5 AT&T MVNOs For You to Consider

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Key Points

  • Our choice for the #1 Best Overall AT&T MVNO is Boost Mobile.
  • Consider your data needs, network coverage, international options, and customer service when choosing an AT&T MVNO.
  • Other AT&T MVNOs include Cricket Wireless, H2O Wireless, Airvoice Wireless, and FreeUP Mobile.
  • Ultimately, the right AT&T MVNO for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

As one of the biggest cellular providers in the country, AT&T is known for offering its clients dependable mobile services. However, many customers want for less expensive options without compromising on quality or coverage. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) can help in this situation. These businesses sell network connectivity to customers for less money by renting it from large carriers like AT&T.

You’ll be happy to know that there are numerous choices if you’re looking to move to an AT&T MVNO. Every one has advantages and disadvantages, though, so it’s important to do your homework and pick the one that best suits your needs.

We’ll be talking about 5 AT&T MVNOs in this blog article that you should take into account. We’ll talk about everything, including plans and pricing as well as network coverage and customer service. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know more about which MVNO might be the best fit for you. So let’s get started without further ado!

Best Overall AT&T MVNO: Boost Mobile

Best Overall

Boost Mobile Prepaid SIM Card


  • Includes no limits for Talk or Texts
  • Includes a mobile hotspot
  • 5GB of 5G/4G data included (AT&T network coverage)
  • Use with any compatible device including the one you currently own.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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The top AT&T MVNO overall is Boost Mobile.There are numerous benefits included with Boost Mobile’s single-line monthly prepaid plans without a credit check that are difficult to ignore. This plan is ideal for people seeking for a cost-effective choice because it comes with 5 GB of data for only $15 per month, or $180 annually.

The unlimited minutes and texts included in Boost Mobile’s plans are a fantastic deal. Additionally, you can stay connected to the internet wherever you are thanks to their hotspot data plans, which offer 5GB at $25 per month and 35GB at $40 per month.

With 40GB of hotspot access and unlimited minutes and texts, Boost Mobile’s $50 per month plan is a terrific choice for individuals who need more data. Power users that need to stay connected while on the go will love this package.

Even better, Boost Mobile provides a family-friendly no-credit-check prepaid package with 30GB of data for two lines for just $50 per month or $600 annually. Additionally, this plan comes with 30GB of hotspot data and unlimited messages and calls.

Pros Cons
No Credit Check. Limited international calling options.
Affordable prepaid plans. Data speeds may be slower during peak hours.
Unlimited talk and text. Video streaming quality is limited to 480p.
Hotspot included in most plans. No international roaming.
Family discounts are available. Limited customer support options.
Multi-month plans are available. Limited phone selection.
No contracts. High-speed data is limited to specific plans.
Prepaid plans offer budget control.
Multiple data options are available.
Hotspot data is included in most plans.

Best Prepaid AT&T MVNO: Airvoice Wireless

Airvoice is one of the most affordable MVNOs based on AT&T.

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The greatest option for an inexpensive prepaid AT&T MVNO is Airvoice Wireless.The service includes 5G or 4G LTE data, unlimited voice and text, and national coverage. The package is reasonably priced, starting at just $5 per month with AutoPay. Airvoice Wireless relies on the AT&T network, which many people consider to be among the most dependable in the nation, for its coverage.

Anyone searching for a reasonably priced AT&T MVNO with solid coverage may consider Airvoice Wireless. The service does not, however, support messaging or mobile hotspots internationally. However, the service offers decent value for the money and is appropriate for those who don’t need sophisticated features or in-depth customer assistance.

Pros Cons
Affordable plans start from $5. No international calling or texting.
Nationwide coverage. Data speed may be slower during peak hours.
It uses the AT&T network, which is considered reliable. No mobile hotspot.
AutoPay discount available. Limited customer support options.

Best AT&T MVNO for Family: Cricket Wireless

As one of the more popular pre-paid MVNOs based on AT&T, Cricket Wireless has many physical retail stores.

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Cricket Wireless has the most family-friendly AT&T MVNO plans.Cricket Wireless, an AT&T-owned prepaid wireless service, provides dependable national coverage, reasonable pricing options, and no yearly commitments. In fact, families can save up to $100 each month for four lines using the provider’s multi-line discounts.

Plans from Cricket Wireless include varied quantities of 4G LTE internet as well as unlimited talk and text. In addition, several plans from Cricket Wireless include outstanding extras like mobile hotspot, add-on data, and unlimited international texting.Their top-tier plans also offer cloud storage, HBO Max, and other ad-supported content. Data speeds may be marginally impacted by Cricket Wireless’ network prioritizing strategy, but the company’s customer service is always available.

Comparatively, Cricket is a desirable option for families looking to reduce their wireless expenses thanks to its Multi-Line Discounts and unlimited international messaging. However, during times of network congestion, their network priority approach might have a minor impact on data speeds.

Pros Cons
Affordable pricing plans. Data speeds may be slow during network congestion.
Multi-Line Discounts are available. 5G coverage is not available for all plans.
Unlimited international texting. Mobile hotspot data is not available on all plans.
HBO Max is included in the top-tier plan. Some features may not be available on all plans.
Ad-supported plan and cloud storage on the top-tier plan.

Best AT&T MVNO for 5G Network Coverage: Red Pocket

Red Pocket is the greatest AT&T MVNO for 5G network coverage.Our research and practical experience demonstrate that Red Pocket provides dependable 5G coverage, even in locations with poor signal strength. The cheapest 5G service from Red Pocket starts at around $10 per month for 1GB of data and unlimited talk and text.

25GB of 5G data are available with Red Pocket’s $40 per month package before heavier users are subjected to lesser speeds. Red Pocket also provides promotional discounts that might help you save hundreds of dollars.

One major drawback of Red Pocket is that most of their plans are limitless, which might not be the best option for those who don’t need a lot of data. However, for individuals who require additional data without subscribing for an unlimited plan, they have a 10GB high-speed data add-on.

Pros Cons
Reliable 5G coverage. Mostly unlimited plans may not be ideal for some users.
Affordable plans start at $10 per month. Slower speeds are applied after data caps are reached.
Unlimited talk and text are included with all plans. A limited selection of high-speed data add-ons.
Promotional deals are available. No access to AT&T s highest priority network.

Best AT&T MVNO for International Calling: FreeUp Mobile

FreeUp Mobile is the top AT&T MVNO for international calls.This company provides a selection of plans with unlimited talk, text, and data access as well as the opportunity to make international calls to more than 150 nations.

Affordable plans from FreeUp Mobile start at just $15 per month for 1GB of 4G LTE data. The plans can be upgraded to higher data plans as needed, and they automatically renew each month. Additionally, the international calling facility is simple to use and the network coverage is trustworthy. The plans might not offer enough data for frequent internet users, which is one downside.

Pros Cons
Affordable plans start at $15 per month. Plans may not have enough data for heavy internet users.
International calling to over 150 countries, with a free international calling to over 60 countries. Plans auto-renew each month.
Reliable network coverage.
Easy to use international calling feature.

How to Pick the Best AT&T MVNOs: Step-by-Step

Be sure to carefully consider your network needs before choosing.


There are a number of things to take into account while choosing the best AT&T MVNOs. Here are some characteristics to consider when choosing:

  • Network coverage
  • Data allowance
  • Pricing and additional fees
  • Customer service and support

Network Coverage

The network coverage is the first factor to take into account when selecting an AT&T MVNO. Even while the majority of MVNOs use AT&T’s network, some of them might offer slower speeds or have patchier coverage in specific places. As a result, it’s crucial to find out which MVNOs have the best coverage in your area and compare their plans to choose which one best suits your needs.

Data Allowance

The data allowance is yet another crucial aspect to take into account. Data plans are available from unlimited to pay-as-you-go through several MVNOs. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate your data usage patterns and choose a plan that meets your demands without going over budget.

Pricing and Additional Fees

Pricing and extra costs can differ greatly between AT&T MVNOs. Although some may have lower rates, they may also have additional costs for activation, SIM cards, or other services. Before making a choice, make sure to review the tiny print and compare the overall cost of each MVNO’s plan.

Customer Service and Support

Finally, it’s important to think about the customer support and service that each AT&T MVNO provides. Check online reviews and ratings to discover how each MVNO responds to concerns and complaints from customers.

You may choose the finest AT&T MVNO for your requirements and finances by taking these things into account.

What to Know Before Buying an AT&T MVNO

Before making a purchase, you should keep in mind a few important details if you’re thinking about an AT&T MVNO. First, make sure the MVNO you select has coverage in the locations you frequent the most. To confirm if they are connected to the AT&T network in your location, look at their coverage maps. Next, think about the plan possibilities you have.

Numerous AT&T MVNOs provide budget-friendly prepaid plans, some of which may include unlimited call, text, and data. Before committing, read the fine print as some plans may reduce your data speed after a certain usage threshold. Additionally, certain MVNOs could include benefits like access to mobile hotspots or international calling. Last but not least, make sure your phone works with your MVNO because some may only support particular models.

Research is undoubtedly essential to selecting the best AT&T MVNO for your requirements. To make a well-informed choice, take the time to examine plans, features, and coverage.

Using AT&T MVNOs: What It s Like?

Saving money on your phone bill while maintaining access to the AT&T network is possible by using AT&T MVNOs. Many of the same benefits, including dependable coverage and quick data speeds, are available whether you opt to utilize an AT&T MVNO, just as they would be with a regular AT&T plan.

The flexibility that an AT&T MVNO provides is one of its benefits. Whether you want unlimited data or a certain amount of data each month, you may select a plan that suits your requirements and financial situation. You don’t have to buy a new phone if you don’t want to with an AT&T MVNO because you can use your old handset.

Customer service is an additional advantage of using an AT&T MVNO. Many MVNOs provide first-rate customer care and support options, such as online chat or phone help, even though you might not have access to the same level of assistance as you would with a conventional AT&T plan.

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