How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon In 3 Steps, With Photos / Sergei Elagin

More than 85% of retailers nationwide currently accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. Apple Pay is accepted in more than two million physical and online shops nationwide. among the most well-known merchants who accept Apple Pay? None other than Amazon, the mammoth online retailer that has long dominated our purchasing experiences. But how exactly does Apple Pay work on Amazon? Learn how by following the instructions listed below.

Why Use Apple Pay On Amazon?

When one could just enter their card information at checkout, why would someone choose to utilize Apple Pay on Amazon? Isn’t it a waste of time to use a different mobile payment provider rather than doing it the traditional way? It’s acceptable to have these doubts. However, there are a couple very reasonable justifications for choosing Apple Pay on Amazon over manually entering your payment details. Let’s go over a few of these justifications, which range from basic safety to faster checkout to convenience.


First, there is the straightforward issue of convenience. The ability to store all of your payment methods in Apple Pay and access them whenever you want is just simple convenient. Apple Pay saves and manages all of your preferred payment methods, including bank account information, credit cards, and debit cards, and keeps them readily available for usage. It’s considerably more convenient to use Apple Pay’s feature to complete your Amazon purchase rather than getting your wallet and purse out and manually entering the payment information.

Faster Checkout

Second, think about how quickly you can complete your checkout on Amazon when you use Apple Pay. Even if you have all the digits in your head, it still takes a while to input your card information at the register. Furthermore, if you attempt to complete the transaction but unintentionally miss a number or enter the wrong zip code, it will only take longer. There’s no doubt that you value speed and efficiency if you’re shopping on Amazon in the first place. Apple Pay usage on Amazon hence contributes to ensuring that speed and effectiveness.


Thirdly, we must not overlook the increased security and safety that Apple Pay offers. You expose yourself to the danger of identity theft each time you carry your physical credit or debit cards with you. Cybercriminals and hackers today are stealing information using cutting-edge technology. You can’t predict what they’ll do next. However, by utilizing Apple Pay, you can safeguard both your identity and your finances. Your information is safeguarded and encrypted by Apple Pay to make it practically resistant to cyberattacks. This also applies to using Apple Pay on Amazon.

How To Use Apple Pay On Amazon

It’s time to walk you through the procedure now that we’ve gone over some good reasons why you would want to utilize Apple Pay on Amazon in the first place. To make it easier for you to follow along with each stage, we’ve provided pictures at each stop along the road. Additionally, we’re utilizing an iPhone XR and the Wallet and Amazon apps for the purposes of this lesson. You can attempt to follow along from an iPad as well, but due to the larger size of the tablet, the procedure might appear slightly different. Here’s how to use Apple Pay to complete your Amazon checkout.

Step One: Set Up Apple Card

"Add to Wallet" option on iPhone Wallet app.
If you don t have an Apple Card, sign up for one from the Wallet app on the iPhone.

You should first have your Apple Card information close at hand. Apple Card is a credit card created specifically to work with Apple Pay, bringing the simplicity of mobile payments to a traditional credit card. You can request one using the Apple Wallet app on your iPhone if you don’t already have one. Within four to seven days, it ought to arrive in the mail.

Step Two: Shop On Amazon App

Home page of Amazon's iPhone app.
Amazon s iPhone app makes it easy to shop their site on the go.

Second, just conduct your usual shopping on the Amazon app. Let’s go on to the checkout once you have put everything you need in your cart. You can simply keep everything in your basket until it’s time to check out if you need to wait for your Apple Card to arrive. Continue to the next step if you already have your Apple Card on hand.

Step Three: Check Out With Apple Card

"Select a Payment Method" screen on Amazon's iPhone app.
Add your Apple Card to your payment methods to use Apple Pay on Amazon.

Finally, at checkout, hit Add a credit or debit card from the available payment options. You will enter your Apple Card’s financial information here. Verify that all of the numbers, dates, and codes correspond to the information you submitted. Next, make sure the billing address is accurate. You may now check out.

Even though it’s not as you might have anticipated, Apple Pay is presently the only option to use Amazon. We’ll be sure to let you know right away if Amazon adds any additional Apple Pay support. Enjoy your shopping!

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