How to Rotate Screen on Chromebook? A Complete Guide in 2023!

The ability to swivel the screen is a staple of modern technology. Auto-rotation is a function seen on mobile devices but not on Chromebooks, not even the convertible models. However, Chrome OS provides a simple method for rotating the screen.

Let’s have a look at how to rotate the screen on Chromebook if you own a convertible model and want to watch YouTube in “Tent” mode.

What is Chromebook?

Chromebooks are a new kind of laptop that streamlines many common computer-related chores. Chrome OS is what it’s powered on, and that means it has access to Google’s cloud services, all of its finest apps, and numerous layers of security.

A Chromebook can function offline, and when you return to the internet, your email, calendar, contacts, and files in Google Drive, Keep, and Drive will be in sync.

A Chromebook is also quite portable and needs little in the way of processing speed or memory space.

Chromebooks vs. Traditional Laptops

Chromebooks and traditional laptops may look similar at first glance; after all, they share many of the same design and construction characteristics. Chromebooks, in contrast to traditional laptops that use the heavyweight Windows or Mac OS X, are a new breed of lightweight, inexpensive computers.

You can watch videos online, edit pictures, and more on a Chromebook. In addition, it relies heavily on online resources, while laptops may run offline software.

The Chrome OS does not support installing the Microsoft Office suite, in contrast to the Windows OS.

Chromebook Screen Rotation Guide (Easiest Method)

how to rotate screen on chromebook

Chromebook Screen Rotation By Cutting Corners
To rotate your Chromebook without any hiccups, just click Ctrl + Shift + Refresh (F3).

When you click on these links, a confirmation window will appear prompting you to proceed. When you proceed, the screen on your Chromebook will flip around by 90 degrees.

The sole drawback of this choice is that the screen may only be rotated 90 degrees in the clockwise direction. The following method is for fine-tuning the screen orientation of your Chromebook.

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Chromebook Settings Allow You to Rotate the Screen.

This appears to be the more time-consuming option out of the two for rotating the screen on a Chromebook. In the Settings menu of your Chromebook, you’ll find an option to rotate the screen by 270 degrees without using any keys.

The following is a detailed guide on how to rotate your screen.

  • Select the time in the lower-right corner of your Chromebook’s screen.
  • The action -pop-up you just saw has a gear icon you may click to access the settings menu.
  • When you go to the settings screen, choose the device from the left-hand vertical bar, then choose Display from the menu on the right.
  • To adjust the screen orientation to your liking, use the display cluster of the settings’ drop-down menu corresponding to orientation (under built-in display).

When Using an External Display with My Chromebook, Is It Possible to Rotate the Screen?

how to rotate screen on chromebook

I bet you didn’t realize that if you have a secondary monitor connected to your Chromebook, you can change its orientation under Chrome OS.

To change the angle of your external monitor, just follow these instructions.

  • To open the Chrome OS acting menu, click the clock icon in the upper-right corner of your Chromebook’s screen.
  • When the drop-down menu appears, select “Settings” by clicking the cog icon.
  • Select Devices on the left side of the settings page, then Displays on the right.
  • From the monitor tab’s pull-down menu, choose your external monitor.
  • To change the screen’s orientation, select the desired option from the drop-down menu.

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What Should I Do if The Flip Screen Button on My Chromebook Does Not Work?

If the touch screen on your Chromebook doesn’t rotate automatically, you may have disabled the capability.

The auto-rotate feature can be activated by pressing the notification toolbar located in the lower-right corner of the taskbar.

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