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Nearly every type of character, even those featured in comic books, has a Funko POP! available. There are many different sizes and designs of the Best Funko Pops for comic book collectors and aficionados. There have been several unexpected additions over the years, even if the majority still include Marvel or DC figurines.

Collecting Funko Pops featuring Comic Book Characters

More than 2,000 comic book figures have been created by Funko, although not all of them fit into the same category. Before getting started with Funko POPS! based on comic book characters, consider the following points.

  • Marvel s official Funko POP category is called POP! Marvel.
  • Funko also produces figures of comic characters featured in video games.
  • Most Funko Pops of DC characters are in the POP! Heroes collection.
  • While there are dozens of comic book publishers, only a handful have characters in Pop form.
  • Funko comic book characters are also included with POP! Comics and POP! Comic Covers.

The 10 Best Funko Pops for Comic Book Collectors and Fans

Superman 80th Anniversary Funko POP!

The 80th anniversary of well-known comic characters from DC Comics is currently being celebrated. The Man of Steel is a character that comes to mind when thinking of DC, and this week, our favorite Funko version of him celebrates his 80th(human)birthday.

Superman is depicted flying in a classic posture in Funko POP! #251. There is the recognizable curl and a display stand for this figurine. It’s a POP! Heroes figure, but it’s also a Specialty Series collectible from Funko. If you enjoy superheroes, you should also take into account Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary edition.

Superman turns 80!

Pop! Funko Heroes: Flying Superman (80th Anniversary)


  • Funko Specialty Series
  • 80th anniversary Superman collectible
  • Comes with 2″ base
  • 2018 Funko release
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05/15/2023 04:58 pm GMT

Iron Man Mark 1 Exclusive Funko POP!

Marvel was introduced to the big screen in a completely new way with the MCU’s first film, which set box office records. This POP! honors Tony Starks and the pivotal time in Marvel Studios’ history that Iron Man helped to establish.

A guy of many armors, Iron guy is. He exchanged his custom-made Iron Man 1 suit for a Mark 1 suit of armor. Funko Pop #338 from the company allows fans to escape the situation. The figure was a Summer Convention Exclusive that came in 2018. We anticipate that as time goes on and more people reflect on the early MCU years, it will continue to hold its value well.

Tony’s Original Suit

Funko Pop! Iron Man Mark 1 SDCC


  • Marvel Studios 10th anniversary collectible
  • 2018 Summer Convention Exclusive
  • Limited Edition
  • #338 in the Marvel POP! collection
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05/15/2023 05:02 pm GMT

Hellboy POP! Comics

Since Marvel and DC are the two most well-known comic book publishers, it should come as no surprise that they have more Funko Pops than any other series put together. Although the selection of figurines from independent publishers at Funko is disappointing, we are happy that this fan favorite was included.

The company’s POP! Comics line includes the Hellboy Funko Pop #01 figurine. Although the giant red monkey has five figures, this one depicts Hellboy in his original style. The first figure in this wave, along with a horned version, Abe Sapien, Liz, and others, was released in 2017. Any fan of comic books would love to add Big Red to their POP! collection.

Big Red in Miniature Form

Funko Pop Comics: Hellboy No Horns


  • Hellboy with The Good Samaritan
  • Standard-size 3.5″ figure
  • The first character in the POP! Comics series
  • 2017 Funko release
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05/15/2023 05:08 pm GMT

Batman Pop Heroes Mega POP!

Batman is undoubtedly one of the most well-known comic book characters in the entire world. He is also one of Funko’s favorite topics as seen by the fact that the firm has included him in more than a dozen collections. Our top pick for the Dark Knight goes well with this enormous classic Batman from 1966.

Super-Sized Funko Pop! Heroes #01 is a limited-edition Funko POP!. It will tower above other heroes and villains in your collection because this figurine is 18 tall. Although there are smaller versions of Batman in a similar manner, this Funko figure honors his 80th birthday in style. Just be sure to leave room for the coordinating Jumbo POP! Joker.

A Super-Sized Batman

Funko Pop! 18-Inch Batman


  • 18″ Funko Mega POP! figure
  • Celebrates the 80th anniversary of Batman
  • Weighs more than 10 pounds!
  • Released in 2000
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05/15/2023 05:14 pm GMT

Saga Gh s in Pajamas Funko POP!

Although Image Comics may not be as well-known as the big two, they have been a constant in the comic book industry since the early 1990s. In that time, Image Comics has created several iconic characters and introduced them to the world. Funko went all out with the Saga collection, despite the fact that they haven’t manufactured many of them.

From the distinctive SagaFunko figure collection, it was difficult to select a favorite, but we settled on Gh. The seal-man has frequently accompanied Marko and Alana in the comics over the years as a buddy. He is a psychic seal with a talent for engineering, and this flocked Funko Pop does a great job of portraying him. Through SDCC, this figurine first appeared on the market in 2018.

The Psychic Seal

Funko Pop! Saga Ghus in Pajamas


  • Summer Convention Exclusive
  • POP! Comics #16
  • 2018 Funko release
  • Fully Flocked
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05/15/2023 05:18 pm GMT

Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man 2 Pack POP!

Spider-Man fans can choose from a wide variety of collectibles from Funko and other companies. With the release of this limited edition 2-pack in 2020, Funko has captured an iconic moment that later became a meme.

This unique 2-pack was released by Funko as a part of the POP! Marvel line. Two webheads pointing at one another in Spider-man vs. Spider-man recreate the scene from the Double Identity episode. One of the best Funko Pops for comic book fans, this Entertainment Exclusive set is a wonderful addition to any collection.

Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man

Spider-Man Imposter Pop! Vinyl Figure 2-Pack Entertainment Earth Exclusive


  • Celebrates the iconic scene from the classic Spider-Man cartoon.
  • Entertainment Earth Exclusive
  • 2022 Marvel Funko POP! series
  • Funko POP! 2-pack
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05/15/2023 05:24 pm GMT

Wonder Woman POP! Die-Cast

The most well-known female comic book character is Wonder Woman, and it’s not even close. She has a selection of more than 70 Funko Pop figures, including variations. Our favorite is from the company’s Die-Cast collection, which makes it a little different from your average POP figure.

The Wonder Woman seen in POP Die-Cast #04 is the original costume worn in the 2017 movie. Diana is beautifully rendered in metal die-cast form, and she comes with a special display of her own. We anticipate the price of this figurine, which Funko released exclusively through the Funko Shop, to rise over time.

A Premium POP!

Funko POP! Die-Cast Wonder Woman


  • Made from die-cast metal, not vinyl!
  • Funko Shop Exclusive
  • POP! Die-Cast #04
  • Protective display case
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05/15/2023 05:29 pm GMT

POP! Comics Archie Andrews

Despite not producing many POPS! from independent comic book publishers, Funko shocked fans in 2020 with a legendary series. The original Archie Andrews and the Riverdale gang were brought back in the Pop Comics series, which went all the way back to the height of the comic book industry.

The freckled character is depicted in Archie AndrewsFunko Pop#24 wearing saddle shoes and a cardigan. Comparatively speaking to his Riverdale counterpart from the POP! TV collection, the All-American version has a more vintage vibe. Additionally, the Archie Andrews Funko Pop is remarkably similar to the company’s mascot, Freddy Funko.

Straight from Riverdale

Funko Pop! Comics: Archie Andrews


  • Archie Approved!
  • POP! Comics #24
  • 2020 Funko release
  • 3.5″ standard-height figure
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05/15/2023 05:56 pm GMT

Doctor Strange POP! Comic Covers

Since making his comic book debut in 1963’s Strange Tales #110, Doctor Strange has become a mainstay. While the book is regarded as a holy treasure, this edition of Marvel’s Wizard is affordable and gorgeous to display.

Steven Strange is pictured in front of a comic book about himself in POP! Comic Covers #4. Fans of the Doctor will undoubtedly appreciate this appropriate homage. Originally a Target exclusive in 2022, this figure has subsequently appeared on several platforms and in a variety of stores.

Master of the Mystic Arts

Funko Pop! Cover Art Collection – Doctor Strange


  • Steven Strange with comic display backdrop
  • 2022 Target Exclusive
  • 8.75 W x 10.25 H x 3.25 D
  • POP! Comic Covers Collection #04
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05/15/2023 05:37 pm GMT

Faith Valiant Convention Exclusive Funko POP!

An unlikely Valiant Comics hero completes our list of the top Funko Pops for comic book enthusiasts. Faith is a must-have for Valiant fans because it is currently the only figure of this character that is available in the collectibles industry.

Zephyr, also known as Faith, is a member of the Harbinger gang. Since 1992, she has amassed a large following, and her Eisner Award-nominated self-titled series. The comic book is equally entertaining as the figure, which is POP! Valiant #01 and the only one in the collection. We don’t anticipate Funko to add any more figures to the catalog very soon given that the figure was released in 2016.

Funko x Valiant Comics

FUNKO POP! Faith Valiant Comics


  • Convention Exclusive
  • First Valiant comics figure from Funko
  • POP! Valiant #01
  • 2016 Funko release
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05/15/2023 05:42 pm GMT

The Wrap-Up

Whether you enjoy reading or prefer the big screen to music, Funko offers something for every fanbase. Popular characters from various mediums are represented by the majority of the company’s comic-based POP! figures, but there are still plenty of oddballs and variants for devoted fans.

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