The Best SMGs In Warzone 2 | Complete Ranking

In Warzone 2.0, the greatest SMGs provide you a significant advantage up close. You should always have a weapon on you because we can now each carry three weapons. The ranking of each submachine gun in Warzone 2 is shown below.

Call of Duty: This is the current ranking of the best SMGs in Warzone 2. | EarlyGame

The average TTK in close-range in Warzone 2.0 is unusually low, and many SMGs just eliminate targets. Knowing which SMGs are worth levelling and which you should avoid is still important. For your convenience, we’ve ranked each SMG in Warzone 2. Here is our tier-ranking of the top weapons in Warzone 2.0 if you’re seeking for a long-range choice to go with the SMG.

We can’t evaluate these weapons based on k/d ratios or win rates because the meta is still in flux and we don’t yet have Warzone 2’s player stats API, but we’re rather confident in our selection. If you believe that we are missing a good SMG, let us know in the comments. Just include the name of the weapon, the attachment build, and the tuning information, and we’ll test it out.

This list of SMGs is ranked according to how well they perform in Warzone 2.0. This rating of SMGs in MW2 is what you want if you’re interested in how these weapons perform in a 6v6 multiplayer setting.

Best SMGs In Warzone 2: Ranking

9. MX9 (AUG Para)

With a larger capacity magazine, the MX9 can hold 32 rounds instead of the standard 25. Simply put, that isn’t enough firepower for anything besides solos. And even if each of those 32 rounds did hit for big damage, it still feels weak and uninspired.

32 rounds max isn’t worth it for the MX9. | Activision

Don’t bother with the MX9 because it is weak and has a maximum of 32 rounds. Here is our recommended MX9 loadout.

8. PDSW 528 (P90)

The P90 boasts tremendous bullet velocity and the advantage of having 50 rounds by default. The P90, however, struggles to compete with the majority of the other SMGs because of its extremely low TTK for Warzone.

The damage is punishingly low for Warzone. | Activision

The P90 feels like such a pea-shooter, but perhaps I’m just sleeping on it. The greatest PDSW 528 loadout is shown here.

7. BAS-P (MPX)

Master of none, but a jack of all trades. The BAS-P is adequate, which explains why it came in seventh rather than bottom, but it doesn’t shine in any particular area. Although it is feasible, you should probably spend your grinding time levelling something higher up the list.

The optimal BAS-P loadout for Warzone 2 is shown here.

Not amazing, but certainly viable. | Activision

6. FSS Hurricane

The Hurricane has a subpar TTK and might theoretically rank lower for that reason, yet it excels in every other area. It is undoubtedly the greatest mid-range SMG because of its moderate recoil and respectable range. The majority of other SMGs will, however, smoke the Hurricane at close range.

A complete FSS Hurricane loadout is shown here.

50-rounds by default is a noticeable benefit. | Activision

This SMG is excellent for mid-range combat, but the TTK is inadequate.

5. VEL 46 (MP7)

The VEL, sometimes known as MP7, is essentially an inferior version of the MW2019 MP7. The same qualities that make it a good weapon still apply to it: low recoil, high rate of fire, and quick handling. It’s merely a matter of knocking on S-door, Tier’s but more damage would be required.

AVEL 46 loadout is already prepared for you.

Very comfortable to use. | Activision

Although it’s not quite as powerful as MW2019’s MP7, it’s still more than adequate.

4. Minibak (PP19 Bizon)

The Minibak poses a severe threat in the hands of more mobile players since, like its brother the Vaznev, it possesses excellent strafe speeds. Additionally, since a 64-round magazine is included by default, you are particularly prepared for Trios and Quads.

The ideal Minibak loadout is shown below.

A very nice SMG for Warzone. | Activision

In Warzone 2, the Minibak may be the closest thing to “meta” that we can find.

3. Vaznev-9K

Despite having a smaller magazine capacity than the Minibak, the Vaznev-9K functions remarkably similarly. Because of the greater TTK potential, we think it’s marginally superior.

The finest Vaznev-9K loadout is shown here.

Difficult to use, but strong. | Activision

The Vaznev-9K definitely slaps in MW2, but players who are more naturally mobile should use it.

2. Lachmann Sub (MP5)

The MP5 was destined to be awesome. This weapon has excellent handling characteristics, good mobility, low recoil, and damage that is above average for SMGs. Its slightly longer TTK is the only reason it isn’t the absolute number 1.

our best Lachmann-Sub loadout, please.

Probably more appealing to most players than the less forgiving Fennec. | Activision

The Lachmann will probably be the most widely used SMG in Warzone 2 due to its simplicity of usage, ability to hold a 50-round magazine, and stat balance. But technically, it’s not the best…

1. Fennec 45 (Vector)

Simply said, the Fennec deletes people. People can be killed at close range so quickly that gunfights seem unfair. This is definitely the greatest weapon in the game right now for close-range 1 on 1 combat, despite its poor handling and rapid ammo depletion.

Get our top Warzone 2.0 Fennec 45 loadout.

The TTK is insane. | Activision

Although a nerf will undoubtedly be implemented shortly, the Fennec 45 is a weapon that you absolutely have to level.

Which SMG Has The Best TTK In Warzone 2?

In Warzone 2.0, the Fennec 45 has the highest TTK potential.

Despite the fact that many players may still dislike this weapon due to its slow handling and small magazine capacity, the facts speak for themselves. Every other SMG loses to the Fennec within their maximum damage ranges. It actually feels as quick in-game as multiplayer with a Fennec.

The top SMGs available in the Warzone at the moment are listed above. Naturally, upcoming upgrades will change the balance, thus our tier list will be changed frequently. As a result, you should be sure to stay current with the most recent patch notes.

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