How To Update Apps On Apple TV In 3 Steps, With Photos

The operating system that powersApple TVdubbed tvOS is said to be based 95% on AppleiOS. This has been the case since tvOS 9, released in 2015. This is underlined by Apple TV s reliance on Apple silicon. (The latest model, the third-generation Apple TV 4K, runs on A15 Bionic.) For these reasons, it only makes sense that Apple TV apps would need to be updated as any iPhone app would. However, knowing how to update apps on Apple TV is different than the process on an iPhone or iPad. Here s how it works.

Why Update Apps On Apple TV?

Before diving into our step-by-step guide that walks you through how to update apps on Apple TV, let s first discuss why it s important to know this information in the first place. While simple convenience plays a sizable role, it s not the one and only reason to update an app on the Apple TV. Say you want to unlock an app s latest features. Or, maybe you re hoping to fix some pesky performance bugs. Perhaps the app won t work unless you update to the latest version. Whatever the reason, it s definitely worth knowing how to update your Apple TV s apps.

Unlock The Latest Features

Updating an app is a surefire way to make sure you re enjoying the latest and greatest version of it. No app is perfect from the outset, and updates allow the developer to debut new and improved versions of their product or service. This goes so far beyond basic bug fixes (which we ll elaborate on next). From adding new settings and features to removing unpopular functions or features, updates are the quickest method to unlock the newest form of a developer s app. That s why it s so essential to know how to make these updates happen.

Fix Performance Bugs

There s nothing worse than a performance bug. Videos won t stream, features won t work, games won t play It s all incredibly frustrating. Some apps are just plain buggy and there s simply nothing to be done about it. Others, however, take time and effort to fix their problems so users can enjoy the best possible version of the app. This is where updates come in. They fix major performance bugs, serious app issues, and dangerous security flaws that impede upon the enjoyment of our Apple TV apps.

App Won t Work Without Updating

Lastly, some apps just plain won t work unless you update them. When an app undergoes a major overhaul or faces tremendous performance bugs, the developer might find it easier to block access to old versions of the app to encourage users to update to the new version. This isn t always the most common reason to update the apps on your Apple TV, but it is nevertheless worth discussing. It does happen from time to time, and instead of worrying about what s wrong with your Apple TV, you ll now know you just need to update.

Latest Apple TV Model

Apple TV 4K (3rd Generation)


  • 4K Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos sound and HDR10+ support
  • Equipped with the powerful A15 Bionic chip
  • Third-generation Siri Remote with improved clickpad
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet options available
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How To Update Apps On Apple TV

Now that we ve emphasized the importance of updating apps on Apple TV, let s discuss how you actually do it. For the record: app updates are only possible on the Apple TV HD and beyond. Any Apple TV released before this fourth-generation device in 2015 comes with a set of pre-installed apps. Only the Apple TV HD and the three Apple TV 4K releases thus far can update apps according to the steps listed below. We re relying on a first-generation Apple TV 4K, but the process will look the same regardless of your compatible device.

Step One: Open Settings App

<a href='' >Settings app</a> on Apple TV.” class=”wp-image-332340″ data-contributor=”Nate Williams” data-credit=”” data-item-id=”1″ data-source=”” height=”856″ sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px” src=”×856.jpeg” srcset=”×856.jpeg 1200w,×214.jpeg 300w,×548.jpeg 768w,×1096.jpeg 1536w,×1461.jpeg 2048w,×107.jpeg 150w” width=”1200″/><figcaption>The Settings app comes pre-installed on Apple TV devices.</p>
<p>First, turn on your Apple TV device if you haven t done so already. Then, navigate to the Apple TV home screen and find theSettings app. (Its icon looks almost identical to the one found on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch: Gray with an assortment of gears.) Click on it once you ve found it.</p>
<h2 id=Step Two: Select Apps
The "Apps" option in the Apple TV Settings app.
To update apps on Apple TV, go to the Apps settings within the Settings app.

Secondly, use theSiri Remoteto maneuver down to the option that reads Apps. (You should see it seven spaces down from the top. It s wedged between the Accessibility and Network options.) Click it to open up your Apple TV app settings.

Step Three: Turn On Automatic Updates

Automatically Update Apps option on the Apple TV.
Automatically update apps to save yourself time and energy.

Lastly, from inside the App settings menu, select the top option that reads Automatically Update Apps. Change the word Off to the word On by hitting the Select button. This will activate automatic app updates. Now, your Apple TV will automatically update your Apple TV apps with zero effort required on your end.

How To Manually Update Apps

If there s a reason you don t want to turn on automatic updates, there s still a way to manually update Apple TV apps. All you have to do is go into the Apple TV App Store, then search for the app you want to update. Once you ve found it in the search results, select the app to go to its designated page. From there, you ll see the option to choose Update in the same place you once hit Get. You ll have to repeat this process every time an app has a new update unless you turn automatic updates back on.

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