How to Activate Sodexo Card? A Step To Step Guide In 2023!

If you have recently been issued a Sodexo Card or Meal Pass, you may be excited to start using your account. The initial step is completed when you activate your Sodexo Card.

Activating a Sodexo Meal Pass grants cardholders access to the many benefits associated with using their Card. In this piece, I’ll go over the quickest and most accessible ways to load money onto your Sodexo Card. Don’t stress out over the Sodexo Card activation process.

Sodexo Card Activation Online

Check out the guidelines below to learn how to activate your Sodexo Card on the web. Read the steps carefully and complete the procedure.

  • First, visit the Sodexo Activation website at
  • Fill in the required fields with the user’s name, password, Card Reference Number, and the picture verification code shown in the box.
  • You can get an activation code by pressing the “Get Activation Code” button after you’ve supplied all the necessary information.
  • The verification code was sent to your phone or in an email.
  • To finish the process, input the code and then proceed as instructed.
  • Then it will start working.

Sodexo Card Activation via Text Message

sodexo activation

That registered mobile number is required to send an SMS message. How to use your Sodexo meal pass is outlined below.

  • Carry your active cell phone with you at all times.
  • Launch a brand new message in the Messages window.
  • To continue, enter. RACE ACT Your card’s 12-digit reference number. Minimum of 4 digits from the card number.
  • Make sure you type in your card number accurately.
  • Then, the contact number to which you should address your message is 9225660070.
  • Once your credit card has been processed, you will receive an activation confirmation.
  • Meal Card Support from Sodexo
  • To contact Sodexo, call either 1-800-103-3030 or 1-800-267-3030.
  • To contact, please send an email.

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To that end, I’m happy to supply any and all details you require on activating your Sodexo Card. I’ve outlined two separate options for immediately activating your Sodexo Card. Carefully adhere to the detailed instructions given to you in order to successfully activate your card.

Feel free to utilize the comment section down below to let us know if you have any trouble activating or sharing your comments. You can also check let go. only frequently for news and updates on current events.


  • How Can I Check My Sodexo Balance Through Mobile?

Your remaining card balance. The card balance can also be checked via the Cardholder Portal (found in the Sodexo Users area of the main website, or the Sodexo Benefits India mobile app.

The Reserve Bank of India has published a list of Meal Card restrictions on its website, which you may view here. Card for purchasing meals.

  • How Do I Know if Sodexo Is Activated?

Each code has a time limit that may be seen on the page where you enter it to activate the product. Once they’ve expired, you can no longer use them. Your activation code’s expiration date can be viewed by selecting “Activation Code” on the homepage.

  • What Is the Maximum Limit for Sodexo?

The total amount put onto Sodexo cards in a given month cannot go over 10,000 Indian Rupees. Over the course of the full fiscal year, the burden should not exceed Rs1,20,000. No PPI may have a balance greater than 10,000 RMB at any given moment.

  • Suppose Your Sodexo Card Is Lost.

If the Sodexo Premium Pass is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, the cardholder must call Sodexo’s customer support at 1800 267 3030 or 1800 103 3030 immediately. As a result, Sodexo will be able to put a hold on the card. After a card is issued, only the client, and not the cardholder, has the ability to cancel it.

  • My Sodexo Card Is Accepted Online.

The Sodexo Meal Card may now be used at major online supermarkets such as, giving customers the convenience of paying for their deliveries as they arrive at their door using the card.

  • Sodexo Gift Pass: What Is It?

Gift certificates are redeemable at an infinite number of stores and for any item in the world. Logos, products, and merchants may all be customized to better represent your firm.

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