ESPNcricinfo: What Are The Features Of ESPNcricinfo In 2023?

A sports news website dedicated just to the game of cricket is called ESPN Cricinfo (formerly known as Cricinfo or CricInfo). The website offers news, stories, live scorecards, and blogs for cricket events, as well as StatsGuru, a database of previous games and players from the 18th century to the present.

The editor was Sambit Bal as of March 2018.

Simon King created the website in 1993, but it wasn’t until 2002 that the Wisden Group, which also publishes the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack and other well-known cricket periodicals, bought it.

The Wisden Group eventually disintegrated, and in 2007 it was sold to ESPN, a company owned by The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Corporation.


Simon King, a British scholar at the University of Minnesota, created CricInfo on March 15, 1993. Students and scholars from universities all over the world contributed to its growth.

According to certain stories, Badri Seshadri did not get engaged with CricInfo until a few months after it was established, despite the fact that he was crucial to the organization’s early development.

Fans from all around the world contributed to the site by collecting electronic scorecards and adding them to CricInfo’s extensive library as well as by entering live scores into CricInfo’s scoring program, “Dougie,” for matches taking place all over the world.

Cricinfo was thought to be worth $150 million in 2000, but the dotcom meltdown the following year put it in trouble.



There are several news stories, editorials, blogs, videos, and fantasy sports games on ESPNcricinfo. Its liveblogs of cricket matches, which offer a variety of scorecard options and let readers follow things like wagon wheels and partnership breakdowns, are one of its most well-liked features.

Each game’s live results are followed by a bulletin that describes the game’s turning points and some of the off-field happenings. The website previously provided Cricinfo 3D, a function that created an animated 3D simulation of a live match using the scoring information from a match.

“All Today’s Yesterdays,” a “On this day” piece that focuses on historic cricket events, and “Quote Unquote,” which highlights noteworthy quotations from cricket players and cricket administrators, are among the regular columns on ESPNcricinfo.

In his weekly piece “Ask Steven,” which is posted on Tuesdays, cricket expert Steven Lynch responds to reader inquiries.

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StatsGuru, a database originally developed by Travis Basevi, which contains statistics on players, officials, and teams, information on cricket boards, specifics of upcoming tournaments, information about individual teams, and records, is one of its most comprehensive features.

ESPNcricinfo introduced CricIQ in May 2014 as an online quiz to test cricket fans’ knowledge.

AskCricinfo, a natural language search engine to aid in examining cricket stats, was introduced by ESPNCricinfo in September 2021.

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