How to Force Quit on Mac? A Step To Step Guide In 2023!

Issues with application performance or functionality? It’s time you learned how to quit unexpectedly on a Mac.

Many macOS users turn to this tried-and-true method whenever they have issues with programs like Photoshop or Spotify.

While it would be ideal to investigate each app’s failure in isolation, some Mac applications are so involved that learning how to force quit is the fastest way to get back to work when they stop responding.

Fortunately, there are three distinct methods for abruptly closing an app: a keyboard shortcut for power users, and shortcuts in both the dock and the menu bar for regular users.

The dock is my go-to option because I can never remember the correct sequence of keys for the keyboard shortcut.

Even so, it helps to be familiar with a variety of approaches. When attempting a force quit on a Mac, I’ve noticed that the dock or menu bar often becomes locked and unreachable, rendering some of these approaches useless.

It’s also a good idea to practice right-clicking now, as this is sometimes required when exiting an app using the dock’s “Force Quit” option.

How to Force Quit on Mac from The Dock?

  • Simply right-click the problematic program to close it. If your mouse or touchpad doesn’t have a right-click button, you can use two fingers to do a right-click.
  • Keep pressing Option. In the event that the option to “Force Quit” does not show, choose it.

How to Force Quit on Mac from The Menu Bar

force quit mac
  • To open the menu, select the Apple icon in the upper left.
  • Choose Quit Program (you can also get this menu by pressing Shift + Command + Esc).
  • Choose the program you want to close off immediately.
  • Hold down the Command key, Shift key, and Option key, and then select Force Quit to close the app you have open at the moment.

How to Force Quit on Mac via Keyboard Shortcut?

Please note that this action will force the current program to close.

  • Hold down Ctrl+Shift+O
  • To cancel this, press the ESC key.
  • Sometimes, the “Force” button is the only option. Despite popular belief, this is not always the case.

How to Force Quit on Mac Vis Activity Monitor?

force quit mac
  • Choose Programs > Utilities to launch Activity Monitor, or press Command + Shift + “activity monitor” in the Spotlight search bar.
  • Choose a program to use.
  • Choose the cross-out button.

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If Force Quit Doesn’t Work…

If your program still doesn’t work after you’ve tried force quitting and reopening it, you should try restarting your computer (which really works surprisingly often) before doing anything more.

After that, make sure you’re up-to-date (for the app first, and for macOS second). It’s possible that the developer has previously patched this issue for everyone and not just you.

If it doesn’t work, try tracking down the app’s creator online. If they are unresponsive, consider backing up your app data and reinstalling the app.

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