The Best Warzone RAM-7 Loadout | Is it Viable?

Although the RAM-7 has consistently delivered good damage, several users have had trouble with the recoil. The RAM-7 can still be useful today with our loadout.

Remember the fuss when Tfue used this thing? | Activision

An old weapon from the days of modern warfare is the RAM-7. Because it dealt such good damage at the time, it was seen as a beast, yet it was never as easy to control as other ARs. In theory, the RAM and M4A1 make good comparisons. Although it fires at a reasonable rate and has a respectable TTK, the recoil is a little unpredictable. Can we make it workable by using the appropriate attachments? Absolutely!

How To Unlock The RAM-7

At level 31, the RAM-7 may be obtained with the Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass.

As a result, gamers who didn’t purchase the Battle Pass back in 2020 must now either purchase the RAM-7 as a bundle or complete a challenge to unlock it.

The Best RAM-7 Setup

This is a classic MW assault rifle setup for Warzone. | Activision
Muzzle Monolithic Suppressor

You must score two headshots with an assault rifle in 25 separate matches to complete the challenge.

FSS Ranger

It’s really simple, although in Warzone it can take a while. Thus, we suggest finishing the task in MW multiplayer.

VLK 3.0
Underbarrel Commando Foregrip
Magazine 50 Round Mags



Equipment & Perks For A RAM-7 Loadout

The Best Secondary For A RAM-7 Loadout

The MP7 is one of the most beloved SMGs in the game. | Activision

The build doesn’t really reveal any major surprises. The suppressor has always been required in Warzone because it not only conceals you when shooting but also extends the weapon’s range. Even further increasing range and, most critically, increasing bullet velocity, the FSS Ranger barrel makes it much simpler to hit moving targets. In Warzone, the commando foregrip and 50-round magazines are likewise a no-brainer for increased firepower and recoil management.

The Best Equipment For The RAM-7

Lethal Thermite
Tactical Snapshot Grenade

It’s also not all that strange that the optic was chosen. For medium to long range warfare in Call of Duty: Warzone, the VLK 3.0x has long been a favourite. Of course, you can dispense with the optic altogether and go for a rear grip for greater mobility if you get along well with the Iron Sights. Yet, we find the irons to be unpleasant.

The Best Extras For The RAM-7

Perk 1 E.O.D.
Perk 2 Overkill
Perk 3 Amped

While the RAM-7 is a capable all-arounder, we still advise carrying a quick weapon for close quarters battle. Here, the MP7 performs amazingly well. It features a strong TTK and is swift and mobile. You are set up for close combat using the above configuration. Here is a thorough MP7 guide.

We’ll choose Thermite because it works well against both infantry and vehicles, followed by Snapshot Grenades since they provide a wealth of information about your adversaries’ locations.

There are no genuine surprises here because this loadout requires Overkill and Amped speeds up weapon switching. E.O.D. isn’t as important now as it was in the old C4/RPG days, but it can still save your ass now and then.

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