Volvo EX90 vs Escalade IQ EV: Which One Wins?

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The era of electrification is revolutionizing the automotive industry, with electricSUVsleading the charge toward a sustainable future. As the competition from EV manufacturers heats up, two heavyweight contenders are set to enter the ring: theVolvo EX90and the Cadillac Escalade IQ EV.

These cutting-edge vehicles are poised to redefine luxury and performance in the world ofelectric SUVs.Cadillacproudly presents the Escalade IQ EV as the first electric iteration of its iconic Escalade, combining luxury and eco-consciousness.

Meanwhile, the EX90, an all-electric three-row crossover, promises to be Volvo s safest and most advanced vehicle yet. In this review, we will take a closer look at what we know so far about these two upcoming EVs and pit them against each other to see which one carries the day.

Volvo EX90 vs Escalade IQ: Side-by-Side Comparison

Aspect Volvo EX90 Escalade IQ EV
Performance Range of over 300 miles, dual electric motors, approximately 400 horsepower Range of approximately 300 miles, Ultium battery technology
Safety Latest safety technology, comprehensive system of sensors and cameras Advanced driver assistance systems, emphasis on safety
Charging Capability Fast-charging (80% in 40 minutes), compatible with CCS standard Fast-charging (80% in 40 minutes), utilizes Ultium Charge 360 network
Brand Legacy Legacy of safety and engineering excellence Legacy of luxury and opulence
Pricing Expected starting price around $80,000 Not yet known but expected to align with luxury electric SUVs in its class
Availability Expected debut in 2023 Expected release in late 2023 or early 2024

Escalade IQ vs Volvo EX90: What s the Difference?

Let s look at the differences between the two models.

Design and Aesthetics

The EX90, crafted on Volvo s state-of-the-art SPA2 platform, seamlessly blends elegance and practicality into a stunning package. Drawing inspiration from the XC90, the EX90 s exterior design receives subtle enhancements to optimize aerodynamics, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride.

Its familiar exterior design, reminiscent of the XC90, showcases a closed-off grille and a meticulously sculpted, aerodynamic body, effortlessly exuding an aura of elegance and sophistication.

On the flip side, the Escalade IQ EV maintains the commanding presence of its gasoline-powered sibling while embracing a sleeker silhouette and a closed-off grille that signifies its electric nature.

It stays true to the iconic style of its gasoline-powered counterpart, boasting a closed-off grille and a refined, aerodynamic profile that commands attention on any road.

Moving on, let s now have a look at how they are set to compare performance-wise.


Both the EX90 and the Escalade IQ EV unleash their electric prowess with an impressive range of more than 300 miles on a single charge. Powering the EX90 are twoelectric motors, working in tandem to deliver all-wheel drive and a robust combined output of approximately 400horsepower.

Meanwhile, the Escalade IQ EV harnesses the might of General Motors advanced Ultium battery technology, ensuring exhilarating performance and seamless acceleration that will leave you in awe.

Also, prepare to embark on extended journeys without worrying about range anxiety. Both SUVs have you covered with their approximately 300-mile range on a single charge.

Charging Capability

Both vehicles impress with their fast-chargingsystems, capable of replenishing up to 80% of the battery in a mere 40 minutes. This means less time waiting and more time hitting the road.

However, there are some differences to consider when it comes to charging infrastructure compatibility. The EX90 embraces the widely supportedCCS(Combined Charging System) standard, ensuring a smooth charging experience with various networks.

The Escalade, meanwhile, takes advantage of the proprietary Ultium Charge 360 network, offering seamless access to charging stations nationwide. So, while both SUVs excel in fast-charging capabilities, their compatibility with charging infrastructure sets them a little bit apart.

But whether you opt for the EX90 and its CCS standard or the Escalade IQ EV with its Ultium Charge 360 network, rest assured that efficient charging solutions await you, keeping you powered up for your adventures.

Brand Legacy

When it comes to brands and what they stand for, Volvo and Cadillac have made their marks in the automotive world in distinct ways. Volvo has long been synonymous with safety, and the EX90 continues this tradition by pushing the boundaries of occupant protection and accident prevention.

The brand s unwavering commitment to safety has earned the trust and loyalty of safety-conscious drivers who prioritize the well-being of themselves and their loved ones.

The EX90 embraces Volvo s latest safety technology, featuring a comprehensive system of sensors and cameras that positions it as the epitome of safety. With this cutting-edge technology, the EX90 aspires to be the safest car ever produced by the company.


On the other hand, Cadillac has built its reputation on luxury and opulence. As the brand continues its foray into theelectric vehicle industrywith the Escalade IQ EV, it brings its legacy of sophistication and elegance to the world of sustainable mobility.

The Escalade IQ EV offers a harmonious blend of style, performance, and innovation. It strongly appeals to those who seek both luxury and eco-consciousness.

volvo ex90 vs escalade iq
The Cadillac Escalade IQ will likely share the power and range of the GMC Hummer SUV.

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As for safety, the Escalade IQ EV shares the same commitment as its Volvo counterpart. It incorporates a suite of advanced safety features to enhance your driving experience and keep you and your passengers protected throughout your travels.

It places a strong emphasis on advanced driver assistance systems, instilling confidence and ensuring a secure driving experience. In their own unique ways, Volvo and Cadillac have carved out distinct identities.

Volvo shines as a trailblazer in safety and sustainability, while Cadillac represents the epitome of American luxury. Overall, both embody the essence of their respective brands, delivering on the expectations and aspirations of their loyal customer base.

Price and Availability

While the exact pricing information is still under wraps, we can reasonably estimate that the starting prices of these vehicles will align with their counterparts in the luxury EV market.

Volvo enthusiasts can await the debut of the EX90 in early 2024. AsVolvo sfirst all-electric three-row crossover, the EX90 is set to make a strong impact and provide a compelling choice for luxury and sustainability seekers. It s speculated to start at $80,000.

On the other hand, Cadillac has plans to release the Escalade IQ EV in the same year or late 2023, adding to the lineup of luxury electric SUV options available to consumers.

Given Cadillac s reputation for opulence and the brand s venture into electric mobility, discerning buyers anticipate the Escalade IQ EV to captivate their attention, offering a harmonious blend of sophistication andeco-friendliness.

As the market eagerly awaits the arrival of the EX90 and the Escalade IQ EV, one thing is certain: these vehicles will bring a new level of luxury and electrifying performance to the roads.

Volvo EX90 vs Escalade IQ: 5 Must-Know Facts

  1. The EX90 is poised to be Volvo s first all-electric three-row crossover, replacing the popular XC90 model.
  2. Both the EX90 and the Escalade IQ aim to provide a range of approximately 300 miles.
  3. Volvo has specifically designed the SPA2 platform for the EX90, ensuring seamless integration of electric powertrains to maximize performance and efficiency.
  4. Cadillac s Escalade IQ EV joins the lineup of Cadillac s IQ models. It includes the Celestiq sedan and the Lyriq SUV.
  5. Both the EX90 and the Escalade IQ are expected to be priced competitively within the luxury electric SUV segment.

Volvo EX90 vs Escalade IQ: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

As these remarkable vehicles enter the automotive scene in 2024, they exemplify the fusion of electrification, performance, and exquisite craftsmanship. As such, you won t go wrong with either choice when they launch.

The Volvo EX90, with its emphasis on safety, advanced driver assistance systems, and the company s legacy of engineering excellence, stands out prominently. Therefore, if you prioritize a combination of Scandinavian luxury, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to sustainability, the EX90 may be the perfect choice for you.

The Cadillac Escalade IQ EV, meanwhile, embodies the essence of American luxury, offering a refined driving experience that leaves a lasting impression. Its seamless integration of advanced technology, opulent interior, and impressive towing capabilities make it an appealing option for those seeking a blend of elegance and performance.

Both the Volvo EX90 and the Escalade IQ EV represent significant strides in the world of electric SUVs. With their impressive features, innovative technology, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, they herald a new era of electrified opulence. These remarkable models are poised to captivate the hearts of luxury electric SUV enthusiasts worldwide.

As such, you won t go wrong with any of these SUVs. So, if you re in the market for an SUV that makes a statement, this might be your chance to embrace the allure of electrified SUV luxury and grandeur by getting either the sleek Volvo EX90 or the captivating Escalade IQ EV.

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