How to Change Picsart Photo Editing Background? A Complete Guide in 2023!

You know how it is when your photo turns out great but is ruined by a bad backdrop. It could be blurry, distracting, or otherwise not photograph well. Does it indicate you’re not planning on using the photo anyplace for any reason? Oh, no! Here’s everything you need: PicsArt. If you’re using PicsArt, you should know how to alter the background.

PicsArt is an online video and image editor with numerous features for adjusting and enhancing your media. The PicsArt app on the platform also lets you swap over the background for a new one.

And gaining that knowledge can be quite useful. Most of all, you don’t have to be a trained editor to make use of this function. Easy enough for novices to pick up

Instructions for Changing the Background in PicsArt

Photo backdrop removal is a breeze in PicsArt in comparison to other photo editing tools. The app’s sophisticated features make your life easier by allowing it to recognize individual features like hair and facial features.

  • To alter the background of an image in PicsArt, load the picture you wish to edit. Choose the Cutout button now located at the bottom of your screen.
  • There are several categories available when you tap the icon, such as “Person,” “Face,” “Hair,” “Head,” “Background,” and so on. Choose Context.
  • When you click this option, the picture’s main focus will be chosen for you. But, picking it by hand is an option as well. The tine Pencil tool can be used to refine the edges more. To delete unwanted content from a selection, use the Eraser tool. Simply finish up by selecting the Save button.
  • Then, select the Eye to see your image without any effects applied. The application provides a wide variety of pre-installed backgrounds to choose from. Choose the one that most closely matches your personal aesthetic.
  • You can also utilize additional editing tools to ensure that your foreground and background are in perfect harmony.
  • When you have finished making the necessary changes, you may then click the Save button.

How to Make Minor Edits to The Background in Pics Art?

picsart photo editing background

Now that you know how to alter the backdrop in PicsArt, you should be aware that you are not limited to totally erasing the original. The Clone feature is one of the most useful ones. The cables, lamps, poles, and other visual clutter in the background can be adjusted.

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You have complete freedom over the brush’s hardness, opacity, and size.

  • Launch PicsArt and pick the image you wish to modify. Choose Tools from the menu that appears. The option to Clone will appear.
  • Next, zero in on the section that needs tweaking. Next, use the bottom Brush icon to change the brush’s hardness, opacity, and size.
  • Now, go over the spot you wish to get rid of. You can experiment with different levels of opacity and hardness to find the optimal combination for your image.
  • At last, select Save to store your revised document.
  • Finally, the end. Here is a guide on how to alter the backdrop in PicsArt. PicsArt offers a wide variety of editing options. Therefore, go ahead and try new things to see if you can improve your photo.

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