How to Scan Documents on iPhone and iPad? The Ultimate Guide in 2023!

If you want to keep track of things on your iPhone or iPad, the Notes app is a great, straightforward option. The Notes app does a lot more than just store text notes; it also lets you make checklists, add pictures and doodles, and even scan physical documents.

If you’ve owned an iPhone for any length of time, you’ve probably searched the App Store for a document scanner. Although there are other great options, the Notes app is your best bet when it comes to scanning. It’s gotten better with age.

Scan documents on your iPhone or iPad to learn how to use this feature to its fullest.

How to Scan Documents on iPhone and iPad?

The Notes app on an iOS device allows you to scan paper documents. A high-quality scanned document that you can annotate, save as a PDF, and share with other programs may be just a few clicks away.

An iOS device can be used to access a note.

  • You can attach a file to a note by creating a new one or opening an existing one and tapping the plus sign.
  • Pressing the camera button (which may be below or above the keyboard, depending on your setup) will activate the camera.
  • Choose this option if you want to scan documents.
  • Get your paper in order so you can scan it.
  • To trigger a manual scan in the event that the scanner doesn’t do it automatically, press the shutter button. This needs to be done for every single document you plan to scan.
  • Select Save once you’ve gone through all the necessary pages. You can check how many pages you have scanned on the button.
  • In the Notes app, a new note will be created and attached to the scanned pages. You are free to add whatever you like, whether it be text or visuals. A note created through the scanner in the Notes app retains its familiar form and functionality.

How to Add Notes to A Scanned Document Using Your iPad or iPhone?

how to scan with iphone

The Notes app includes built-in highlighting capabilities that can be used to annotate scanned documents.

You can insert arrows, shapes, and text boxes into a document, as well as highlight, draw on, cut out, and rearrange sections (magic-rope style). The Notes app includes a built-in signature feature, simplifying the process of obtaining digital signatures.

  • If you tap the note, the scanned document will open.
  • A share button appears in the upper right.
  • Select “Markup” from the menu. You may need to scroll down a bit in the menu of available actions to discover this.
  • Select the answer that most closely fits your situation.
  • Tap the color picker to select a new hue for your instrument.
  • The plus sign allows you to add a signature, magnifier, text box, or another shape to your current document.
  • Put your thoughts down on paper.
  • Click the Done button when you’re finished.

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How to Download a Photo of A Scanned Document?

With iOS 16, scanning paper documents will no longer require manual conversion to PDF format within the Notes app. Keep these PDFs handy at all times by storing them in your device’s Files app.

  • You can get to your scanned file by touching the screen.
  • A share button appears in the upper right.
  • To save your PDF, launch the app of your choice.
  • Sharing Documents with iPads and iPhones with Scanning

Scanning Documents and Sharing Them on The iPad and iPhones

how to scan with iphone
  • You can get to your scanned file by touching the screen.
  • A share button appears in the upper right.
  • Choose your preferred note-sending app from the list.
  • Send out that PDF!

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What Are the Steps for Deleting a Scanned File From an iOS Device?

If you scanned the same thing twice by mistake or changed your mind after saving the document, you can delete simply the scan and begin over.

  • You can get to your scanned file by touching the screen.
  • Choose “Garbage” from the drop-down option.
  • Delete the scan by clicking the corresponding button.
  • Only some scanned pages will be discarded. When you erase a note, it disappears from the document as well.

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