What Can You Find Inside the Twitch Dashboard in 2023?

If you’re a Twitch streamer, this is one of the windows you’ll be checking throughout and after your broadcasts.

Everything you need to know to prepare for your stream, keep an eye on it while it’s happening, and analyze the results is included.

What Can You Find Inside the Twitch Dashboard?

  • When broadcasting, you can utilize the stream manager to make changes to your stream’s settings in real-time, view statistics and statistics about your viewers, get a sneak peek at what viewers will see, and do other rapid activities.
  • Insights are a compilation of your channel analytics, stream statistics, and successes. If you’re interested in Twitch statistics, here’s everything you need to know.
  • Managing your community’s editors, moderators, and special-access users couldn’t be simpler than it is right here.
  • The Twitch video editor, the capability to create collections (essentially playlists), and your clip manager can all be found in the Content tab.
  • Personalized options and settings are stored in the “Preferences” section.
  • The capacity to deploy and track Drops on your channel. In the future, this will likely be a crucial component of Twitch Streaming Tools. Resources for live streaming, including links to suggested software
  • Extensions allow you to add extra features and functionality to your stream or profile, created by both third-party developers and Twitch. In case you’re interested, here’s a list of the top 12 Twitch add-ons:
  • Constructor’s Camp – Tutorials and quick films from competing streams are helpful, but could my own be even better?

Stream Information

  • This section of the Dashboard is crucial for any Twitch streamer. In fact, when you go live, the only information a viewer will see is what’s on that screen, so it’s crucial that you get it right. The number of potential entry points for viewers to your stream.
  • Your Stream’s Name — What will your stream be called? To help you come up with a killer stream name, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide.
  • After you go live, users who have enabled notifications will get a push notification on their mobile device (or in the upper right corner of their desktop browser), and you can customize what that message says.
  • Whether you’re broadcasting a game or some other type of activity like cooking, art, or a chat show, choose a category. This is where you’ll fill out the necessary details for Twitch to index you and for viewers to locate your channel in the platform’s general search results.
  • Tags — Tags allow viewers to “filter” their stream search results and zero in on exactly what they’re looking for. In addition to the category we stream in and the language we use, tags allow us streamers to provide a more in-depth explanation of the stuff we’re sharing. Tags like “AMA,” “woodwork,” “politics,” “LGBT,” and even the hero you’re currently playing as in games like League of Legends and Overwatch are all fair game.
  • Simplify things by communicating in the language you already know. You don’t want Spanish-speaking viewers chiming in when you can engage in conversation. That’s a boring stream and a terrible viewing experience. My advice is to never use the “restrict chat language” option on your Twitch dashboard, as this will prevent your stream from being visible to viewers who don’t speak the language you’ve selected.
  • Click the large purple “Update Information” button once you’re through making changes here.
  • PS it’s worth noting that these changes are applied when you’re offline, so you may edit your Title to anything like “taking a week vacation, return 27th Jan” for anyone who visits your channel while you’re away.

Stream Health

twitch dashboard

The strength and quality of your stream, as well as whether or not it has dropped a substantial number of frames, will be depicted in a constantly updated graph.

Keep an eye on this since you don’t want your stream’s quality (or connection) to drop and ruin the experience for your viewers.

Twitch Inspector, a third-party app, can provide real-time feedback and analysis of your broadcast.

Video Preview

I’ve forgotten to switch my OBS scene a few times when I’ve switched games (or taken a break) and returned to the stream. So, here I am, chatting away while playing a game, but all the viewers see is a blank screen.

The preview window for your video will show what your viewers will see when you are live streaming. Make sure everything appears beautiful and functions as it should by checking this at the start of your stream and at regular intervals.

You may test your stream before launching your Twitch channel with the help of the video preview feature.

Stream Markers

The new Twitch tool that lets you highlight specific parts of your video after you’ve finished streaming. Showing off amusing, unexpected, or fantastic plays during your live stream is a great approach to attract new viewers and expand your channel. You can give these a name and a description in Twitch’s highlighter tool so that editors (or you) can better edit the footage later.

In the ‘Video Producer’ section of your Control Panel is where you’ll find your highlighter tool. The highlights will remain on your stream indefinitely, while the VODs will be deleted after 7 days (or 30 days for partners)

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twitch dashboard

See, we’re talking numbers! Many despise them, while others cannot get enough of them. yet your numbers will reveal your progress more clearly than anything else.

From what I can tell from your numbers:

  • Viewers
  • At this very moment, the live broadcast is in session
  • The sum of all plays for all videos ever created
  • Followers
  • Each of these is a link that, when clicked, will prevent the Twitch viewer count from being displayed.

Raid and Host

Both raids and hosting provide simple mechanisms for distributing your audience to other content creators. It’s impossible to overstate the value of either of these strategies for expanding one’s social circle and professional contacts.

What Is a Raid?

Raiding on Twitch means abruptly switching your whole audience to a different channel for the purpose of surprise and interaction. The finest way to wrap up a stream.

What Is Hosting on Twitch?

twitch dashboard

A live feed from another channel can be aired on your own channel. Automatic hosting can be set up to happen at the conclusion of your stream or whenever you’re not online.

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This section will display any extensions you have enabled on your Twitch channel that are being used as overlays. Extensions are interactive overlays and panels created by third parties, giving streamers the opportunity to introduce their audiences to new forms of entertainment and information while also encouraging greater participation from their communities.

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