The Best Sniper Rifles In Warzone 2 | Complete Ranking

Which Sniper Rifle in Warzone 2.0 is the best? Which gun should you bring with you for the job? The top snipers in Warzone 2.0 are listed below.

Which Warzone 2.0 sniper is the best? | EarlyGame

The release of Warzone 2.0 has allowed for the emergence of memes. Sadly, it does not include snipers. Generally speaking, sniping as a playstyle is meant to be eliminated by Warzone 2.0’s gameplay design. Specifically, because snipers no longer automatically kill a target with a headshot.

So why even use a sniper? Why not just take the stunning newRPK or an ARand an SMG? I’ll tell you why: Since you may now carry a third weapon in your backpack, the sniper can still be useful for engagements that take place at a great distance. Let’s go on to the ranking now.

Note: If you’re looking for the top sniper in Modern Warfare 2, you want to check at this list of snipers for Warzone 2.0. It’s interesting that the ranking is virtually exactly the opposite.

The Best Sniper In Warzone 2.0

5. SP-X 80

Due to its amazing ADS speed, the SP-X 80 smacks in multiplayer. We no longer live in a world where one-shot headshots are possible, hence in Warzone 1, the SP-X 80 would be the obvious meta sniper, much like the Kar and the Swiss of yore (we’ll always have the memories).

In fact, the SP-X 80 in Warzone 2 deals such little damage that you might require three shots on target to take it out. As a result, even the poorest players will be able to reach cover and plate by that point, rendering the weapon entirely useless.

Not enough damage for Warzone. | Activision

Everything isn’t about speed (in Warzone 2).

4. LA-B 330

The SP-X and LA-B 330 are both in the same predicament. The ADS is remarkable, but because it deals very little damage at a distance, it serves no useful purpose. The LA-B is, in our opinion, only somewhat superior to the SP-X since follow-up shots are a tiny bit quicker and simpler to land.

Here is our top LA-B 330 Loadout in case you decide to give it another shot.

Same problem as the SP-X: you need better damage output. | Activision

3. MCPR-300

We’re currently cooking. Despite being a “heavy sniper,” the MCPR can still only consistently break three plates and cause flesh damage. If they ever reverse the adjustments to sniping and enable at least heavy snipers to one-shot down, then this may be the meta because it has the best ADS times of all heavy snipers.

This is a good middle ground between the light and heavy snipers. | Activision

If they permit heavy snipers to one-shot the head, the MCPR might quickly become the meta.

2. Victus XMR (AWM / L115A1)

Due to a flawed construct that let it to deal enough damage to knock someone out with just one charge, the Victus held the top spot for a long time. This utilised the high-explosive ammo, which just slightly boosted the damage. But naturally, the ammunition was soon nerfed. The Victus is now just a heavy, lumbering sniper that is incapable of one-shotting.

Go ahead and try the greatest Victus XMR loadout if you still want to.

Without the explosive ammo, it just is a heavy sniper.. | Activision

1. Signal 50

The Signal 50’s damage is comparable to that of the MCPR or the Victus, but it fires at such a high pace. In Warzone, fire-rate is usually useless, but when you require several rounds, it becomes very important. The Signal thus has the title as of right now.

Check out our finest Signal 50 Loadout right here.

The rate of fire benefits us when we need two shots to down. | Activision

What’s The Best Sniper In Warzone 2.0?

The Signal 50 is now Warzone’s top sniper following the Victus XMR’s nerf.

Where To Snipe In Warzone 2.0?

Naturally, we’ll keep you informed about weapon balancing, and you can always visit this page to read the complete patch notes and post-patch meta analysis.

How Should You Snipe In Warzone 2.0?

Up above Strongholds in Warzone 2.0, we’ve discovered the nicest rooftop camping locations thus far.

  • Never peek the same spot twice, rotate after every shot
  • Never hardscope for very long, the optic glint will give away your position
  • Don’t over adjust on moving targets or targets within 100 m, velocity should guarantee you hit exactly where you aim
  • Allow for bullet drop at greater distances, but never too much. As a rule of thumb, imagine you’re shooting a hat off their head when they’re between 100-200 m away.
  • Save your Mortar Strikes and Precision Airstrikes for eliminating downed enemies

The bulk of Strongholds on the map are made up of three-story conventional Stronghold buildings, and if you climb straight up to the rooftop, you only need to protect one ladder. Additionally, the rooftop’s surrounding wall is around chest height, providing more than adequate cover in case the other folks start firing back.

In general, you should aim rapidly, land hits, and then change positions to be as swift and unexpected as you can.

Here are a few advices:

Here are some general pointers on how to utilise a sniper effectively and how we rank each sniper in Warzone 2.0. However, who is your preferred sniper? Have we overlooked a big one?

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