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Having some issues with your Apple TV remote’s connectivity? Or is it impossible to get your Apple TV remote to work properly? Try to reset it. We all start there anytime we experience a problem with our technology. computers, televisions, and phones Everyone will agree that resetting is the best option. The issue is this, though: How is an Apple TV remote reset? The procedure is not exactly as obvious as it is with our computers or smartphones. Please allow us to guide you through the process of resetting an Apple TV remote.

Why Reset An Apple TV Remote?

It’s necessary to go over a couple of the reasons why you might need to reset your Apple TV remote before we get started. Even if you feel like this knowledge doesn’t apply to you, you could be shocked to learn all the different situations in which resetting your remote can be useful. There are a number valid reasons to reset an Apple TV remote, ranging from functionality problems to connectivity problems and beyond. Here are the three main justifications in more detail. We’ll then jump right back into the guide using pictures to help explain.

Functionality Issues

Resetting the remote can be incredibly helpful if you’re having problems with your Apple TV remote’s operation (such as unresponsive buttons, inconsistent behavior, or accidental activities). You see, over time, you might have changed the way some remote control buttons behaved or turned on particular settings that are causing problems with functionality. These adjustments and modifications are removed by resetting the remote, which returns it to its original functionality. This procedure aids in removing any incompatible setups that might be the root of the problems.

Connectivity Issues

The Apple TV remote’s inability to maintain a connection with the actual Apple TV is another frequent issue customers may experience. This may show up as inactivity, sluggish replies, or sporadic connectivity. By clearing the remote’s Bluetooth pairing with the Apple TV, a reset can resolve any potential conflicts or corrupted settings that might be interfering with the remote and Apple TV’s connection. The remote can then re-establish a reliable communication channel with the Apple TV after being reset.

New Apple TV Device

You must connect the remote with the new device when you set up a new Apple TV or swap out your old Apple TV for a new one. Resetting the remote allows it to enter pairing mode and erases any previous pairing data, making it ready to create a new connection with the new Apple TV device. You can avoid any potential conflicts that might result from attempting to pair the remote with numerous devices at once by reseting it. Resetting guarantees a fresh start for pairing, reducing any difficulties or mistakes that can arise during the procedure.

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How To Reset An Apple TV Remote

Let’s go over how to reset an Apple TV remote right away. There are two different types of Apple TV remotes available, as you may or may not be aware: the more traditional Apple TV remote used with the first few generations of devices and the more modern Apple TV Siri Remote used with the most recent generations of devices. Fortunately, the instructions in the following advice apply regardless of the Apple TV remote model you have. In other words, whether your Apple TV gadget is brand new out of the box or quite ancient, this procedure is still applicable. Discover what you must do by reading on.

Step One: Hold Down Buttons

Menu and Volume Down buttons highlighted on an Apple TV Siri Remote.
Holding the Menu and Volume Down buttons will reset any Apple TV remote.

Find the Volume Down and Menu buttons on your Apple TV remote first. Then, hold both of them down at once. As you proceed to the next step, keep up the pressure on both of them.

Step Two: Watch For Blinking

Blinking LED light on Apple TV 4K device.
The Apple TV 4K device will blink when your remote is finished resetting.

Second, wait for the Apple TV device’s LED light to start blinking while you continue to hold down the Menu and Volume Down buttons. After only a little period of pressing the buttons firmly, this should occur. Release the buttons and keep trying till you see the blinking.

Step Three: Release The Buttons

Apple TV Siri Remote placed next to Apple TV 4K device.
Bring your Siri Remote near the Apple TV device to pair again.

Finally, as soon as you notice the LED light begin to blink, release the Menu and Volume Down buttons. Now that it has been reset, the remote is in pairing mode. This notifies you that it has been reset and is no longer plugged into any Apple TV equipment. It will automatically couple with the Apple TV device once you get it close to it.

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