, and other niche groups gather to socialize, collaborate, and share their common interests within these servers. At heart, these servers are not unlike subreddits or group chats. Anyone can create, grow, moderate, customize, or join aDiscordserver. (Just as long as they know how.)

The history of Discord dates back to 2015. Created by Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, the two wanted to create a communication tool for their fellow gamers that could transcend the limitations of Reddit, iMessage, and other group platforms. Their aim? To establish a new seamless platform for text and audio chat for online multiplayer gaming sessions. Suffice it to say, Citron and Vishnevskiy nailed their target. Discord quickly gained traction and soon grew beyond the gaming community. New users still flock to Discord for its friendly interface, strong stability, and robust functionality.

Discord servers are truly the driving force behind this massive success. With features such as direct messaging, the ability to create and join multiple servers, customizable roles and permissions, and integration with other gaming platforms, Discord and its servers have continued to thrive. Discord has rich media support, allowing users to share large images, long videos, and even links all right within the platform. This allows like-minded users to converge on Discord servers for a wide range of interests including art, music, programming, and more.

How To Make A Discord Server

As we ve learned, creating a Discord server is an exciting way to bring people together in a virtual space. Whether you want to connect with friends, build a community, or organize a group, this guide will show you how to create your Discord server. To be clear: this guide applies to both desktop and mobile versions of Discord, but the images correspond with the desktop site. Now, follow along with the steps and photos below.

Step One: Log Into Discord

Login page on Discord desktop site.
Log into Discord to make a server.

First, log into Discord using your email, phone number, or QR code scanner. After entering your password, click Log In. Alternatively, you can also sign up for an account using the Register button below the Log In button.

Step Two: Click Add A Server

"Add a Server" button on Discord desktop site.
Click the Add a Server button.

Next, click the Add a Server button on the left-hand side of the Discord home page. If you ve previously joined a Discord server, you ll see the Add a Server button below a list of your other Discord servers.

Step Three: Customize Your Server

"Create a Server" popup menu on Discord desktop site.
Create and customize your Discord server.

Third, create your Discord server. You can use one of Discord s pre-made templates or create your own. No matter your choice, you ll get to customize everything on the next page.

Step Four: Click Create

"Customize Your Server" popup menu on Discord desktop site.
Give your Discord server a name and click Create.

Last, customize your new Discord server. Upload an icon for your server and give it a name. Then, click the Create button. Now you can finally begin sending out invites and growing your Discord server!

To review:

  1. Log into Discord on the mobile or desktop platform
  2. Click the Add a Server button to make a Discord server
  3. Customize your server according to a template or make your own
  4. Finalize your server by setting a name and icon and clicking Create

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