How to Get Teamviewer Extension from Google Play Store? A Complete Guide in 2023!

In this tutorial, we’ll learn all about using Teamviewer on a Chromebook. Millions of businesspeople rely on this tool for remote access. Teamviewer is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, among others.

Teamviewer allows technicians to remotely access the equipment in question and resolve any technical issues that may be preventing them from doing their jobs. Several users have complained that cybercriminals are abusing Teamviewer to steal money from consumers by taking control of their computers via the Internet.

How to Use TeamViewer for Chromebook?

The Chromebook’s built-in Play Store app provides direct access to Teamviewer installation. If you’d rather use Chrome, the Teamviewer add-on is available there. The two most common approaches to making the remote accessing software run on Chrome OS are these.

Install Teamviewer from Chrome Web Store

teamviewer extension
  1. To access the Chrome Web Store page for Teamviewer, click here.
  2. Choose to Add to Chrome, then click Add App to finish the installation. By doing this, you may add the extension to your Chrome browser.
  3. In order to enable Teamviewer, you will need to restart your web browser.
  4. Teamviewer allows you to remotely access any device on your network once you log in or register with the service and complete the necessary setup.

How to Get Teamviewer from Google Play Store?

Formerly, a link to download Teamviewer via the Chrome web shop was available on the official Teamviewer website. The Teamviewer app can now be downloaded directly from the Play Store via the provided link.

The Play Store app is already pre-installed on your Chromebook, so that’s not a problem. It’s as easy as opening the Play Store. Find the Teamviewer app by doing a search. Once you’ve located Teamviewer, you can install it by visiting its app profile.

Your Chromebook will have the Teamviewer app installed in a few seconds. The application drawer is where you’ll find it. You can start using Teamviewer by double-clicking its icon. Join up, or sign in if you’re already registered. Then, as needed, you can use remote access to other gadgets to make repairs.

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Getting the Partner ID to Access Devices Remotely?

teamviewer extension

To utilize Teamviewer for Chromebook, you’ll need more than just the login details. To establish a remote connection to a device, you’ll need its unique identifier, known as the Partner ID.

QuickSupport, a companion app, must also be installed. The device’s unique identifier will be discovered. It’s available in the Google Play store for download.

That’s the procedure for installing Teamviewer on a Chromebook. Initiating a remote connection to a target device requires not just the primary app but also the QuickSupport app. I really do hope you found this manual to be useful.

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