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The STG is a fantastic weapon that lacks real weaknesses, the Vanguard M4. This STG44 Warzone loadout is ideal, featuring the best bonuses, features, and more.

Warzone Loadout f r die STG44. | EarlyGame

Everyone has probably seen the STG44 at least once if they have played a World War II shooter before. The STG44 was always effective and was widely regarded as the top sturmgewehr in battle zones. It provides everything necessary for fighting at a distance, including good TTK, little recksto, and good kugelschnelligkeit. However, the STG lost its top spot after Season 4 and was significantly overrated. Despite this, the STG44 is still a very reliable weapon that consistently ranks in our Top 10. We have the best setup and loadout here.

Warning: This is a war zone loadout! If you’re looking for a STG build for Vanguard multiplayer, you can find it right here.

Das beste STG44 Warzone Setup

What has changed since Season 4? No, in essence, the STG44 now simply has more speed and slightly less damage. Nevertheless, at the peaks, nothing changes. This is still the finest STG44 configuration:

Das STG44 ist immer noch ein gutes Sturmgewehr. | Activision
M ndung MX Schalld mpfer
Lauf VDD 760MM 05B
Visier SVT-40 PU 3-6x
Schaft VDD 34S Weighted
Unterlauf 1930 Strife gewinkelt
Magazin 7,62 Gorenko 50-Schuss-Magazin
Munitionstyp Verl ngert
Griff Gekerbter-Griff
Extra Nerven aus Stahl
Extra 2

Fully charged

These mountings provide us with the greatest range, TTK, and ballistic capability with the least amount of risk. Whoever wants to can swap out the steel nerves for better finger dexterity or just add another extra. There are several opportunities there for error in the category. Whoever can deal with Rucksto more effectively could test out Caldera, the 60 Schuss Magazine. The magazine provides us with a better TTK at 50 metres than the 50-sloss magazine, but it also has a little more rumble. Try it out for yourself and see what works better for you. You can’t really go wrong with the STG as long as the other rungs are all the same.

The STG44, however, was never quite as disgusting as these weapons:

Equipment & Extras f r ein STG44 Warzone Loadout

Die beste Zweitwaffe f r das STG44

Einfach eine der besten Mps zurzeit. | Activision

The current best close-quarters weapon is the new H4 Blixen MP. She just fits in incredibly well and has an amazing TTK. Whoever has not yet levelled or released the weapon may also make a mistake with the Type 100. Both weapons have the highest TTK in the MP category and have officially replaced their own guns, however this has happened before. Our best H4 Blixen setup is shown here.

Das beste Equipment f r das STG44

Prim r Wurfmesser/Brandgranate
Taktik Bet ubungsgranate

Without using any ammunition, one can easily and quickly complete their kills using the Wurfmesser. After the Stim-Nerfs, we’ve decided to go with the Betubungsgranate. She is fairly effective in getting people to give up or keeping those who want to leave.

Die besten Extras f r das STG44

Extra 1 Kaltbl tig
Extra 2 Overkill

Extra 3

Kampfsp her

Is that still a question, generally speaking? There is simply nothing wrong with this at this point. Overkill so we can take two primary weapons, kaltbl tig to engage in combat, and engaging in combat so we can ping enemies for our team members.

That was already the greatest Warzone STG44 loadout. Try it out and let us know what your favourite weapon in a battle zone is. Anybody has no desire to use the STG should try the BAR or NZ-41.

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