What is Apple Freeform App? How to Use it in 2023?

Freeform is a new program by Apple that comes pre-installed on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. What does this program accomplish, how useful is it, and is it possible to uninstall it?

Can You Explain the Freeform App for iOS Devices and Computers?

Freeform is a collaborative whiteboard tool that can be downloaded for free and used for brainstorming, planning, and teamwork.

This native software for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac is new as of the late 2023 upgrades to Apple’s operating systems (iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2, and macOS 13.1).

You can use the text box, shape, geometry, stamp, sticky note, and pen and pencil tools in Freeform. Files, URLs, scans, camera grabs, and media from your Photos collection can also be inserted.

The Freeform App: How to Use It?

apple freeform app

Apple’s “boards” function as infinitely resizable canvases in Freeform and their grid backdrop may be turned on and off at will.

Text, drawings, classified forms, and other media can be added using the tools at the top (iPad and Mac) or bottom (iPhone) of the screen.

You can move and resize the contents by tapping or clicking and dragging. Once you’ve placed something, you may go back and make changes to it, and that includes drawings.

If you right-click or tap and select the “…” menu, you’ll have access to more options, such as shifting the items back and forth in the stack, fixing their position, altering their color, duplicating them, and more.

You can invite other people to work with you on a board by clicking the “Share” button. Up to one hundred people can collaborate in real-time on a single board.

During the invitation process, you can change settings like who can edit, who can invite, and whether or not link-based invites are allowed for the shared board.

Since Freeform syncs via iCloud, your newly created boards and any subsequent edits should be reflected on all of your devices in real-time. Need help finding the Freeform app?

Verify that you’re using the most recent version of Apple’s operating system on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This can be accessed through the (System) Preferences > General > Software Update menu.

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Some Real-World Applications of Apple Freeform

Apple has developed a set of tools that serves as a canvas for you to jot down your thoughts and ideas, and these tools should be accessible across all of your devices.

These are perfect for making straightforward inspiration boards, spider diagrams, and mindmaps, which may then be used for individual or group idea generation.

If you’re creative, you can use the provided drawing tools to make rough drafts, final designs, and proofs of concept. Unlike more advanced drawing programs like Procreate, this is perhaps at its best when used with a stylus like the Apple Pencil on an iPad.

Freeform shows great promise as a collaborative tool. You can start working on a shared board in real-time with others by clicking or tapping the collaboration button and then the “Audio” or “Video” buttons to initiate a FaceTime call.

When your MacBook is hooked up to a projector in a conference, the software is also perfect for local collaboration. Later, if more people require access to the board, it can be printed off or shared electronically.

If you need to save a board for future reference or share it with clients or those who don’t have a compatible device, you can do so by exporting it as a PDF.

How to Collaborate with Freeform?

apple freeform app

Turn on iCloud in the app’s settings to share your Freeform board with others, the app’s most valuable feature. Turn on the Freeform app by scrolling down to it under iCloud settings.

Before you can share your document, it may take a few minutes for it to synchronize with the cloud.

Once everything is in sync, you may invite others to your board with other Apple products, like as iMessage; simply drag your board into a chat thread, and all of the participants in that thread will be added as collaborators on your board.

Without switching between programs, you can easily keep track of who is making changes to the thread and when.

The Freeform software integrates with Apple’s FaceTime feature, so you may have a video chat with a coworker about the project from any Apple device.

The video screen will show in the corner of the screen, just like a standard FaceTime call on an iPhone, to keep the conversation focused.

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Don’t Like Freeform? Delete It?

You can remove Freeform from your iPhone or iPad if you don’t want to use it. A tap and hold on the app’s icon, followed by “Remove App” and “Delete App” on an iPhone or iPad, will uninstall the app. Freeform cannot be removed from macOS.

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