Top 5 Best Kwikset Smart Locks In 2023!

Popular and simple to recode, Kwikset locks are a good choice for your home. Nonetheless, there are situations when homeowners forget the programming code for their Kwikset locks.

To get your Kwikset working properly again, you’ll need to reset the lock’s code.

This article will explain how to change the code on a Kwikset lock without using a key. At the end of this piece, you’ll find a helpful video demonstration.

Top Kwikset Smart Locks

1. Kwikset Halo

kwikset smart lock

Kwikset Halo is a Wi-Fi smart lock that can be managed from a mobile device without the need for an additional smart hub.

Because of this, Halo is the only Kwikset lock series that may be used with a remote access key fob at no additional cost.

We really like how flexible the code creation and scheduling are, with support for up to 250 unique codes per user.

Among Kwikset’s smart locks, only the Halo is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, making it the most advanced model available.

You can lock and unlock (with a spoken PIN code) using one of these voice assistants without pulling out your phone. The backup key and modern appearance are additional highlights.

Even the most advanced smart locks don’t come without their share of problems, though. Reading through user evaluations, we learned that every three to four months, the Halo will go through four AA batteries.

This isn’t too shocking, considering the poor battery life experienced by the vast majority of Wi-Fi locks. An average Z-Wave smart lock, on the other hand, can serve you for anywhere between six months and a year.

The Kwikset Halo is the top pick among this manufacturer’s smart locks, but we recommend the Schlage Encode or the August Smart Lock instead since they are superior Wi-Fi options.

Reduce Costs With The Halo Keyboard.

Yet, the Kwikset Halo Keypad (about $200) is an alternative to touchscreens. Although its rubber buttons aren’t as stylish as other alternatives, they offer their benefits, such as making the lock operable even when wearing gloves or using only your bare hands.

2. Kwikset Aura

kwikset smart lock

At around half the price of the Halo, the Kwikset Aura uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone. What’s nice is that it’s essentially identical in every respect. It’s not a touchscreen, but a keypad with rubber buttons, and it looks wonderful on any door.

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3. Kwikset SmartCode 916: Best for smart hubs

kwikset smart lock

If everyone used a smart hub, we’d recommend the Kwikset SmartCode 916 over the Halo. As opposed to Halo’s power-hungry Wi-Fi, this Z-Wave smart lock (also known as Zigbee) operates on a significantly lower power level.

The Halo’s curved edges give way to a uniformly flat touchscreen keypad on this one, making it more streamlined.

The problem is that this lock can’t live up to its full potential without an additional smart hub, which would drive the price to at least the Halo’s level.

Even if it’s possible to set unique PIN numbers on the majority of smart hubs, it’s not always clear whether or not they also support user scheduling.

For those who don’t already have a smart home system set up, such as Samsung SmartThings, we can’t say whether or not the additional work is worthwhile.

Even though we think the Kwikset SmartCode 916 has a lot of promise as a smart home device, it doesn’t have much to offer to the average consumer.

The Yale Assure Lock and the Schlage Connect are two examples of superior Z-Wave locks that are available, however, they both cost significantly more.

4. Kwikset Halo Touch: Best Fingerprint Lock

kwikset smart lock

Kwikset’s newest smart lock model, the Halo Touch, is also the first to feature a fingerprint sensor for instant access.

Throughout our testing, the fingerprint sensor on this lock proved to be quick, simple to use, and slightly more secure than a keypad.

We like that up to 50 users can be added to the system, and that up to 100 fingerprints can be saved.

Wi-Fi allows the lock to communicate with your phone, just like the first Kwikset Halo smart lock. Like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, this has its advantages and disadvantages (poor battery life and a higher price).

The fingerprint sensor is great, but it’s not as high on our list because it’s inconvenient to let in visitors who don’t already have a fingerprint in the system.

The setup was a nightmare due to the app’s incompatibility; we had to resort to a complete factory reset (never a good sign). Installation took around 45 minutes, or more than twice as long as with a standard deadbolt.

After the initial setup, there were no further concerns. While working in the backyard, we appreciated being able to shut the door and leave the keys inside.

If you need a fingerprint smart lock and don’t mind spending a little more money, the Kwikset Halo Touch is a fantastic choice.

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5. Kwikset Obsidian

kwikset smart lock

Without any hesitation, we declare the Kwikset Obsidian to be the best aesthetically pleasing smart lock on the market. This small touchscreen slab is beautiful in its minimalism. Because there is no keyhole, it can get away with it.

The Obsidian can be had in Z-Wave and Zigbee flavors, so functionally, it’s on par with the SmartCode 916. (though the Zigbee one is a bit harder to find these days.) Once it’s connected to a smart hub, you may use a smartphone app to manage it and access it remotely.

You’re probably wondering what would happen if the batteries died, and while that’s a valid concern, it’s easily remedied.

If you forget to replace the batteries in your Kwikset Obsidian touchscreen deadbolt, there is a terminal at the bottom of the keypad that will operate with a 9-volt battery to keep the lock operational until you can get new batteries.

Similar functionality is available on other keyless smart locks, such as the Nest x Yale, although you may need to purchase a new 9V battery. Kwikset Obsidian’s ease of use and hope for a keyless future have won us over.

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