The Best Apple Watch Faces on Earth Today

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Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall Apple Watch face on Earth today is the California watch face.
  • The California stands out for its sleek display, compatibility with casual and semi-formal settings, and ease of customization.
  • Apple Watches have become an everyday companion for fitness, infographics, activity monitoring, and more.
  • The main considerations when choosing a watch face include your style and preferences, the display information, and how good a watch face looks on you.

According to Apple Insider, 30% of iPhone owners actively use Apple Watches. You can have the wearable on everywhere, whether at work or at the gym. The original factory display looks stunning, but you can elevate your Apple Watch even further by accentuating the display with a new face. Thankfully, the Apple Watch face is customizable, so you can tailor the display to suit your style. Therefore, we highlight the best Apple Watch faces on earth today to enable you to choose what suits you best.

Initially, its customization options were limited, but not anymore. Apple provides various customizable watch faces, but you can also opt for third-party faces. After reviewing dozens of options, we recommend these as today s best Apple Watch faces worldwide:

  • Best Overall Apple Watch Face: California
  • Best Minimalist Apple Watch Face: Simple
  • Best Apple Watch Face for Fitness Enthusiasts: Activity
  • Best Apple Watch Face for Mindfulness: Breathe
  • Best Apple Watch Face for Multitaskers: Infograph

History Computer s Top Picks for Best Apple Watch Faces on Earth Today

Best Overall Apple Watch Face on Earth Today: California

Best Apple Watch faces
The California has half Roman and half Arabic numerals.

The California takes the top spot on our list of the best Apple Watch faces on earth today. Its functionality and customizable details make it an excellent pick for anyone who wants unique flair and prefers an analog style. The California is native to Apple s Watch Face Gallery. It features classic styling while allowing you to leverage the most advanced Apple wearable tech.

With this watch face, you can choose a rectangular or round dial. The primary colors are impressive, but you can still select custom options if you aren t sold on the primary colors. Moreover, you can use gradients to display transitions between colors. The California lets you savor all the finer details and the clarity you ll want on an Apple Watch face.

The watch face has been quite a hit since it debuted on watchOS 6, and can also be found on Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch SE, and after. With a broad selection of color options ranging from a calming abyss blue to simple ceramic, it s easy to find a combination you like.

Furthermore, the watch face s customizable numbers include Arabic-Indic, Arabic, Devanagari, and Roman. A downside of the watch face is that it appears busy at times, especially when you switch to the circular display.

Pros Cons
The California watch face offers fully customizable symbols, providing a personalized user experience. The display can appear busy, particularly when the circular display is in use.
It incorporates convenient complications, enhancing the overall functionality of the watch face.
The watch face has convenient complications.
It has wide array of striking color options, allowing users to select according to their preferences.
Its design is sophisticated yet adaptable, catering to a broad range of aesthetic tastes.
The watch face showcases dial markers in various scripts: Arabic, Roman, Devanagari, and Arabic-Indic.

Best Minimalist Apple Watch Face: Simple

Best Apple Watch faces
The Apple Watch Simple face has a clean look that can be customized with bright, vibrant colors.

If you prefer an Apple Watch face with a minimalist design, look no further than the Simple. Its key selling point is the clean and simple display, making it a top pick for those who prefer an uncluttered look.

At first glance, you ll notice the digital dial that gives the watch face a classic look. Thanks to the clean and minimalist styling, you can quickly glance at the time display and other notifications, then return to your tasks with minimal disruptions. The watch face provides access to customizable features via shortcut icons in the four corners.

The Simple s minimalist styling shouldn t fool you into thinking it has limited color options far from it. On the contrary, the watch face comes with various color options that can be customized to suit your style and preferences. As such, the Simple is an excellent accessory for any personal style or outfit. These attributes make it one of our top picks for the best Apple Watch faces.

Pros Cons
The Apple Simple watch face boasts an aesthetic characterized by simplicity and minimalism. It does not offer a broad range of advanced technological features.
It features a classic watch display that adds an element of timelessness to its design.
Its display includes bright, eye-catching colors accompanied by a gradient effect.
Users can customize the face to suit various personal styles.

Best Apple Watch Face for Fitness Enthusiasts: Activity Digital

Best Apple Watch faces
The Activity Digital face, shown on the right, allows fitness enthusiasts to easily monitor workouts.

Every discerning Apple Watch user knows thatfitnesswas one of the motivating factors behind the design of this all-important accessory. Activity Digital is the best watch face for fitness enthusiasts because it offers casual joggers, walkers, and fitness buffs the tools and constant motivation needed to optimize their workouts.

Designed to make exercises more fun, the Activity Digital face allows you to customize your goals during your workouts. So, whether you re having an immersive yoga session or want to take a long run, it will allow you to track all your activities. Although fitness tracking may not be as refined as what you ll get with newer watch faces, you still get access to workout, heart rate, and timer apps while on the go.

The Activity Digital face has a bright and bold text and number display that allows you to monitor your progress. In addition, its sub-dials are excellent for those looking to track their progress in particular areas and customize their workouts further. So, if you re looking for an Apple Watch display that helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle, the Activity Digital option is a no-brainer.

Pros Cons
The Activity Digital watch face stimulates and equips fitness enthusiasts to maximize their workout efficiency. Fitness tracking may not be as refined or detailed as what newer activity-based watch faces offer.
It boasts an easy-to-customize display, offering more than 24 colors and gradient choices for personalized experiences.
Its unparalleled feature of tracking exercises is achievable through access to several apps like heart rate, timer, and workout.
It supports the feature of music playback during workouts, enhancing the overall exercise experience.

Best Apple Watch Face for Mindfulness: Breathe

Best Apple Watch faces
The Breathe watch face was designed to help users practice mindfulness.

The Apple Watch often gets described as a productivity-obsessed gadget. Nonetheless, you can add a calming touch to yours by choosing a watch face suited for mindfulness and meditation. The Breathe option is not only relaxing but also neutralizing. Featuring up to three complications and four display options, it s meant for those who want to breathe their cares away every time they glance at their Apple Watch.

The Breathe display option is compatible with all Apple Watch versions. With it, all you need to do to be transported into a timed meditation session is tap on the screen. So, whether you want to prepare for a high-octane meeting, decompress after a hectic day, or be present while hanging out with a loved one, the Breathe watch face will do the job. A downside of this watch face is that it does not offer customization with additional colors.

Pros Cons
The watch actively displays endless soothing animations. It lacks the option for customizing with additional colors.
It exhibits a bright and appealing visual display.
This watch face allows access to phone applications like Stocks and News.
It flaunts a minimalist design that promotes a sense of calm and relaxation.

Best Apple Watch Face for Multitaskers: Infograph

Best Apple Watch faces
The Infograph allows users the customize the face with complications for multiple tasks.

For multitaskers seeking a lifestyle-appropriate Apple Watch Face, the Infograph perfectly meets your needs. Multitaskers can easily customize the watch face based on each task they are performing while integrating other aspects of their personal and work lives into one display.

The Infograph watch face is excellent for medical workers like nurses who multitask. It allows users to track time via alarm, clock, timer, or stopwatch. Nurses can not only time patient responses to ensure they have accurate information, but they can also juggle tasks on the go. Moreover, the watch allows users to take aspects of traditional checklists, software, and equipment and combine them in one place.

It s compatible with Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, and newer watches. On the flip side, it s easy to get overwhelmed by the display, especially if you re not well-versed in tech and apps.

Pros Cons
The Infograph Apple Watch face allows the integration of up to eight complications. The display might overwhelm individuals who are not proficient in navigating apps and technology.
It boasts a stylish circular dial with a traditional sports-watch face.
It s highly adaptable, offering the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

How to Pick the Best Apple Watch Faces: Step by Step

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best Apple Watch Face:

  • The watch s primary use
  • Your Apple Watch s version
  • The display s cost

The Watch s Primary Use

We all buy Apple Watches for a reason, which should guide the display you choose. For instance, California is excellent for formal and informal occasions, whereas Activity Digital is ideal for fitness enthusiasts.

Likewise, if you want to take note of the time while enjoying a few other features, the Simple watch face will suit you best. Generally, when choosing an Apple Watch face, consider its general use and your style. It will help you find a watch face that s right for you.

Your Apple Watch Version

Apple s wearable tech may seem recent to a layperson, but we ve had it for nearly a decade. Most faces are compatible with older Apple Watches, but some displays, like Contour Apple Watch, only work with Series 7 watches. For this reason, it s best to ensure you choose a watch face compatible with your device. Older faces may have compatibility with newer watches and vice versa.

3. Cost

When you check out theApple Watch app, you ll notice dozens of free faces incorporate software updates to suit the functionality needs of a casual user. However, that cannot be said of users who need specialized features such as heart rate tracking.

Such features come at a price, so you may need to pay a subscription fee viaApple Payto access Apple Watch faces with premium features. Apple has also allowed third parties to create Apple Watch faces. You can find these on the App Store,but most require a one-time payment or a subscription fee.

What to Know Before Choosing an Apple Watch Face

When looking to select a new Apple Watch face, there are several things to know. For starters, the watch comes in differentscreen sizes,and the face you choose should match your watch s size so it doesn t look out of place. The faces also come with a different number of complications that allow you to customize the display. Furthermore, the basic watch faces from Apple are free, but you can access more designs and more custom features by upgrading to a third-party app subscription like Watch Faces Albums.

Using the Best Apple Watch Faces on Earth Today: What It s Like

Apple Watch facesare a must-have for iPhone owners who want their wearable to look its best. your watch face can say a lot about you and your lifestyle. The most exciting part about using the best Apple Watch faces on earth today is that their displays are easily customized to fit your personal style. With the launch ofwatchOS 9,Apple Watches have additional features, so your preferred watch face can display even more new features than it already does.

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