How To Connect A Wyze Camera To Wi-Fi In 5 Steps, With Photos

Why Use A Wyze Camera?

Before we get into the steps below, let s answer one other question: Why use a Wyze camera over similar offerings from Blink orRing? After all, aren t Blink and Ring the far more popular brands on the market? As it turns out, there are many great reasons to trust Wyze with your security and monitoring needs. From their convenient size to their affordable price to their high quality, these are the three most popular reasons to use a Wyze camera. Let s elaborate on each of these deciding factors below.


One of Wyze s most distinguishing factors? The small, square size of its products. Regardless of whether you re checking out its pet cameras, its baby monitors, its indoor or outdoor security cams, or even its doorbell cams, Wyze s products are almost always compact in size and square in shape. It s a nice way to immediately set the brand apart from the competition not to mention a real convenience to the consumer, who should have no problem finding space for their new Wyze product in their home.


Looking beyond its convenient physical specs, Wyze cameras are also remarkably affordable. For example, its video doorbells start at just $29.99. Its indoor cams are offered even cheaper, with some priced as low as $23.99. Uniquely enough, Wyze also offers a variety of refurbished products that come at even greater discounts. For instance, a refurbished Wyze Cam Pan v2 originally markets for $43.99, but sells on the Wyze site refurbished for $26.99. All in all, Wyze remains one of the most affordable home security camera brands on the market.


With the typically small size and low price points of its products, you might assume that Wyze cameras fall short of the quality of competitors Blink or Ring. However, this assumption would be incorrect. Even though they re smaller and cheaper than the competition, Wyze cameras don t sacrifice quality. This goes for both the quality of the materials used and the quality of the camera footage, as well. Wyze cams shoot in HD video and offer both night vision and full-color footage across their entire product line.

Affordable Home Security

WYZE Cam v3 Home Security Camera


  • Starlight Sensor sees full color in environments up to 25x darker than traditional video cameras
  • New f/1.6 aperture captures 2x more light
  • IP65 waterproof rating for outside installation
  • Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+ smartphone compatibility
  • Records when motion or sound is detected, then sends alert to your phone
  • Custom zone settings allow you to adjust camera sensitivity
  • 24/7 continuous recording supported with a 32GB MicroSD card (sold separately)
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How To Connect A Wyze Camera To Wi-Fi

Now, let s break down how to connect a Wyze camera to Wi-Fi. Thanks to the Wyze app, this process will look more or less identical regardless of what Wyze camera you ve purchased or are thinking about buying. We ll be using a Wyze Cam 1080p HD Pet Camera, but don t worry if your Wyze cam looks different. These instructions will be easy to follow no matter your specific Wyze camera product type. Additionally, we ve included photos at each step to help make the process easier. Follow along closely Here s what to do.

Step One: Plug In Camera

Wyze Cam plugged in.
Plug in the Wyze camera to begin the setup process.

Firstly, plug your camera in and ensure the yellow light on the back of the camera is blinking. This means power is supplied and the device is ready to pair with your Wi-Fi network.

Step Two: Add New Device

Add New Device button on Wyze app.
Tap the New Device button and find your product from the list.

Secondly, open the Wyze app and click the New Device button at the center of the screen. You will then be taken to a list of Wyze products and accessories to choose from. Find the heading that matches your device, then tap it. (If you don t see your device listed, you can also search for your device by name at the top of the list of products.)

Step Three: Hold Setup Button

Setup button on the underside of Wyze Cam.
Hold the Setup button underneath the camera to connect to Wi-Fi.

Thirdly, you ll be prompted to press and hold the Setup button on the underside of the camera. It s a small button, so you may need a toothpick or a pen in order to press it. Once you hear a chime, you re ready to move on to the next step. The app will ask if you heard the chime check yes, then continue.

Step Four: Select Network

Select Your Network option on Wyze app.
Select your Wi-Fi network from the list, or type the name in manually.

After confirming you heard the chime, you ll be asked to select your Wi-Fi network. You can either type it in by name or tap the down arrow to get a list of available networks. Choose your network, type the password, and then proceed to the next step by hitting Continue at the bottom of the screen.

Step Five: Scan QR Code, Then Wait

Prompt to scan QR code on Wyze app.
Scan the QR code on your smartphone screen using the Wyze camera.

Lastly, you ll be asked to point your Wyze Cam at the QR code on your smartphone screen. Scan the QR code, then wait for the camera to sound. Once the camera confirms it has scanned the QR code, you can proceed to the final step on the app: Pairing the camera to the network. (This might take a minute, depending on your network speed.)

Once the Wyze Cam and the network are paired, finish the on-screen prompts that follow. After that, you re good to go. You ll need to repeat this process any time you find yourself with a new Wi-Fi network, so keep this walkthrough handy!

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