Top 5 Free Cash Advance Apps Like Dave in 2023!

Dave, a popular pay advance software, allows users to get a small loan without incurring exorbitant interest fees or overdraft fees. Customers can get cash loans of up to $100 to keep their accounts from going into the negative while they wait for their next paycheck.

For those who have problems opening (or choose not to use) a standard bank account, the Dave platform now provides a checking account.

Picture this: you wake up expecting a normal day, but your car won’t start. The electricity bill arrives, and it’s significantly larger than normal. You get sick out of the blue. An old friend is in town, and you simply must go out and have a good time with him.

Payday is still a ways off, and you still don’t have enough money to get by. The Dave app serves this purpose. Dave gives you money without charging you interest so you may deal with unexpected expenses without getting into debt.

1. Brigit App

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When looking for a similar app to Dave that offers payday advances, Brigit is a great option. You can get a loan and then pay it back when your next paycheck arrives. Brigit Plus allows for instant cash advances, whereas regular accounts need 1–2 business days.

You’ll need to upgrade to the $9.99 per month or more plan if you want to request up to $250. It’s one of the best rapid cash advance apps out there, right up there with Dave.

Brigit provides up to $250, while the most you can get from Dave is $100 if you don’t have a Dave spending account and $200 if you do. In addition, Brigit gives you the option to push out the due date on your initial loan one time without charging you extra.

The more you use the program, the faster you’ll accumulate extension credits, which can be used to delay loan repayment for up to three consecutive extensions. Brigit, like Dave, requires a membership fee, but hers is much more reasonable and comes with far more perks.

2. Earnin App

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Earnin is another popular and trusted cash advance app like Dave, and it may provide you with a cash advance in as little as one or two working days. Earnin (formerly ActivHours) allows you to get an advance on your future profits on any day of the week.

The platform facilitates daily advances of $100-$500 against future earnings, without the traditional high-interest rates and fees associated with payday loans.

Simply sign in to the app, tell the business where you work and where you keep your money, and the app will determine your daily work hours via location services or timesheets.

Then, increase your hourly rate by the number of hours you worked that day, and Earnin will send you a payment within one or two business days, or instantly if you choose the Lightning Speed function.

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3. Empower App

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Empower is another well-liked software in the same vein as Dave; it’s a simple lending platform that lets you withdraw anywhere from $25 to $250 and then pay it back with your next paycheck. It ranks number four on our list of alternatives to Dave for getting a quick loan.

Need a payday loan quickly, but despise having to pay interest or penalties? Empower can help you get up to $250 in emergency funds to help you pay your bills and other needs.

If you are approved for a loan through the platform, the funds will be deposited into your Empower checking account for free, or into another bank account of your choice for a flat fee of $3. The Early Paycheck Deposit function in Empower allows you to access your money two days early. Empower stands out as a great alternative to Dave.

4. MoneyLion App

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MoneyLion is another trustworthy cash advance app like Dave, allowing you to borrow up to $250 with no credit check. When life throws you a financial curveball, you can use MoneyLion to acquire a cash advance and take care of it. When compared to Dave’s cash advance process, MoneyLion is many days faster.

MoneyLion does not charge any fees or interest on cash advances, in contrast to Dave’s $1 monthly fee for providing loans. To keep MoneyLion interest-free and accessible to as many people as possible, the company instead suggests a voluntary tipping system for users who take out cash advances.

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5. Even App

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Even App one of the most well-known apps like Dave facilitates instantaneous emergency cash loans for use in dealing with unforeseen costs. You can even get paid immediately, as the company has connected with thousands of businesses.

The app requires a monthly membership cost of $8, but there is no interest charged. Even the app is there to help you deal with life’s surprises by offering you access to cash within minutes, whether you need to fill up your gas tank, pay a bill, give yourself a good time, or buy groceries.

The InstaPay tool is compatible with more than 18,000 financial institutions and can transfer funds to your account the following working day. Unlike some of the other applications below, though, Even does not really give out loans. Earned salaries are the only ones that can be withdrawn quickly.

You must be employed by a qualified company to apply for a loan from Even. Then, depending on your past earnings, Even will give you a salary advance of up to half of your next payment. When you take out a cash advance with Even, they won’t charge you any fees or interest, just like Dave will do. Even, its competitor, needs a monthly subscription charge to withdraw funds from the service.

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