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If you work in education or medicine, Massachusetts is an excellent state to live in. But did you know that the state is also a tech hotspot with lots of fantastic career opportunities? You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for some of the highest-paying tech jobs in Massachusetts; let’s get started.

What are the Best Paying Tech Jobs In Massachusetts?

Utility expenses are around 25% higher and housing expenditures are 124% more in Boston than the national average. As a result, it’s critical to have a work that can support you financially. Fortunately, Massachusetts’ top IT positions pay well over six figures and some even come with excellent benefits.

UX Designer $98,416 per year

In Massachusetts, a UX Designer can easily make close to $100,000 in an entry-level UX position. As a senior UX designer, you may possibly earn up to $135,000 with experience.

You are responsible for creating products and/or services that provide a positive user experience as a UX designer. However, you also need to be certain that you adhere to business goals. You’ll also use the UX design process to help with the needs, problems, and goals that clients and customers have as you create and test workable solutions.

Remember that as a UX designer, you won’t place the most importance on how something looks. You are investigating how a person interacts with and uses a product. This entails ensuring that the features and functionalities can address user problems and that the layout, structure, and navigation system are all logical.

Amazon, Unity, and Oracle are a few businesses in Massachusetts that are hiring UX designers.

Quality Engineer $88,074 per year

Although the starting salary for quality engineers is roughly $90,000 per year, many senior roles pay around $140,000, making this a terrific career to enter for growth.

As a quality engineer, you will review current practices to search for opportunities to increase organizational productivity and reduce costs. Additionally, you should guarantee that any delivered goods are reliable, secure, and up to standard for customers. After that, you’ll develop the test method documentation, keep an eye on quality standards, and specify the requirements for valid test results.

In this position, stakeholders are consulted at all stages of production, including testing by design teams. So keep in mind that this is a role that is also people-focused. Additionally, you are responsible for completely documenting any errors as a quality engineer and collaborating with other engineers to identify a fix.

Quality engineers are presently being hired by Schneider Electric, Intellectt, and Raytheon Technologies.

As a Quality Engineer, you will be responsible to ensure that all the processes at your company are running smoothly.


Product Manager $126,555 per year

Product managers can expect to make roughly $130,000 year, and with expertise, even up to $180,000. If you want to work in technology but aren’t great at coding, this is a wonderful role for you. Additionally, although it’s typically advised, product managers don’t necessarily need a higher degree.

You must understand what constitutes product success if you want to succeed as a product manager. This entails being able to identify a customer need and more significant company objectives, then mobilize your team of designers, developers, etc. to bring that vision to life.

You’ll also help define goals and motivate the product team with the overall goal of ensuring that a product launches and succeeds in the market. One of your daily tasks would be to monitor market developments so you could produce a competitive study defining the objectives for a product. To discuss and fulfill the product’s vision, however, you’ll also work on coordinating with the product teams and management.

Do you want to manage products? They are currently employed by Harvard University, Staples, and Wayfair.

Back End Engineer $123,974 per year

Being a back-end engineer is a rewarding and well-paid job, with a base salary of $123,974 per year.

A backend engineer plans, develops, and subsequently maintains the server side of web applications. Basically, your major responsibility is to design the structure for a software program. You’ll establish the foundation for what a software team will need to perform moving forward to achieve the main goals. Writing business logic, server scripts, and APIs that the team can use in the future falls under this category.

You’ll be working on building reusable code libraries, finding data storage options, and making sure the servers are streamlined for speed and stability on a daily basis. However, you’ll also build security frameworks, develop data storage solutions, and optimize servers to boost their speed and stability. Therefore, rather than the micro part of most projects (like front-end engineers), you will be concentrating on the macro side.

Capital One, Harvard University, and Kappa are a few organizations that are currently employing competent engineers.

Cyber Security Analyst $91,743 per year

In Massachusetts, the salary range for a cyber security analyst is between $92,000 and $115,000.

As a cyber security analyst, your primary responsibility is to secure a company’s computer systems and network from internet threats. Investigating IT patterns that might indicate an uptick in hacking, creating backup plans, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, keeping up with security breaches, and teaching the rest of your organization and teams the necessary security procedures are all part of this.

Additionally, you can put security measures and threat defenses into place. In order to detect weaknesses or openings in the security measures you already have in place, these will simulate security attacks. Working as a cyber security analyst is never boring, and because you’re defending your organization, it’s considered to be an ethical form of hacking.

Just a few businesses that are hiring cyber security analysts are MIT, Staples, and Amwell.

Azure Engineer $119,835 per year

You may become an Azure engineer and earn about $120,000 a year if you prefer working on one project at a time and can concentrate your skill set on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services.

What is Azure from Microsoft? IT professionals and developers can create, implement, and maintain cloud-based applications using the platform’s tools and frameworks. What’s best? It is estimated that at least 95% of Fortune 500 companies use this platform. Therefore, understanding how to operate it is a skill that is highly valued and in demand.

As an Azure cloud engineer, you can be responsible for overseeing the migration process, maintaining the new Azure system, assessing the IT infrastructure of an organization, and coming up with options for moving to the cloud. Additionally, you’ll focus on building virtual networks to support the workloads of your business, monitoring network performance, and employing Azure’s technical automation options. Communication skills are essential because you could also need to work together with the other IT professionals on your team or in your organization.

You desire a position as an Azure cloud engineer. In Massachusetts, Wells Fargo, Mass Mutual, and CVS Health are all currently hiring.

Data Scientist $122,328 per year

In Massachusetts, a junior data scientist can easily make $122,000 a year, and a senior scientist can earn up to $161,000.

As a data scientist, you will analyse data using tools and methods from statistics, machine learning, and even AI learning. The next step is to collect data, tidy it up, and use statistical and software engineering techniques.

Additionally, you’ll focus on exploratory data analysis, which blends data sensing with visualization. The ability to recognize trends, develop models and algorithms, organize trials, and facilitate the utilization of the data are also required. Even while this position can be excellent for introverts, if you’re in a senior position, you’ll need some communication skills.

Wayfair, IBM, and NVIDIA are just a few businesses that are now hiring.

Data Scientists interpret data and make predictions using statistical and other models.


Game Developer $81,034 per year

gamer at heart? So why not contribute to their creation and make more than $95,000 annually?

The notion of a game is transformed into a playable choice for players with the help of game developers. They program functionality, code the graphics, and test the game until it is ready for sale to do this. Depending on the size of the company you work for and your area of expertise, the tasks you perform as a game developer will fluctuate. At larger gaming companies, you’re more likely to have a more specialized role working on a specific game component. However, if you work for a smaller company, you might be involved with code, graphics, music, and even writing.

This could entail developing original game design concepts, translating visual ideas into code, prototyping, and collaborating with the entire team. However, you’ll also want to check the game’s reliability on several platforms, especially if it’s being released in a variety of formats. Additionally, you’ll probably code and suggest changes that the game could need.

Prepared to play? Currently hiring companies include Unity, Bethesda Softworks, and Amazon.

Best Paying Tech Jobs In Massachusetts Wrap Up

You might earn money in a variety of vocations, including some of the highest paying IT positions in Massachusetts. And not just the tech industry can benefit from these talents! Therefore, no matter what, you’ll have a virtually limitless selection of work alternatives in the state.

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