The 7 Best Solar Companies in Arkansas to Save You Money

Largest renewable companies
SunPower Corporation designs and manufactures crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels.

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SunPower has you covered if you want a modern, excellent rooftop panel in Arkansas. The company’s systems effectively satisfy your needs thanks to their more than 30 years of market experience. Compared to other solar companies, they are unmatched in endurance and durability.

In addition to setting up solar panels, SunPower also provides services for battery backups, solar monitoring, and the construction of EV charging stations. Additionally, they offer a thorough 25-year warranty on both their labor and their equipment. Due to its high price tag as a premium brand, some consumers are hesitant to consider it.

Seal Solar

A comprehensive local solar company, Seal Solar provides exceptional customer care and a reliable warranty. The neighborhood installer is well-versed in Arkansas’s solar incentives and policies.

They take cash or solar loans as payment and offer various financing options. Due to its typical pricing, the majority of residents in Arkansas think it’s a fantastic choice. Additionally, in addition to solar panels, they also provide energy storage and EV chargers.

Sun Valley Renewables

A newcomer to the Arkansas solar community, Sun Valley Renewables is quickly establishing itself. In 2016, the regional installer was established. However, it only works for homes who require simple installations and does not provide a variety of solar services.

They make use of solar panel hardware from companies like Roof Tech, UniRac, LG, IronRidge, Mission Solar Energy, and Fronius.

ADT Solar

You can rely on ADT for quality residential solar installations. It offers the best guarantee and high-quality service. Additionally, it provides a battery backup that guarantees reliable power and a steady flow of energy even in the event of a blackout. Additionally, homeowners can benefit from a free home energy audit with ADT Solar. With solar solutions, you can also save because they provide a variety of financing choices.

Perihelion Solar

A business called Perihelion Solar is situated near Russellville, Arkansas. As its name implies, the business is resolute in bringing the locals closer to the sun through the installation of solar panels and battery backup. Because of the business’s profitability and outstanding reputation, most homeowners would favorably consider it as a choice. They also have an impeccable track record for electrical installation, which no one would risk.

Tesla Solar

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In April 2020, Tesla announced that it had installed 100,000 Powerwalls.

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One of the top tech companies is Tesla. It is not just an automobile manufacturer, but also a leader in the solar sector and a provider of distinctive services. Tesla Solar takes pleasure in offering reliable electricity and the excellent Tesla Powerwall solar storage system. It doesn’t handle internal installation. Instead, its business strategy focuses solely on the manufacture of solar equipment.

Tesla maintains low costs with a price matching strategy, making it accessible to the majority of Arkansans. Additionally, it only offers full installation services for Tesla panels, solar roofing, and solar shingles when selling equipment under its own brand. Through the Tesla app, they also provide extensive solar monitoring.

New Dawn Solar

Family-run solar company New Dawn Solar specializes in installing and maintaining PV panels, repairing solar systems, and doing maintenance work. Their costs are reasonable for those who need a straightforward panel system.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting the Best Solar Company in Arkansas

It can be difficult to compare solar installers, so it’s important to think about the following considerations before choosing the best solar supplier.

Solar Installation and Service Costs

It is crucial for homeowners to take the price of a solar panel into account. Although solar systems can be pricey, you shouldn’t let that stop you from improving the value of your house. When looking at the solar tax credits, the costs could seem reasonable because high-quality equipment is an important factor that can reduce your energy costs.

Financing Options

A business that offers additional financing choices is ranked higher; clients will use them more frequently. Different terms and agreements should be included in these financing choices for energy purchases and leases.


There are various categories of solar warranty protection. It might be used for power generation, labor, bodily harm, or roof penetration. Solar warranties ought to be adequate. A solid warranty should safeguard your solar system and pay for any replacement or repairs needed for any parts or components that are damaged due to normal wear and tear or improper installation.

Available Solar Services

Depending on their areas of expertise, businesses provide a variety of solar services. You could simply require solar panels for straightforward installations. For sophisticated installations, EV chargers and battery storage could be taken into account. Therefore, choose the service that suits you and choose the firm that can match your demands before making a solar energy investment.

Brands of Solar Equipment Offered

The major brands they provide include Panasonic, REC, SMA, and SolarEdge. According to specialists in the solar sector, Sun Power and Tesla are the most effective on the market. Sun Power owns its own Maxeon panels, while Tesla takes pride in owning the market-leading Tesla Powerwall.

Size of the Company

Your client experience will depend on the size of the business. It is crucial to choose a business that will offer the services you value. Excellent customer service is provided by smaller businesses, but the installations may not be adaptable. Larger businesses are more adaptable and have more equipment. They might not pay you the same attention, though, as smaller providers.

Industry Partnerships

Working together is crucial in the solar sector. A business with connections enables customers to acquire solar finance while educating them about solar systems. This encourages solar energy availability and speeds up the switch to renewable energy. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Arkansas Renewable Energy Association (AREA) are a few of organizations that a solar company can collaborate with.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Solar Panel in Arkansas?

It is important to do your homework and determine whether a solar panel is a good fit before making a purchase. Determine what will be necessary to meet your energy needs while conducting your investigation. Before making any solar-related purchases, you should be aware of the following.

Weather and Climate Conditions

On overcast or wet days, solar power generation may be less effective and provide less energy. Due to the state’s numerous bright days that are ideal for solar energy production, Arkansas is a good place to invest in solar energy. Be aware that storms, hail, and strong winds could damage your panels, but picking a solar provider with a respectable guarantee can give you piece of mind.

Net Metering Policy

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With net metering, the homeowner is only billed for the net energy used each month.


Arkansas has a great net metering program, albeit it may differ for certain businesses. Investigate and speak with your provider before committing to any coverage. See if they have any programs that would allow you to pay for excess production.

Change of Incentives and Pending Policies

The Arkansas solar market is expanding, and changing solar incentives and policies is simple. New incentives might come in, while the old ones might change unexpectedly, disappear, or improve. Be sure to update yourself with the latest incentive data when you feel ready to go solar since waiting for better incentives may not be worth it.

Benefits of Solar Energy in Arkansas

Installing a solar system in Arkansas lets you enjoy the following benefits.

Saves on Electricity Bills

The primary benefit of solar energy is the reduction in energy expenses. This can enable you to have higher savings, meaning you will not experience a negative impact in the future due to power price hikes.

Low Taxes and Access to Other Incentives

For every solar energy system installation made, the government offers afederal tax creditof 26%. Arkansas provides solar incentives like net metering, which effectively reduces the resident s energy bills and allows them to resell the surplus power production to the companies.

You can also secure favorable and economical financing options through Property Assessed Clean Energy, PACE, which ensures solar energy is accessible within the state.

Increase in Home Resale Value

The average home value is $249,900, and installing asolar powersystem will increase its value by $10,246. However, this is only beneficial to residents who make outright purchases for their systems or use solar loans. Financial options, like power purchase agreements and leases, may not provide the same benefit.

Clean and Renewable Energy

Converting to solar energy will benefit you with a clean environment free from water and air pollution.

What Is the Cost of Solar Panels in Arkansas?

Theaverage solar panel costin Arkansas is $2.14 per watt. Most residents inArkansasinstall a solar panel system of 11 kilowatts for an average power bill of $110. With these figures, Arkansas s average solar panel cost goes for $19,558 after a federal tax credit. However, you cannot rely on this estimate, since several factors will influence your home s total energy cost.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Arkansas?

Solar equipment in Arkansas is relatively affordable. The state s energy consumption and sunny days are above average, which makes it a good option for most residents. However, not everyone will find it ideal, so you need to determine the value of the panels to your home before you make your decision.

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