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Technology is today’s driving force behind a huge number of industries, pushing the limits of development and innovation everywhere. Kansas has advanced significantly in recent years, even if it may still be in a different league from well-known IT hubs like Silicon Valley or Seattle. In fact, it is poised to overtake the competition as a prominent player in the tech industry. So why not explore the highest-paying IT jobs in Kansas if you’re seeking for an engaging and rewarding career?

According to the CompTIA Cyberstates 2020 report, Kansas’ tech industry had a major economic impact in 2019 with a contribution of more than $8.9 billion. In that same year, more than 95,000 professionals worked in technology. These statistics show how quickly the tech industry is growing and how much it is in need of qualified workers. This article provides crucial details about some of the highest-paying tech jobs for those seeking new chances in Kansas’ thriving tech sector, whether they are recent immigrants or seasoned professionals.

#2. Solutions Architect $120,128

The main duty of a solutions architect is to create effective software systems that are adapted to each client’s specific requirements. They accomplish this while reducing risk by employing creative problem-solving techniques. They guarantee the efficient, reliable, and secure operation of these systems. Working together with project managers, this technical position entails identifying business needs and developing technology solutions to meet those objectives.

With an average yearly income of $121,128 this is a fantastic chance for anyone looking for the best-paying tech jobs in Kansas. It’s crucial to remember that this role necessitates technical proficiency, outstanding communication skills, and potent leadership abilities. As an architect, you’ll be in charge of leading sizable teams and supervising the creation of intricate systems. Keep in mind that this position requires a strong foundation in computer science or closely related subjects, as well as several years of industry experience. With these credentials, you’ll be prepared to excel in this fascinating and difficult job.

#3. Information Technology Security Manager $118,396

Without the assistance of a trained IT security manager, it can be difficult for any institution or company to secure the security of their information systems in the current competitive technology environment. Your job as an IT security manager is crucial. You are in charge of making sure that private information is kept secret and shielded from potential leaks. Although there may be a lot of pressure, it is crucial to protect the organization’s integrity and the privacy of its data.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated in May 2021 that the median annual salary for information technology managers in the US is $159,010. However, there are a number of variables that might affect pay, including geographic region, industry, and level of experience.

According to Payscale, the average yearly income for a manager of information technology security in Kansas is $118,396. Although this number is barely below the national average, it is important to remember that Kansas has 12% lower cost of living than the country as a whole, which might explain the lower pay range. Managers of information technology security develop effective IT security regulations that support organizational goals. They also put mechanisms in place to detect any hazards that could endanger the integrity of the system when it is in use.

When handling assets that contain sensitive information, you will also make sure that you are in compliance with all applicable regulations and industry regulators. Kansas’s booming job market offers a wealth of options for people with the training and expertise necessary to work in IT security management.

An IT security manager must ensure that sensitive data is confidential and protected from potential breaches.


#4. Data Scientist $117,880

Employing qualified data scientists to examine large, complicated data sets for patterns, trends, and insights helps businesses make informed decisions. These experts skillfully evaluate complex data sets using a variety of statistical techniques and tools. This promotes growth and innovation across all industry sectors by assisting in the making of better business decisions. The typical income for this position is around $117K yearly, making it one of Kansas’ highest-paying tech positions.

In order to be a great data scientist candidate, you must carefully identify trends across massive datasets while creating insightful knowledge that is shared with stakeholders. For this position, formal education in computer science or closely related topics, including statistics or math-based subjects, is required. The ability to develop in languages like Python previously may also help you land this job.

In order to properly explain research findings and help firms make the most of the developed solutions, strong communication skills are essential. The demand for qualified data scientists will increase as businesses acquire and analyze more data. A career in data science can provide you interesting work, competitive pay, and chances for professional progress.

#5. Cloud Architect $123,855

Modern organizations require experienced professionals, such as cloud architects, to operate them successfully, therefore proficiency in digital platforms is essential. A company’s cloud computing strategy must be designed and maintained by cloud architects. This guarantees the smooth functioning of programs on infrastructure hosted in the cloud while optimizing resource usage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 4% increase in employment possibilities for cloud architects between 2021 and 2031 in the United States, where they are in great demand.

The growth of remote working rules has caused businesses to look for qualified cloud architects. A proficient cloud architect in Kansas can anticipate to make an annual income of $123,855. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related subject is often necessary to become a cloud architect. You also require practical experience that you have accumulated over many years. Configuring structured data sources in databases or comprehending intricate infrastructures on significant projects are examples of this experience.

An expert in security implementation is required for a cloud architect to guarantee protection against cyber dangers like breaches. A skillful cloud architect must also be proficient in cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Additionally, to effectively manage potential project-related challenges, great communication and management skills are required.

#6. DevOps Engineer $106,164

A career as a DevOps engineer may be the best fit for you if you enjoy coming up with creative solutions to challenging issues. Among the highest-paying tech positions in Kansas, devops engineer positions provide a dynamic work environment, lots of room for professional advancement, and the chance to work with varied teams on cutting-edge projects. Every stage of the software development life cycle can be streamlined with the help of these highly qualified individuals. Applications are efficient when critical infrastructure, testing, and deployment processes are automated.

DevOps engineers are highly valued in Kansas and get an average pay of $106,164 per year. A DevOps engineer’s duties go beyond just keeping an eye on system performance. Additionally, it entails collaborating closely with the development and operations teams while defining effective deployment workflows and creating customized automation tools.

To succeed in this field, one needs the necessary training and experience. For positions in network engineering or system administration, a bachelor’s degree is typically required. Additionally necessary is a number of years of appropriate job experience in these positions. Furthermore, having a firm knowledge of essential programming languages like Python and Ruby is essential.

Businesses in central Kansas are looking for talented DevOps engineers, especially those with a focus on technology and finance. These specialists are in high demand since they are essential for streamlining automated software operations. The demand for these qualified individuals has increased along with the focus on continuous and flawless software delivery.

#7. Machine Learning Engineer $120,166

These engineers have specialized knowledge in cutting-edge algorithms that aid in the design and implementation of sophisticated machine-learning models. Some jobs in the technological world call for highly qualified individuals, and this one is no exception. It stands out as one of the highest-paying IT occupations in Kansas with an astounding average income of around $120,000 annually.

The profession of machine learning engineer is unquestionably one of the few in the field of technology that requires remarkable talent. This position has established itself as one of the highest-paying tech careers in Kansas thanks to its impressive average yearly income of close to $120,000. The constant need for businesses to find new methods to enhance their goods and services is what fuels the demand for qualified machine learning engineers. As the industry continues to expand, this need doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Machine learning engineers now have more than 300% more job vacancies in the United States than they had in 2019. This pattern is anticipated to persist. The employment of computer and information research scientists, including machine learning engineers, is expected to increase by 21% between 2021 and 2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This growth rate exceeds the average for all occupations by a wide margin.

Excellent communication skills and teamwork with software developers, data scientists, and other stakeholders are required for this position. In Kansas, pursuing a career as a machine learning engineer requires a strong educational foundation. This academic background should emphasize pertinent programming abilities. Therefore, mastering subjects like computer science, mathematics, and programming languages like Python, R, or Java is essential. This solid foundation will make success easier in the rapidly developing technology sector.

Machine learning engineers help design and implement machine-learning models.

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Best-Paying Tech Jobs in Kansas: Final Thoughts

Anyone looking for high-paying work opportunities with a background in technology will find Kansas to be an ideal location. Kansas offers a wide range of options that increase professional growth potential while ensuring financial security as a result of its quickly expanding tech sector. Information technology careers provide significant potential, with yearly wages of $43,304 on average.

It’s imperative to have a firm grasp of programming languages like Python, Java, or C++ if you want to succeed in these positions. Furthermore, it is crucial to lay a solid basis in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. To succeed in these roles, it’s also essential to have adaptable skills like teamwork and problem-solving aptitude.

Different businesses might provide IT specialists a wide range of pay. This is due to the compensation being influenced by the industry, size, and location of the organization, among other things. You have a wide range of prospective job alternatives to explore if you have a passion for the computer industry. By learning more about the highest-paying IT careers in Kansas, you may convert your enthusiasm into a rewarding career. You’ll be able to locate possibilities that fit your skills in this way. The requirement for competent workers in the IT sector is well acknowledged. It is therefore the best option for individuals looking to guarantee their future.

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