What Are Minecraft Seeds? How to Create a Minecraft World with A Seed?

Choosing the appropriate seed for you is crucial because it will determine how your Minecraft experience will turn out.

Whether you choose a rural or icy and snowy setting, Minecraft seeds are what keep the game engaging and offer fresh gaming difficulties.
Though some are superior to others, being aware of your options can greatly influence how your gaming experience is set up.

Although it can seem like there are endless new worlds to explore, there is only a limited amount of seeds. It’s wise to know which options are the most enticing and enjoyable because sorting through them all can actually reduce the amount of time you spend playing.

What Are Minecraft Seeds?

The worlds you play in Minecraft are created by codes called seeds. They cover a wide range of settings, from picturesque vistas to ominous dungeons. Once put into practice, these programs produce a world that you can construct and explore.
They have the power to alter your gameplay style and the kinds of creations you desire to make in accordance with your environment. Alternatively, you might decide to play the same seed with a friend to observe how your experiences might vary.

Different Worlds vs. Custom Seeds

While some players like entering a randomly created universe, others want to have a little more influence over the kind of game they are playing or the kinds of resources they can use.

You may completely customize your Minecraft experience by using custom seeds. Seeds let you personalize the game and give you a more detailed strategy for the structures you’ll create and the tasks you can complete while playing.

Put in the code for the seed you want to select. The majority of codes consist of a string of numbers with either negative or positive values. If a specific value is not used, the game will choose a random seed on its own without consulting you.

Finding New Seeds

Check out the iOS and Android app Seeds Pro if you’re looking for fresh seeds to use. You can share seeds with pals online and have in-depth discussions about them with this community-based software.
The best part is that you can connect your Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) account to make it simple for you to download the top Minecraft PE seeds made by other users.

How to Create a Minecraft World with A Seed?

minecraft seeds

It’s considerably simpler than you would think to create a new world in Minecraft if you’re just getting started. Go to the World Generator first, where you can repeatedly upload the same biomes and structures. Additionally, you can create worlds in Minecraft PE that are distinct from the game’s randomly generated ones.


  • The “Create New World” button should be clicked.
  • You can select “More World Options” on a subsequent screen that will appear. You should have your codes on hand at this point.
  • Enter the desired seed’s number there.
  • Upon completion, click “Create New World,” and your seed will launch.


  • Click the “Advanced” button after tapping the “New” button.
  • Before entering your seed value in the field provided, tap “Seed” a second time.
  • Tap “Done” and then “Create World!” to load it when you have entered the correct values.

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The Differences Between Minecraft Seeds on Pc, Mobile, and Console

The many gameplay modes in Minecraft each have their own unique mechanics for seeds. More people play Minecraft on consoles than on computers and mobile devices, thus each base has its own fandom and different system requirements.

Minecraft Pre Seeds

The primary distinction between the PC and PE versions of the game is the smaller world size in the latter—only 256 × 256 blocks—which makes it more challenging for users to construct a variety of playable settings. The process of exchanging seeds through PC or mobile has remained largely unchanged as of 2015, but depending on the system you use, you could need different codes.

Comfort Seeds

For consoles, you must first identify which one you are using before continuing. If you use the same codes across platforms, there is no assurance that you will spawn what you are looking for because the Minecraft PS4 seeds are different from the Minecraft PS3 seeds or Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds, for example.

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How to Check Your Minecraft Version?

Check that seed is specially made for your platform before entering it to ensure that you end up with a playable seed. In comparison to the other versions, there aren’t nearly as many console seeds available, though this is changing rapidly.
In order for your machine to run the desired seeds, you should also confirm that the proper version of Minecraft is installed on it. If unsure, make sure by checking again.
In order to select the seeds you desire, you might really need to return to earlier iterations of the game, though doing so is rather simple if you must.

How to Select Your Version?

Launch the launcher, then select “Launch Options” and “Add New”
You should type in the version of Minecraft you want to use.
Return to the “News” section, where you can play the correct version after it loads.

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