How To Remove A Card From Apple Pay In 4 Steps, With Photos

Apple’s mobile payment solution, Apple Pay, is already supported in all of the company’s most recent products. From the iPhone to the iPad to the Apple Watch to the MacBook, Apple Pay is easy to set up and even simpler to use. A user only needs to connect their credit or debit card to begin shopping thanks to support at the checkout counter both online and in person. What happens, however, if you need to delete a card from Apple Pay? What is your method? Let’s go over the procedure step by step with pictures to guide us.

Why Remove A Card From Apple Pay?

You are already aware that a card can be deleted from Apple Pay. You might not understand the motivation behind someone’s desire to do this, though. In fact, there are a few very good reasons to take a card out of Apple Pay. Let’s go over the three most common reasons to delete a card from Apple Pay, which include cards that are expired, compromised, and the simple act of adding a new card to your account. We’ll then lead you through the stages below after that.

The Card Is Expired

First off, a card may be expired and you only want to remove it from Apple Pay. You will need to manually remove expired cards because Apple Pay will not do that for you. This is crucial if your default payment method also happens to be the expired card. Nobody wants to realize the card is actually expired while they are about to pay at the register. As the line forms behind you, you won’t have time to enter in the additional data. Therefore, it’s advantageous to be aware of how to erase a card from Apple Pay in advance.

The Card Was Compromised

Second, you might have a compromised card in your possession. Our cards are frequently compromised, whether it be through remote information swiping at the petrol pump or outright theft of your credit card from your wallet or handbag. (In reality, 47% of us, on average, have experienced it at some point.) Knowing how to remove a card from Apple Pay will enable you to permanently delete the compromised card from your digital wallet. Make sure to add the replacement by following the instructions below!

You Want To Add A New Card

Third, you might just wish to add a new card to your Apple Pay wallet but you’ve already used up your allotted number of cards. The maximum number of cards you can add to your digital wallet is defined by Apple. You are not permitted to add any more cards after reaching this cap. (Apple has set the maximum to eight cards per device as of this writing.) Because of this, it’s important to understand how to delete a card from Apple Pay in order to lower your limit and make room for a new card to be added.

How To Remove A Card From Apple Pay

So, now that we are clear on the significance of this tutorial, let’s move on to the procedures you must follow in order to remove a card from Apple Pay. In the context of this article, Apple Pay is being used on an iPhone. But you can also follow along with these instructions using an iPad or MacBook that supports Apple Pay. The procedures should be essentially the same as those listed below. However, doing this via an Apple Watch won’t be as simple. If at all feasible, it’s ideal to carry out this operation on a different Apple device with a larger, easier-to-use screen.

Step One: Open Wallet

Open up the Wallet app to remove a card from Apple Pay.

Open the Wallet app first. This is already there on the home screen of your iPhone. If it’s not there, though, it’s possible that you’ve relocated it at some point. If you’re having trouble finding the app, simply swipe down and type “Wallet” to discover it. Tap the app to launch it once you’ve found it.

Step Two: Select Card

Tap a card in your Wallet to see its details and transaction history.

Second, in the Wallet app, scroll down until you locate your collection of stored cards. Depending on how many you added, you can have a choice of up to eight distinct cards. Locate the card you wish to discard, then tap it to bring it into focus. In addition to giving you the opportunity to make a payment, this will provide a list of your most recent transactions. However, don’t tap anything just yet.

Step Three: Tap Card Details

Remove a card from Apple Pay via Card Details in the Wallet app.

In the top right corner of the screen, tap the three little dots a third time. There will be a menu with options to view the card number, card information, and any associated notifications. The middle choice is what we’re looking for: Card specifics. Click this. You will be directed to the Card Details page after doing this. If applicable, you should be able to open or download the bank or financial institution’s app, contact them via phone, or go to their website. But the action we’re looking for isn’t on this list.

Step Four: Remove Card

Tap Remove Card to delete it from your Apple Pay wallet.

Lastly, navigate to the Card Details page’s bottom by scrolling down. Your billing address on file, a few options for your transaction preferences, and your exclusive Apple Pay identifier will all be scrolled through. You’ll find the option to Remove Card in bold, red characters at the very bottom. After tapping this, go through the on-screen instructions. The card will be formally eliminated by the conclusion. That is the proper method!

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